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Anvils of Heldenhammer battalion question


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Hello all! 

I'm new to AoS (just bought the Stormcast start collecting box) and want to build up an Anvils of Heldenhammer battalion. I don't plan on playing competitively, but I still want to use the matched play points system with my buddies. It looks like I would need to pay a ridiculous amount of points to field this battalion since you have to pay for the battalion itself, the Thunderhead Brotherhood formation, and the Lords of the Storm formation to even benefit from the special rule. Am I doing this correctly? I plan on building a 2k point army, but it seems highly unreasonable to fit the Anvils of Heldenhammer battalion in (or any other Stormcast Host specific battlation) 

Should I just give up on having a specific stormcast host's battlation in my 2k army? 


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