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Starting Death Questions


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I'm starting a Death army after wanting to since the old days of WFB.

We'll primarily be using other rules than AoS. My group is a historical minis group who are dipping their toes into fantasy gaming. I LOVE the GW minis though.

That being said, I do like AoS and want to use the minis I get with it. Later I may try to introduce the rules to the group.

I do have some questions: 

1) I'm lost with all the factions. Would I lose much by going a flat out Death Army?

2) Any chance GW will tie the groups together for a battle tone beyond the old paperback? Will each faction get a book?

3) If I go with another company's miniatures for say, skellies, what's the downside? No GW store play? Tourney's? I'm not big on competitive play, but like I said, I want to keep my options open. GW's skellies seem a bit high.....

Thanks in advance! 




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1) death undivided can work just fine. It becomes more difficult to win against tournement competitive lists though.

2)At this rate I doubt it. Right now I'm hoping for new models and a new faction.

3)The downside to 3rd party is no gw store play and no gw tournament play. 3rd party stores usally have no problem with proxies.

4) Yes to a point. If your running skeles, zombies , and somtimes ghouls. They are really only effective in large horde sizes.

Honestly all I play is death! The only reason I do is because I like the models and themes. If you like the models go get them! After all your going to be the one building and painting them. That part of the hobby tends to be more fun if you like what you are working on!

Let me know if you have any other questions. :)

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