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Beastclaw raiders list


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Break the Mournfangs into 2 units. (Skalg & banner or Skalg & Horn blower) with hargant hackers. consider replacing the beastriders with something else to get more models. The riders on thundertusk can't heal and will be a target that will often not last long. Yhetees die fast to shooting with rend but I still like them however kill your 4 mournfang and the yhetees and you will have 4 models and be out played on objectives.

Your list will loose 3 places of power most every time, Escalation & Borderwar will be very hard if at all possible to win, Take and hold is very possible but will most likely get you a minor victory, This Blood & Glory and Gifts from the Heavens as your best chance to win and they are both in your favor I think. You just need more models


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I was running similar list on my recent 2k tournament - had a lill bit of problems with some armies.

Sylvaneth blocked me off the objectives with forests.
Death used a tar-pit to make it impossible for me to move towards the objectives.
Other armies did not stand a chance while my beasts roamed thru them.

While the sheer brutal force of this setup is great (and yeah, you can do solid table in second round without a big problems) the tactical (a.k.a. body count) side of army is bad. There is not enough troops to cover ground, move from side to side or to just roll around.

I've decided to mix things a lill in my army, swapped Beastraiders (I suggest the Stonehorn ones, since they are so-so) to Icebrow Hunter with Skal, to get some "surprise mother..." and/or points coverege. And split Mournfangs in two, more targets to shoot, more opportunities to grab some points. Stonehorn with two shooting Dumbos is more then enough when it comes to big guys, let some lill ones have some fun too.

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