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Age of Sigmar Skirmish Campaign Battle traits



Hello all, I have a question about Battle traits allowed to be taken in a campaign.

One of our regulars has chosen a Disciples of Tzeentch army and has taken the Battle trait Masters of Destiny.

For such a small unit count game, this seems uniquely over powered, (he has a Gaunt Summoner with Familiars and basically erases units each turn), he is pretty much steam rolling over all the melee centered teams.

I can't seem to find it anywhere in the rules that says you can use Battle traits from sub factions, but I can't find it anywhere that he can't use it.

Could anyone offer clarification on this?

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No he may not use it.

Page 16 of the Skirmish book, under the heading ALLEGIANCE ABILITIES:

"The units you choose to make up your warband may make it eligible for allegiance abilities from a number of different sources, such as battletomes and the General's Handbook.  However, in a Skirmish battle, your warband can only use the allegiance abilities of the Grand Alliance from which they hail."

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