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Question About Beastclaw Raiders Allegiance Choice


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Hey all, 

I have recently taken the plunge into AoS.  I'm working on Stormcast and had planned on doing Sylvaneth for my second army, but I'm thinking about switching to Beastclaw Raiders.  I had a small ogre kingdoms force back in whatever edition they released during, and the appeal of giant monsters (and fielding a 2000 point army for just over $250) is really appealing to me.  That leads me to my question.

I have been looking around online for tactics (such as they are, I'm seeing a common theme of "charge early and charge often") and a lot of folks choose the base destruction Allegiance abilities.  Is this the right way to go?  I see some pretty clear winners in the Destruction Allegiance abilities (Rampaging Destroyers, Might is Right, Bellowing Tyrant, Ravager, Battle Brew), but are they categorically better than the Beastclaw Raiders traits and items?

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There are a few reasons why.

you don't see a lot of pure bcr lists because of the battle plans requiring model count for the objectives so people often mix in bonesplittaz or Moonclan for numbers and also a bit of shooting. 

Battlebrew is such a good option if you are running a combat general 

Bellowing Tyrant is also very powerful 

The destruction move is also a really great Trait

I also think that there are a lot of people (like me) who are still using their greenskins and destruction models from 8th ed


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