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Hello from the rainy coast


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Hi all.  Pointyteeth here from the rainy west coast of the Great White North.   Played WHFB for near two decades (started in 3rd edition), but took a loooooong break after the End Times.  Branched out to try a few different things; Kings of War, Malifaux, X-wing, 9th Age.  The first two didn't really stick but X-wing is a lot of fun and I like how 9th Age cleaned up the WHFB ruleset and balanced the lists better.  I never really gave much though to AoS, until about a month ago when I started listening to Garagehammer again while I was painting. Long story short I bought a starter set under the guise of "I can use the models for 9th Age" and next thing I know I'm rebasing my Empire army onto rounds and buying a General's Handbook.  Didn't really think it through fully as none of my gaming group has interest in AoS and the gaming scene in my city isn't very large and mostly consists of Magic or X-wing.  Oh well, worst case scenario I can always make the 2 hour drive to the capital when there's a game day on.

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