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Tomb King Help


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Hello all.

Anyways, I was curious as what was the winners and losers of the Tomb King army now. Shortly before the End Times hit, and during. I was experimenting with a mounted army theme. It was actually doing well.   I really started to enjoy the mounted theme.  

So I got a bunch of unbuilt snakes/stalker kits. A few unbuilt chariots also. I really like the look of the constructs. I got a lot of bowshabti and great weapon ones. Wish I was able to get a couple more sphinxes. Might still, if I can catch them at a reasonable price. I even got two of the bone giants which I really do love.

I am seeing that Death has not really gotten any love from GW lately.  For me this is a big push to pick up something fantasy again.  As I have a rather large Tomb King collection thats been sitting in foam, and still on sprues.  I want to at least give it ago again.  They where my favorite line next to the Brets in fantasy.

My local area fantasy died, and I mean died a very sad death. Me and a few friends tried out KoW, but when a friend passed on. That was the end of fantasy and even KoW for my area. Now AoS has started to come around again. The local store even hosts once a month AoS tournaments.

This year I am going to a big event up in Vancouver, WA in July. Last time I went was in 2015 and was a very fun send off to 8th. This year though I entered and leading a 4 man Sister of Battle team. Expect I am kinda sad to see the AoS tickets are all sold out! Makes me wish I did that instead.

Anyways thanks all and hope to hear back, from people that has actually been playing. I want to rebase things, but that will take some time. So looking to figure out what should come off bases or even be built if need be.


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I'm sorry to hear of how your fantasy community died out, it sounds very tragic. Glad to hear that some enthusiasm is returning though!

Tomb Kings are a really fun army to play in AoS, although sadly no longer supported. Since it is not entirely certain that it will be included in GH2 (although it seems likely that it will), I would hold off a tiny bit on rebasing until I was sure they are playable under the GH2. Also, bear in mind that all advice here is subject to becoming obsolete since the GH2 may or may not flip everything on its head.

There are a number of different ways to play TK. For a long time, Settra and Necro Knights were assblastingly OP, which culminated in the UK Masters where 3 players brought lists with Settra and 12 snakes and ended up in the top 5 of the tournament (spot 1, 2 and 5 if I remember correctly). GW couldn't stand the though of a unit they were no longer selling being OP, so they had to nerf the snakes and TK in general :D It was needed though, and I think that most units are better priced now although they overshot in a few cases.

Settra is really good. Look at his command ability, his incantation and the crown, and then look at the warscrolls of the Tomb King, Liche Priest, Skeleton Warriors, Tomb Guard and Necro Knights and you will see why. By using a good combination of units and positioning well, your entire list will see almost a 100% damage increase. He increased from 360 to 460 points, but I still think he is worth it. A lot of people say that his mere 8 wounds are deterring, since he is frail for his cost - they are wrong. Do the math, and you will see that he is more durable than all Mortarchs against almost all types of damage. This guy puts your entire army on steroids and combos very well with other parts of the Death range, such as Spirit Hosts and Mourngul for example.

Tomb Kings, Liche Priests and Necrotects are fantastic buff characters, and the mummies really do pack a punch. The Royal Warsphinx used to be fantastic, however after the point increase (340->440) I don't think he's very competitive anymore. The TK on chariot is a decent combat character, but no more than that. Khalida is cool in an archer list, but I have never tried this out. Only being able to cast Righteous Smiting once per turn really hampers this kind of army. The other named characters I don't know much about.

Chariots and snakes are really nice due to their automatic regeneration of 5 wounds per turn. Multiple such units in combination with a Tomb Herald will give you and army that basically never dies.

Ushabti seem nice, although I have not experimented with them much. The melee version is by far the superior option compared to the shooting version.

Archers are fun as an annoying harassment unit. With their 20-man bonus and their regeneration, your opponent will have to dedicate themselves in order to get rid of them. However, if you run a unit of 30 and buff them with a TK, LP and Necrotect they get a huge threat range and a high damage output.

Skeleton Horsemen are nice as fast, cheap and rather durable screens that are also battleline. A very tactical unit that I enjoy using a lot. Horse Archers seem fun, but I have never tried them.

I haven't used Tomb Guard, but I think that they could be really good in the right list (use them with Settra and a Necrotect and they move 14" and have a much higher chance of their double damage procc).

The Khemrian Warsphinx seems like a nice option now that the Royal version is overpriced. It is rather affordable, and makes a really nice tarpit. I may start experimenting with this. Necrosphinx I'm not sure about. It's good, but may not be worth the cost. I'd have to look into this some more, since I haven't played TK in a while. Bone Giants are good at pummeling stuff, but are rather expensive. 

Sepulchral Stalkers are sadly rather ******. Tomb Scorpions are much better, and bring some very nice tactical options to an army. I use them to delay my opponents big hitters so that I can fight the rest of his army with a numerical advantage, to snipe lone characters or to pop up and camp objectives. Their damage output is high, but unreliable. I don't have any experience with Swarms or Carrion, though they seem a bit underwhelming.

Screaming Skull Catapults used to be great, but since they changed the price (120->160 points) I'm on the fence. I would have to experiment more with them.

The Tomb Legion formation is very nice, but difficult to fit into a 2000 points list. The Royal Legion of Chariots is also pretty nifty but requires a heavy investment in Chariots and is severely lacking in the rend department. It could be a fun core for an army together with a Tomb Herald though.

I think that basically went through the entire TK range, hope it helps! :D

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Thank you for the response.  I think I will wait for the GH2 to drop then.  I saw that the GW site, incorporated the app and has Tomb Kings included.  Sadly I no longer have a Settra due to need to selling last year for an unexpected medical expense.  I will give my knights, chariots, and horse archers a go first.  Then see how that works.

Sad that the Bone giants are over coasted and that the stalkers are bad.  

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