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Hello and welcome to my blog.

I will spare the introduction to myself; who cares. I started a gaming group about two years ago, where we met to play the dungeon crawler Star Wars Imperial Assault. After playing through four campaigns, I felt like I needed a more even competitive game and when one of the players got his brothers old Chaos army, it quickly took off.  We split the old starter set, I got the Stormcast and a third friend got into Undead and quickly bought everything. After the Maggotkin released, I became a follower of Nurgle.

We went to our first tournament, a small local one with only eight players, where I played my army with Rotigus, GUO, Lord of Blights, Slimux and a Sorcerer with 60 plaguebearers and five Blightkings. I used to the competitive magic and had a fun T1 deck on the side called Parfait that created a lockdown combo, where the opponent couldn't ever do anything but draw his card and never play a thing. Fun! I had hoped my Nurgle army would function a bit like that, but it never happened. For some reason my units could be killed, even though they couldn't do much themselves. It's probably my lacking skills or a poorly build army, but I found it dull to play. After the first three battles I decided I wanted an army of eels, so I at least could pull some fun alpha strikes instead of slowly grinding the armies down. On the second day I won the best painted award (out of six painted armies) and I decided then that my goal was more in that direction, rather than to win games.

I bought a pack of Namarti Reavers on Black Friday to get started while waiting for the Deepsurge Raiding Party to come out. Recently I bought 10 thralls, an Akhelian King, a Soulrender and a Scryer used.





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