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Into the woods we go...

Mount Franklin


A full-time job... part time study... and on top of that I decided to register for a tournament in just over one month... What was I thinking?! Looks like I've got my work cut out for me, and so I've decided to make a blog to talk all about it and to trace my progress.

The army marching to war is a member state of the Freeguild, and I need to paint roughly 2000 points for this tournament (I'm also supplying the majority of a stormcast army for a friend... so I'll be working on that too!)

The current theme of my force is woodland. I really like the idea of the Freeguild marching out from the realm gates to pacify and occupy the surrounding areas. Hopefully the oncoming campaign will prove that this is not all for nought ;)

My current project tonight has been the bases for my halberdiers. I used press moulded shields cut at various angles to give the appearance of depth when stuck to the base, stones, and roots made from milliput. I have yet to add the sand, and of course the soldiers, but here they are as they currently stand: 




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