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  1. Kairos and Fatesworn Friends go to BLACKOUT

    Awesome looking army, looks like you had a lot of fun and congrats on the win! Newer Tzeentch player here and although I have some idea what the Blue Scribes are capable of could you possibly go over some of the sexy things they can do?
  2. Let's chat Disciples of Tzeentch

    Thanks for clarifying that. You'd think with GW being such an old gaming company they'd be able to get these rules a little more clear and concise. You don't have these kinds of problems with MTG, why can't GW put that kind of effort into their product?
  3. Let's chat Disciples of Tzeentch

    I'm wondering why this doesn't work. Sayl is an StD unit and StD units may be allied with DoT. If your concern is that it's Nurgle (which obviously the one faction that can't be taken with StD) Sayl as far as I can tell doesn't have the Nurgle keyword as per https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/resources/fw_site/fw_pdfs/aos_warscrolls/warhammer-aos-tamurkhans-horde.pdf. Is there something else that I'm missing?
  4. Slaves - The Good, the bad, the ugly?

    Ok guys, I only use Fatesworn as there has been some talk of it in this thread so far and they are by-and-large all StD units. Here's a fun question for you guys: Fatesworn vs Blades of Khorne, though there is room for plenty of variance in both these armies for all intents and purpose we'll say each army is built as YOUR idea of what the lists would include in the current competitive meta. The only other criteria is that it the game is played as per rules for one of the 6 new battleplans. Who wins and by what ratio? e.g. 60/40 Fatesworn, 80/20 Khorne.
  5. Let's chat Disciples of Tzeentch

    I've often wondered about things such as this. This proxy in particular to me is great because I'm not a huge fan of the LoC model. I mean it's a beautiful model to be sure but it's just not my style I guess. It would be nice and I think really good for the hobby if there was some universal standard TO's went by for rules and matters such as these. Like for example if they could set a general guideline for conversions/proxies that was SOMEWHAT liberal but kept it from getting out of hand, that all TO's more or less abide. Perhaps some kind of third party organizer that would (and I know this is a scary word) monopolize the competitive scene. They could keep track of player stats, player points, meta statistics, etc. this latter statement similar to "em-tee-gee terp 8" I know there's things like this out there, but unless I'm mistaken it hasn't become really a standard norm. It would make things easier for the TO because essentially it would be akin to a restaurant franchise where all the decisions are made already. Anyways, I'm not trying to digress too far from the topic and I apologize if I have.