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  1. Starting Fyreslayers

    Hi For Xmas I would buy a 1000 points army of Fyreslayers, starting with Start Collecting and 2-3 other boxes I made this list, what you think? Allegiance: FyreslayersAuric Runeson on Magmadroth (240)- General- Wyrmslayer Javelins- Trait: Exemplar of the Ancestor Battlesmith (80)Auric Runesmiter (80)- Forge Key10 x Auric Hearthguard (200)20 x Vulkite Berzerkers (240)- Handaxes & Slingshields10 x Vulkite Berzerkers (120)- Handaxes & Slingshields Total: 960 / 1000 Thank you
  2. Best competetive 1000pts Khorne list

    Juggy Lord, Skullreapers, Wrathmongers all are good choices, but a 1000 points you spent too much and who hold obj? 10+10 reavers? I'm not a very competitive player but in tournament I run a list like this Skullmaster, Herald of Khorne (100)Aspiring Deathbringer with Goreaxe and Skullhammer (100)- General- Trait: Violent Urgency Bloodsecrator (120)- Banner of Khorne: Banner of Rage30 x Bloodletters (270)20 x Bloodreavers (140)- Reaver Blades10 x Bloodreavers (70)- Meatripper Axes10 x Bloodreavers (70)- Meatripper Axes20 x Chaos Marauders (120)- Axes & Shields- Mark of Chaos: Khorne Total: 990 / 1000 A lot of corpses, the units of 10 reavers are meat shields and the mobs can take obj and output a lot of damage because of banner of rage you re-roll all of the hit rolls if you already re-roll ones, awesome! By the way you can drop some reavers for Skullreapers for extra mortal wounds
  3. Murderhost 1000 points

    Allegiance: Khorne Bloodthirster Of Insensate Rage - General - Trait: Devastating Blow - Artefact: A'rgath the King of Blades Bloodmaster, Herald of Khorne - Artefact: The Crimson Crown Valkia The Bloody 30 x Bloodletters 10 x Bloodletters 5 x Flesh Hounds Battalions Murderhost The idea is simple: hit hard, hit fast, with 2D6 bonus movement and other two flying units I put very much pressure to my opponent Bloodletters mob is a respectable combat unit The Bloodthrister is a damn killing machine (I hope) Valkia is a distraction, fast and easy to hide What do you think?
  4. Blades of Khorne 1000

    I've just known about one tournament at 1000 points next month in my area, I'll write a new discussion for this Thank you!
  5. Blades of Khorne 1000

    Thank you for reply, now I'm studying the best list with models I have already, without buying nothing. I'll write very soon.
  6. Blades of Khorne 1000

    Hello guys This year, what is the best way to spend Easter? Well with a huge Blades of Khorne brainstorming! 1) DARK FEAST Bloodsecrator (120) Bloodstoker (80) Slaughterpriest (100) Lord Of Khorne On Juggernaut (140) - General 10 x Bloodreavers (70) 10 x Bloodreavers (70) 10 x Bloodreavers (70) 10 x Bloodreavers (70) 5 x Wrathmongers (180) Dark Feast (100) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 2) GOREBLADE WARBAND Mighty Lord Of Khorne (140) - General Bloodsecrator (120) Bloodstoker (80) 5 x Blood Warriors (100) 1 x Khorgoraths (100) 30 x Bloodreavers (210) 5 x Wrathmongers (180) Goreblade Warband (60) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 3) GORE PILGRIMS Bloodsecrator (120) Slaughterpriest (100) Slaughterpriest (100) Aspiring Deathbringer (80) - General 5 x Blood Warriors (100) 30 x Bloodreavers (210) 10 x Bloodreavers (70) 5 x Skullreapers (140) Gore Pilgrims (80) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 4) SLAUGHTERBORN Mighty Lord Of Khorne (140) - General Bloodsecrator (120) Exalted Deathbringer (80) 5 x Blood Warriors (100) 5 x Skullreapers (140) 5 x Skullreapers (140) 20x Bloodletters (200) Slaughterborn (80) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 5) SKULLTAKE Bloodstoker (80) Bloodsecrator (120) Aspiring Deathbringer (80) - General 5 x Skullreapers (140) 5 x Skullreapers (140) 1 x Khorgoraths (100) 5 x Blood Warriors (100) 20 x Bloodreavers (140) Skulltake (100) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 6) BLOODFORGED Skullgrinder (80) Bloodsecrator (120) Aspiring Deathbringer (80) - General 5 x Wrathmongers (180) 5 x Wrathmongers (180) 5 x Blood Warriors (100) 5 x Blood Warriors (100) 5 x Blood Warriors (100) Bloodforged (40) What do you think the best list? I think I will play with Slaughterborn, a lot of mortal wounds and Mighty Lord with Mark of the Destroyer! Very cool!
  7. getting started Khorne Bloodbound

    I like Dark Feast, but 20 men per unit aren't enough for me, bloodreavers die very fast, so at 1000 points I play the Goreblade Warband Leaders Bloodsecrator (120) Bloodstoker (80) Mighty Lord Of Khorne (140) - General Battleline 5 x Blood Warriors (100) - Goreaxe & Gorefist 40 x Bloodreavers (240) - Meatripper Axes Units 1 x Khorgoraths (80) 5 x Wrathmongers (180) Battalions Goreblade Warband (60) Total: 1000/1000
  8. Nurgle 1000 points

    Thank you! Don't worry I have all the models! I'm an old follower of Nurgle
  9. Nurgle 1000 points

    Thank you for the advice, I drop Epidemius for 5 Putrid Blightking Morbidex 2x10 Plaguebearers 5 Putrid Blightking Nurglings Soul Grinder I'm open to all Nurgle lists and I'm interesting about 1000 points of Tallyband, how can do for it?
  10. Nurgle 1000 points

    Hello guys, this is my first list for Aos, what do you think? Morbidex Epidemius 2x10 Plaguebearers Nurglings Soul Grinder Morbidex and the Soul Grinder charging the enemies lines while Plaguebearers takes obj and Epidemius stays in the back