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  1. customize your shadespire

    Boards and terrain close to finished with some details and highlighting left to do.
  2. WIP - Shadespire custom board

    Moved on to painting the terrain and ill go on with finishing details on boards and terrain at the same time to keep everything coherent. Here are the pieces well underway, though missing some layers still.
  3. WIP - Shadespire custom board

    Got some more painting done though its not finished yet. But it got some more shading done and some details and ive also added the patterns of the deployment and terrain hexes. Basically, when you choose a board you either choose the "blue" or the "orange". The blue is a board without terrain and you simply deploy on the hexes featuring a blue stone. The orange is a board with terrain and you first place terrain pieces on the hexes entirely made up of orange stones, then you deploy on the hexes featuring a single orange stone. It came out okay and might at first seem confusing but I recon someone familiar with the game will have no issue figuring it out in a moment! Here is the board alone. The camera makes the colors stand out much more then they do in reality so the orange and blue isnt as intrusive as it looks here. Still I do have more painting to do on them to make them blend better and still "pop". Here is the board again but with (unfinished) terrain placed and some of my stormcast just for show I will paint my warband in the same scheme when I get around to it and I will also make their bases similar to these, makes them look almost like some form of exclusive playing pieces. The clay bases gives a good weight to them aswell! Closeup for details!
  4. How will you store?

    It seems both Feldherr and BattleFoam is bringing out (or already did so) some packages specifically made for Shadespire. I only have experience with Feldherrs half sized cases and IMO they are decently priced for really neat products so these might be worth looking into. The great thing with these is that as a collection grows you can just add foam inserts and if need be a larger or a second bag.
  5. WIP - Shadespire custom board

    There are ways one could go about making frames for these boards but it would require making three different frames as the two boards can be aligned into three different play areas, with three different shapes. Its possible that I might make a second board down the line, I do have more then enough materials for it, and if so I will probably make a single board of a standard layout and indeed make a frame for it As of now though, no frame im afraid Awesome! Shadespire is a great game and just perfect for a casual collector and hobbyist with its so far limited releases! And while we will see more stuff released later on, it doesnt seem as if GW will put out loads and loads of stuff with short notice so for a completionists it shouldnt be difficult nor expensive to "keep uo"! It lends itself to DIY conversions and hobbywork so well that I had decided to do something like this even before it had released! As for progress, I finally got around to start painting the boards! Only got the basics down tonite but will keep going at it during this week and hopefully also get started on the terrain pieces! I have had some basing material chip off as I was painting so will have to go over the board to touch up some areas before I go on to the next steps. I thought I had sealed everything down good enough but appearently not!
  6. WIP - Shadespire custom board

    Thank you for the kind words! Its funny that you mention chessboards, handcrafted exclusive (boutique) backgammon boards was the first thing I though about as inspiration Im not planning on a board though, for reasons mentioned by Drofnum. Of course I could always decide on a fixed board layout and go with that since im only a casual player, and everything is still open for change, but as of now I want to keep the boards movable. I do want to do something to give the boards some class when closer to finish but exactly what I havent decided on. I have some ideas
  7. WIP - Shadespire custom board

    Ah thank you both! Im currently waiting for some paints to arrive so I can get started but hope to have something to show the coming weekend!
  8. customize your shadespire

    Amazing pieces, Sim, and the small rubble along the base looks so convincing! Great job!
  9. TTQs Miniplog

    Clean and detailed paintjobs, they look very good! Having a schedule is good but dont take it as law, dont force your hobby or it might become a chore! Too bad about your arm but youll bounce right back at it, in the meantime just ignore the painting and youll be refreshed and eager when your back at the table
  10. customize your shadespire

    I havent done a lot of conversions and very few requiring the Dremel but the grindbit (basically a sphere with teeth or in other cases oval shape covered with sandpaper) will allow you to gently grind away only what you need to/want to. Its tedious, noisy and messy but whats not to love about that edit: Since your doing shoulderpads I dont think you can mess up beyond repair. Since the area will be covered by a new shoulderpad, worst case scenario you just put some greenstuff to even it out then the shoulderpad on top!
  11. customize your shadespire

    A dremel with grindbits of various sizes should do the trick!
  12. How will you store?

    Ive been looking at several different of these flip up boxes and they all look so neat! Which one is this specific?
  13. How will you store?

    As im not (so far) aiming for tournament or competitive play I havent given much thought to how to store Shadespire and its accessories. When painted the models will stand in my display cabinet and a custom playboard with terrain will stand on a small coffee table mostely for show! But I recently saw this video where GWs duncan shows how to fit Shadespire into a GW skirmish case and as I will be taking the game over to a friends place every now and then, and likely to need a good way to transport a Necromunda gang soon enough, I figured I might get one of those cases! So how will you store Shadespire and components?
  14. customize your shadespire

    That is really cool! Like the idea of separate models for the inspired ones
  15. Ongoing Friendly Tournament Idea...

    Whatever all involved agree upon works! But ill say that right now I think the game is to young to have any restrictions put to it. This is after all a game whose entire point is about maximising the efficiency of your decks, putting restrictions to this could feel like removing an important part of the game. Even casual Shadespire is about winning, after all As for a "winner" trophy I have another suggestions! Buy a single model, an AoS Stormcast hero or whatever model you enjoy! Assemble it and glue it to something fancy, a hero base or something big, high and bulky! Then spray the entire thing in gold!