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  1. customize your shadespire

    That is really cool! Like the idea of separate models for the inspired ones
  2. Ongoing Friendly Tournament Idea...

    Whatever all involved agree upon works! But ill say that right now I think the game is to young to have any restrictions put to it. This is after all a game whose entire point is about maximising the efficiency of your decks, putting restrictions to this could feel like removing an important part of the game. Even casual Shadespire is about winning, after all As for a "winner" trophy I have another suggestions! Buy a single model, an AoS Stormcast hero or whatever model you enjoy! Assemble it and glue it to something fancy, a hero base or something big, high and bulky! Then spray the entire thing in gold!
  3. How will you sleeve?

    Its been a few weeks and I figured Id pop back into this thread and say that the Ultra-Pro eclipse matte sleeves are just amazing! Im using blacks for power cards and orange for objectives and they feel so so good!
  4. If youre going to a tournament surely you can build one deck for that event using all the available cards! And if your building two decks that means you and your son are going to a Shadespire tournament together and in my book that means youve already won So dont sweat it and just enjoy it!
  5. WIP - Shadespire custom board

    Got it primed and ready for painting! The sand on the board didnt really come out as I had wished for, dunno if I did too much or too little of it. But it looks a lot better primed then previously and im hoping a good enough paintjob will make it all blend together nicely!
  6. WIP - Shadespire custom board

    Terrain and texturing underway, hope to have everything primed and ready for paint tonit! Quick pic
  7. WIP - Shadespire custom board

    Took the dremel and cut some detail into the boards today! Its cold outside and that makes the garage i worked in fairly cold as well as its radiator isnt doing much but hot coffee, warm clothes and a couple of hours later and im done! Things are looking good so far but its been rather straightforward. Next is sealing the MDF good and then its on to details and about that time ill start on some terrain pieces as well. Possibly objective markers too If Ive figured out how to do them
  8. WIP - Shadespire custom board

    Thank you! Yes ive seen those kind of spacers, and there is also a kind of thick thread that some use when tiling kitchens but I couldnt find it when I needed it and didnt get around to go to town to search the stores so I ended up with what I could find at home But I will absolutely recommend anyone doing something similar to get some very accurate way to distance the hexes, it will make for a much more professional finish when the boards fit together just right
  9. WIP - Shadespire custom board

    Havent started cutting the details into the boards yet, the sound of the dremel will wake the dead so I imagine my neighbouring apartments will spawn a mob with pitchforks and everything This weekend ill hopefully get around to it though! I did get some pieces ive ordered from "Scibor Miniatures" in Poland. They make absolutely fantastic miniatures and these terrain and basing pieces will be perfect for Shadespire! As a sidenote, their range of regular miniatures looks nothing but amazing! Heres some pics with Angherad at the end to show size comparison!
  10. customize your shadespire

    These look amazing, helmets make everything look so much better gotta see if i have some bits laying around to helmet up my steelheart!
  11. WIP - Shadespire custom board

    The boards are cut down to size as straight and tight as I can get it and its close enough! In some orientations there is a very slight gap between the boards but its small enough to not cause an issue or even eyesore, if anything it shows the boards are handmade Currently drawing some lines and markings and planning how to layout and texture the boards. Im trying to not get myself into too much work where the project will stall but I do want to cut some lines across the hexes to give the look of tiles and design. I also plan on marking the deployment and terrain hexes in some discreet manner that allows one of these boards to be quickly setup as either side of one of the cardboard originals. Must get back on that one later on though, havent figured it out quite yet. Edit: When I was painting my small Stormcast host I created my own bases from clay. Creating them left a lot of excess debris that i kept would i ever find a use for it. And I figure they kind of look like shards... So after messing my table and my fingers up with superglue, I finally got enough to stick where I actually wanted it! Shardfall!
  12. optimum deck size

    Interesting that the new player managed 4-0. I take it had your opponent constructed his/her own deck it would have ended differently but still it shows how important the deck really is.
  13. Shadespire by Changer

    Those skellies look fantastic!! The models are of course amazing but your paintjob does them justice for sure!
  14. optimum deck size

    I would say yes, the less cards you need to go through the easier to get the ones you want/need. A thought however. As the game expands, more warbands are introduced and some sort of "meta" forms there might be good reasons to go for more cards. 20 cards might not be enough to ensure your deck is equipped to handle whatever warband/deckbuild you go up against but 30 might be, and going through 30 cards in a game is still possible. Ive played way to little to say but I would expect decks to become bigger down the line.
  15. customize your shadespire

    Fantastic work everyone, keep em comin!