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  1. Attackmack

    Roll Models

    I think im getting old...
  2. Attackmack

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    I guess a cup of tea was served at the wrong time
  3. Attackmack

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Ironjaws update on WC shows a little of the cinematic spells. They will be moved around on the battlefield and inflict effects/damage they either move across or are within a certain range of. I guess they will last different amount or turns, maybe random. I wonder HOW they are moved though, if its just freely moved up to a certain distance or if it must be in a straight line or at least with restricted turning.
  4. Attackmack

    Gaming Space at home - Your solutions and setups

    Honestly though, I have two 3x4 boards arent that hard to store, you can push them under a bed, stand them behind a door or maybe even push them in behind a bookshelf or something depending on your furniture. And if you do three 3x2 theyll be even easier to store! I simply put these on a roughly 6x2 folding table, no clamps or anything to hold them, and they stay very firm and wont move at all on the table. I made my board from 12mm MDF and that in itself will do, but I also covered one side of each board with a vinyl fabric just to give it a softer surface. If I play boardgames and such I often just use the boards as is, and when I wargame I roll out a suitable mat on it.
  5. Attackmack

    Gaming Space at home - Your solutions and setups

    Now, if she DID use it for warhammer that would be absolutely amazing
  6. Attackmack

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    The original box is a bit weird in its composition but the amount u get for the money is superb value! Then again im sure the new box will be just as great, from the rumors it might even be better! If money isnt an issue I would suggest getting both! The first box will give your sone a great start for his Stormcast, and the second box will expand that as well as give you those lovely Nighthaunt!
  7. Attackmack

    Gaming Space at home - Your solutions and setups

    How wobbly are those FirmerTerra tables? They fold up way neater then most other similar tables but ive seen the ones from Urbanmatz and they are too wobbly for my taste.
  8. Attackmack

    Gaming Space at home - Your solutions and setups

    A folding table (as pictured above) and two MDF boards 3' x 4' each and on this I roll out a gaming mat. A bit of work to set up but when not playing all this is easily stored under a bed. Sometime Im going to have a dedicated gaming room and then ill build a full size table and wont have to setup/take down. But until then, this setup works great.
  9. Attackmack

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Because he wants a balanced battlefield
  10. Attackmack

    Wish list for season 2 - design and rules

    Do people have any thoughts on how cards between the two sets should interact? Do people want the sets completely separate, or some form of cycle that phases stuff out? Perhaps only the Neutral cards are phased out/replaced? Have people given this any though, how to expand the game into another set (and later, even more sets) while still keeping the game manageable and balanced.
  11. Attackmack

    Shadespire Card Sleeves?

    So recently I figured I was gonna try Dragon Shields again. The black matte sleeves I still have is still the best sleeves ive felt, simply the perfect sleeve. So I bought another pack of black mattes as well as some gold mattes (for objective cards) and to my disappointment both of these packs contain sleeves that are extremely sticky. I can shuffle the cards properly, but forget about pulling a card or two from a stack, even getting the top cards from a stack is almost impossible without pulling 2-3 other cards with it... If you have a hand of cards and want to fan them out, forget about it. You need to separate each card with two hands... I dont know whats going in with Dragon Shields but this makes 3 unusable packs out of the 4 ive purchased in total...The only one who works, and it was amazing, was the first pack about 2 years ago. Everything since has been completely trash... Is there some trick to this im not understanding, will the card go UNsticky after a while or is Dragon Shield just horrible in consistency?
  12. Attackmack

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    For what its worth, if they change rules they can just as easily change point costs.
  13. Attackmack

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Oh my, the Nighhaunt pictures in the new update looks so good! Like an army of swirling spirits roaming the fields taking the enemies apart! I gotta admit that im usually a skeleton kind of guy, but this looks amazing!
  14. Attackmack

    Looking for a second set of core set dice

    Hmm...Yes. Though i wouldnt be surprised if there is different dice in box two...
  15. For some weird reason, ive really taken a liking to the black and white dice in the core set. MUCH more so then the warband dice. Ive bought 2 sets of the warband specific dice but IMO they just dont feel at all as good as the core set dice. I know how strange this sounds but they feel cheap and generic while the dice in the core box feels like high quality products! There is another issue I have with most of the warband dice also, their transperency and colors often make it difficult for me to separate the defense dice from the offense dice at a glance. Its due to my weird colorblindness and often playing in less then optimal lighting. Whatever weird preference I might have though, I really want a second set of dice. And since GW isnt selling those dice separately, and im not about to buy a second core set for the dice alone, I figured I would ask here if anyone is willing to sell me their core box dice? I live in Sweden but will pay for the shipping of course!