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  1. Thank you all for the kind words! It was a delight to build the board and the small area and superb terrain kit made it both simple and quick to do I hope ive inspired someone to do the same!
  2. So there it is, the finished board! Just need to put a nail in the wall and I have myself a painting The frame came out decent but im gonna need to change or paint over the visible screws but Ill get around to that eventually, when it bothered me enough!
  3. A dark brown oil finish might do the trick!
  4. Hey fellas, I need some input. Im working on the frame and will sand it down and smooth it out tomorrow but im trying to figure out what color to go for? And right now Im even contemplating just putting some clear coat on it and leaving it wooden. If you have any thoughts about it please share with me, i was hoping on getting the frame completely finished this weekend!
  5. I wont label the project as finished until ive gotten the frame fitted...But its more or less finished! All painting is done and the water effects finished and all thats left to do is give it another thin coat of varnish and then put the frame on it and hang it on the wall! I think the water came out convincing enough for a wargaming table, and while there is always something more one could add as details Im very happy with how it all came out! For being a relatively quick project I couldnt be happier Pics
  6. Yeah, the still water is a pain as it shrinks and retracts quite a bit so ill have to give it several layers before it smooths out and covers properly. And in the little "wells" its even worse as ill have to add 2-3mm at a time until it finally reaches the top. Add too much and it dries with holes and gaps in it Still water from vallejo is readily available at my local store so I went with it, if I ever do water effects of this size again I will look into two-part clear epoxy as it seems much easier to work with and dries much better. Nontheless, Ive been applying layers when applicable and right now I think it might be only one or maybe two more until its done! Ive not kept track of what colors ive used TBH, but its almost exclusively GW paints and shades, and ive really gotten fond of their contrast paints. Its not magic but used at the right time it sure is a timesaver! Overall I THINK the base colors are roughly as follows: Stone: Space Wolves Grey Contrast, watered down, painted straight on top of the black/white zenithal primer. Boards: A light grey with agrax earthshade and drybrushed with ever lighter shades of brown. Wood: Wyldwood brown contrast paint, light brown and ushbanti bone drybrush. Metals: Leadbelcher, typhus corrotion, ryza rust. Hope it helps if there was anything in particular you were looking for!
  7. Theres no turning back now! 😱 It will probably take at least two layers before the water is finished, and with a drying time upwards 24 hours I need to strengthen my patience... But I like the look and contrast it adds!
  8. Figured id get some more pics up from the WIP as im sealing down the flock proper! Getting the water effect in the mail tomorrow so I best get down to the workshop and find a good frame for it soon because its not much left now
  9. Heh, I dont know why but this never even occurred to me But of course, its a brilliant idea!
  10. While waiting for my water effects to arrive Ive noticed the flocking and underscrubs on the board seem to not be fixed enough. Some of it comes off rather easy, and it feels as with usage it will shed more flocking than I will accept. I need to fix it more. Ive restrained from using any more watered down PVA, a superb method otherwise but it will get onto the ruins and leave marks. I could mask off everything else and go nuts with it but to make it easy I was planning on getting another can of spray on varnish and just soak the damn thing in it. Focusing on the ground, what spray gets onto the ruins wont leave anything noticable. But will this work? Anyone has experience with it?
  11. Tnx everyone! So far im very happy with the result, the board looks good and the colors stand out without looking to cartooney. While waiting for the water effect to arrive, which might take some time with the holidays and such, ill put some weathering and blood details on it. Also gonna get a suitable frame for it when im back up and about at work.
  12. In a completely apartment ruining event ive begun flocking the board. When dry much of it will come off making the green not so vibrant as it will start to show the autumn mix underneath. Then I will add some mud texture and some undergrowth and bushes as well as some mold/fungus on the ruins themselves before finally applying the water effect over certain areas. So this is far from finished but just a WIP pic edit: Oh, and blood of course! Gonna add lots of blood!
  13. Thinking about it...I was gonna du flocking with soil and grass to give a bit of color, but looking at the board now I wonder if it wouldnt be better to do mud and water? Almost like a swamp or very worn down ground? ive worked a little with resin water effect previously and think i can pull it off. thoughts?
  14. Main painting done! There is still details and weathering to be done but I will leave that for the final touches. Next up is flocking and ground cover which Ill have to order so gonna be a while before progress.
  15. Had the weekend alone with myself, the dog and The Witcher on netflix so got some painting done. Heres some progress pics.
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