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  1. Attackmack

    My daughter's first Nighthaunt

    6yo!? 😳 Thats amazing! The banshee looks sinister too!
  2. Attackmack

    What if GW made limited edition parody models?

    In 40k there is Sly Marbo, hero of the catachan jungle fighters! And unless im mistaken the Necrons initiallt had a special rule called ”I’ll be back”!
  3. Attackmack

    How does one control an objective?

    That is weird, i would have thought theyd try and keep the core rules as consistent as possible
  4. Attackmack

    How does one control an objective?

    Its page 10 on the AoS app but hey, 10-11, somewhere around
  5. Attackmack

    How does one control an objective?

    AaronWllson answered already but for reference this is stated in the textbox on page 10 of the official rules.
  6. Attackmack

    Let's talk about Endless Spells

    You can cast it endless spells how many times you want but you can only ever have one of each active on the table at any one time. So if it is dispelled it becomes available to be cast by you again!
  7. Attackmack

    Let's talk about Endless Spells

    Since players alternate moving predatory endless spells at the beginning of each battleround (starting with the player who is to go second in that round) there is always a chance you will get to move that spell. If you move it into your opponents units it will hurt them, you can literally turn your opponents spells against themselves! Also, PESs CAN be moved across the table edge which dispels them immediately. p.262 in the core rulebook for reference! edit: Can I just say though, I LOVE the idea of a rampaging spell tumbling around on its own tearing up the area, convincing everyone on both sides that the best course of action is just to leave it alone until it calms down! Very....Discworld-ish, absolutely something that could happen at Unseen University
  8. Attackmack

    6 Nations take aways

    Ive not read the entire thread, but got stuck on something on the first post someone can probably clear up. I thought there WAS an initiative roll the first turn, and if that roll is a tie the player who finished setup first gets to choose. Seems from first post this is wrong?
  9. I did not know this and it makes me happy to hear! There is a segment in either the first core book, or was it perhaps the rulebook that came with the first box. But it depicts one of the Khorn champions first encounter with a stormcast and during their battle he kept trying to get an answer, ANY answer, from his foe but the stormcast was completely silent behind the anonymous golden mask, not giving away even the slightest hint of who or what was behind it. And for the first time the Khorn champion felt fear. That part just made me giggle with excitement
  10. The more fluff the better, the new book does it all right! Big and think and packed with setting and lore! On how the lore has changed I cant comment, I have the original corebook but none of the realmgate wars books. It does feel like they attempt to put a bit more "logic" into this new book, trying to explain things in a perceivable way which makes it slightly different from the myth-like batshat crazy descriptions from the first one. Though I dont think theres a lack of insanities in this new one either I enjoyed the new book a great deal (as I did the first one) and it still feels like a mythical setting to me, though im not overly happy about putting a human aspect and personality on the stormcast. I always wanted them to be souls enclosed within their armor.., not actually reincarnations.
  11. Attackmack

    Happy Liberation Day!

    Liberation infestation, as chaos would call it
  12. Attackmack

    Is AoS cluttered?

    I own Shadespire and some additional warbands Thanks for the suggestion though, and I agree it is a really fun game! I just feel GW might have gone a little too far with all the special abilities of units. Not every single unit need special abilities, definitely not several longwinded abilities with dynamic effects depending on x or y. I guess its because the streamlined statline really cant offer much variety
  13. Attackmack

    Nighthaunt Color Scheme

    Interesting discussion! Im trying to come up with a paintscheme for my nighhaunts too but its pretty much reverse that of most ive seen in that I want a darker tone down the bottom, that gets lighter towards the top. I want the impression of spirits formed by sot and ash. I was gonna do an attempt one of these days as soon as I get around to the store but think I might wait until the weekend so I can get the battletome at the same time. My idea is to prime with corax white and apply the hexwraith or nighthaunt shade (havent decided which color) then apply nuln oil with an airbrush to give the model a gradient towards the bottom making it darker, making sure the lowest parts are completely black. Then drybrush the darker areas slightly with grey. Sounds good in my head but will probably end in disaster so im willing to put up a chainrasp or two as experiments
  14. Attackmack

    Why is it so hard to start AOS ?

    I really like the older stormcast models but the newer seem to do everything better... cant wait for the tome this weekend to see how things compare!
  15. Attackmack

    Is AoS cluttered?

    No doubt, collecting and painting is my main interest and reading the lore and setting too! I do love gaming though, and from what Ive seen AoS looks like great fun so I want to give it a proper run before I decide to go for it or not