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  1. cool ideas ty!
  2. I just hate the models lol but yeah would have to use revenants
  3. I've been inspired to play a hunters heavy list. But I really hate the dryads. do I "have" to play them?
  4. looking for a sylvaneth battleforce from the holidays. Will pay with paypal. Also open to army offers as well.
  5. I play both. If you charge into them with 4 soul star maces its pretty good. Also brutes suffer from low bravery. But a unit of 20 is pretty hard to kill especially since they move as fast as jetbikes
  6. I didnt see the end of that game but he was close to losing because they were playing 3 places of power? did they end up winning?
  7. I hear you but the execution could be better. This is just constructive criticism. Its hard to read especially reduced 80% and carved into a dice pip. its not IP infringement to use similar lightning bolts on dice, this would be a whole other discussion... My works be getting picked apart for years professionally so I don't take anything to heart and when I suggest stuff on other designs its for the greater good
  8. I agree its getting a bit lost. was exploring laying it out with the sword thing a little forced.
  9. He guys here are my final submissions. Hope you like them.
  10. tomato tomato. Just curious where the whole sword thing is about? Because its a fantasy game? AOS symbol being a big ass hammer and all...
  11. all the swords with the letters jumbled in are tough to read.