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  1. judging_jester

    Sylvaneth Storage

    This is exactly what I was thinking of. Make it so Internet
  2. judging_jester

    Ethreal paint Scheme

    If it was me I'd paint all the bone areas in a bone colour which can be done fairly quickly if you're after speed. The ghostly areas can be done using the oxide technique, if it was me I'd prefer them to look more blue. I'd then pick out the armour, clothing and weapons on the units as this will be the area where you can add variety and make your army look unique.
  3. judging_jester

    Sylvaneth Storage

    Hi all, Thanks for the replies, I was actually really surprised that no commercially avalible storage solutions were mentioned. It seems that the most popular method is the steel sheet attached to box. I'll have to look into this and try and put my DIY skills to the test. I wonder if buying a steel storage box like the ones records are stored in would do the trick.
  4. judging_jester

    Sylvaneth Storage

    Hi all, Quick question for the Sylvaneth players out there. What storage cases do you use for you Sylvaneth? They have a lot of really fine twigs and vines that I'd like to avoid knocking, is there a storage solution that is better for these finer pieces than others? As I'm just starting my glade storage isn't currently an issue but it soon will be. Thanks in advance
  5. judging_jester

    Sylvaneth Wizard

    As a little update I've curved the fingers more around the staff using a combination of hot water, my manly strength and glue. It's not a supertight trip but it does look like she's gripping with all fingers now. Thanks for the input
  6. judging_jester

    Sylvaneth Wizard

    @Double Misfire @Ryan Taylor Thanks for the input guys. I'll try and bend the fingers more.... Time to boil the kettle!
  7. judging_jester

    Sylvaneth Wizard

    Thanks bud I will probably add some green stuff vines to the staff as well
  8. judging_jester

    Sylvaneth Wizard

    I thought I'd kit bash a Sylvaneth Order Wizard to go with the Gnarlroot Wargrove I'm building up. I kit based it from a branchwych, kurnoth hunter and dryad. Thoughts?
  9. judging_jester

    Unit Size and Points

    Thanks both for the clarification. It all makes sense now
  10. judging_jester

    Unit Size and Points

    Hi gang, This will be a total n00b question but the clarification would be helpful. I've been painting minitures for around five years now but never played - I have a young family, the closest gaming group/GW store is not that local and I have no friends that are interested. I am trying to rectify the 'friends not interested' element through a combination of bullying and ambush tactics. Anyway I digress... Today I picked up the General's Handbook, the Grand Alliance: Order Battletome and the Sylvaneth Battletome. My question is, in the General's Handbook it says, if I understand it, that a unit of Dryads can have a minimum of 10 models and a max of 30 for 120 points. If this is the case why wouldn't you just take the 30 models? What would be the benefit of taking less models in a unit? Have I missed something? I gather I have and it's probably one of those things that's really obvious. Thanks all
  11. judging_jester

    Brushes going bad...

    I use brush cleaner at the end of every painting session. I wash it through and then add a little to reshape the tip. My brushes are now getting on to be over 12 months old. I wrote a blog on it here if you're interested
  12. judging_jester

    Carmine Dragon - blending

    Here's a bit of an update of where the dragon is at. Thoughts?
  13. judging_jester

    Carmine Dragon - blending

    @HobbyHammer thanks bud. The wings have a lot of scaring on the mould so I decided just to go with it
  14. judging_jester

    Carmine Dragon - blending

    I think that's the wings complete. Thoughts?
  15. judging_jester

    Carmine Dragon - blending

    I'm still working on the wings. I'm thinking of doing the under wing a lighter purple / pink and use that tone for the scars