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  1. how do you deal with Mornghuls?

    star soul maces look like a good option was thinking of taking a celestial vindocators battalion to help...
  2. how do you deal with Mornghuls?

    your liberators can bog it down? ive found 5 just die, and 10..... well just die a round later, i do have judicators, but they are usually busy trying to thin out the units of 30 skelletons/zombies i had thought to try the new longstrike bows, but seems a waste of good rend?
  3. how do you deal with Mornghuls?

    hey all! as suggested Im having trouble with Mornghuls, I have Stormcast and Fireslayers... i frequently come across this beastie almost everywhere, one oppoent even takes 2 with Nefferata...... with all those - to hit penalties you cant even hit them beasts, let alone hurt them as they ignore rend and reliably can ignore mortal wounds..... I consider myslef a competant player, but these monsters seem to tear a hole through my forces every game, most of the time, with no damage done back.... how do you deal with these monsters? or are they simply 'too' good?