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About this blog

These pages will Chronicle my journey from start to finish, as I take the starter set Swifthawks to the next level. This blog will have them evolve from a basic army, to tournament ready(?) and from snap together to a somewhat more hobby friendly force.

Entries in this blog


The Plan for the Models

The idea with this army is to keep it cheap. So I will be using as many of the Spire of Dawn models as possible. I will sprinkle in a handful of conversions to spice things up and to eliminate extra command models when possible. So here is the list of models I will need: Highwarden Archmage + mount and leg bits 3 sets of spireguard + extra bits from skycutters to convert command 3 sets of swordmasters 4 sets of reavers + sister of averlorn bows 2 Skycutters + oval bases The initial cost of the Spire of Dawn set was $60. I traded the Skaven for another set. I was able to pick up the other Reavers for $7 a set +shipping, and the extra Swordmasters and Spireguard ran me roughly $40 total. I got super lucky on the mount for the archmage, so the leg bits set me back $11. In the end the only real expense was the Skycutters at $105 for the 2. So in the end, current cost was roughly $250. In all honesty, it's not the cheapest army I could have made, but under $300 for an army is still a steal. My stormcast cost a lot more than $300.




Army Composition

I started brainstorming this project almost a year ago. I had picked up the Spire of Dawn box set with the intentions of teaching my daughter to play. Now, post GH2017, things have changed. For starters, points have been adjusted. So here is the list that I am currently crafting: Highwarden Archmage on horse Skywarden w/banner Skywarden w/banner   30 Spireguard w/command 15 Reavers 5 Reavers 20 Swordmasters w/ full command   Guardians of the Dawnspire battalion   I am still kicking around the traits and artifacts, but have some ideas.



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