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About this blog

Having gotten back in to the hobby last year this blog will be an account of my exploits in the mortal realms.


Entries in this blog


Alpha strike

So it has been 2 weeks since my first post which is roughly the rate at which I want to be posting so I am counting that as my first success! In terms of developments and progress I feel it has been pretty successful. I've managed to build quite a few miniatures and even started to get them painted. A couple of (poor) pics are attached showing what I have managed to get done, also been playing around with prisma as the plan will be to have warscrolls with my unit images on to take to tournaments and I love how cool they look when tweaked with the app. I'm a notoriously slow painter so I am trying to improve my speed whilst also produce a quality of work I am happy with and I seem to be achieving that. most of the models will probably get mostly done and then I will get final edge highlights and minor details sorted as I go. Or at least that is the plan. I am still to really play a game with my stormcast, I was supposed to be going to Warhammer World this weekend with some mates to play a couple of games, and maybe watch some of the masters games which would have been awesome, but alas I didn't manage to get along which was quite upsetting. Hopefully I will get to put them on the table soon though as I need to get some practice in before Alliance in March! All else fails I will take what I have painted to Derby and treat that as an opportunity to learn rather than concern myself with trying to get a win.   Next step is to try and get the rest of the basecoats on to the models that are built, then put together the start collecting box I bought this month. That's the plan anyway, but the best laid schemes of mice and men and all that... Jon




New year, new army

2016 saw me start back with the hobby. I played a staggering 9 games of AoS, (5 of which were at the Facehammer tournament) using an army made up of some re-based stuff I still had lying around and some units a friend kindly let me use. Whilst I didn't exactly play an abundance of games or manage to achieve some grand hobby milestone I thoroughly enjoyed my AoS experience and can definitely say that I have caught the bug. Towards the end of the year I started to think about what army I wanted to collect and decided on Stormcast Eternals, the poster boys themselves. I have made the following hobby resolutions for 2017: 1) Fully paint a new army (Ideally to a reasonable tabletop standard) 2) Attend 3 tournaments throughout the year 3) Play at least 10 practice games before each tournament With these targets in mind I have decided to start a blog recording my exploits and (hopefully) progression.   Jon



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