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Intorducing "Hammer of the North"
An all new Age of Sigmar tournament hosted by John Harper ( @the_john_harper on Twitter and John Charles Harper here: Warhammer Heroes Roll of Honour )
Hammer of the North will be a one day, three game event hosted at Common Ground Games in Stirling
Full details can be found in the rules pack here
Sign ups are now open


In Preparation for Team Imps Attending Sheffield Slaughter in late February we will be running a warm up AoS event.
event link

1 day
3 games
2,000 pts 
using all the latest rules in the faq/general's handbook

Games Rules coming ASAP

9.45 Registration
10.00 Game 1
12.00 lunch
12.45 game 2
14.45 break
15.00 game 3
17.00 results

There will be rewards for the following
Best General
2nd place
3rd Place
Favourite army
Favourite adversary

Tickets £10 going to £15 on monday the 21st of January


Refunds available up to 48 hours before the event.

The Bad Dice Bash is our monthly Age of Sigmar event, Saturday Feb 9th 2019.
Held at Boards and Swords in Derby. 
Terrain and Tables provided, Just turn up with your painted army ready to play. Lunch included in ticket price, trophies and prizes to be won. 
Held at the awesome Boards and Swords Hobbies
3 Jubilee Parkway,
Jubilee Business Park
Stores Road, Derby, DE21 4BJ
Only 18 places available for this event. Get a ticket now so you don't miss out. 
G1 - 10AM
G2- 1PM
G3 - 4PM 
LOSS - 0  
The winner is the player finishing the event on the most tournament points.  Ties are decided by the person with the most viceroy points destroyed during the event. 


Bad Moon Cafe are pleased to announce the second monthly Age of Sigmar tournament!

An 18 player, 1 day, 3 game tournament in London!
Tickets available here: Bad Moon Cafe - War in the Mortal Realms #2 Tickets
More information here: FB Link
In brief:
The event will take place over 1 day, on Saturday 9th February 2019. Bad Moon Café will open from 08.00 till 23.00 on the day and the tournament will take place from 09.00 till 19.00. There will be 3 games played over the day.
Armies should be created using the Generals Handbook 2018 Matched Play rules consisting of up to 2000pts. Players should bring 3 printed copies of their list- 1 for themselves, one for the opponent and one for the event staff.
Triumph bonuses will be used as per the Core Rules.
Endless spells will be allowed as per Malign Sorcery Rules.
Realm Artefacts will be allowed and Realm Spells will be allowed.
Realm of Battle Realmsphere Magic and Realm Commands will be used. Realmscape Features will not be used.  
Forge World models are allowed.
Objectives used do not have height or size for rules purposes.
Proxies, conversions and 3rd party models will be allowed but must clearly represent the warscroll.
Firestorm allegiance and abilities will not be used.
The Tournament will be run using Tabletop.To software using Swiss Tournament Rules with strength of schedule. We will be following the UK Community Scoring points system rulesets.
There are no painting rules, points or limitations.
Full rules pack to follow soon. Rules pack from WITMR#1 can be found here and will be identical for #2 except for the scenarios which will be different.

This will be the a one day, 20-player, 3-game Age of Sigmar tournament of 2000 point pitched battles.
Entry is £15 per player advanced purchase or £17.50 on the day. Every player will receive £5 store credit and also get a hot lunch this time a local classic Beef Scouse!
Rules and Painting Requirements
Battleplans: We will be using all 18 missions in the General's Handbook 2018 matched play section for battleplans. A battleplan will be randomly selected at the start of each round.
Realms: Each round will be fought in a randomly determined realm. Realmscape features will not be used. In addition, Ghur, the Realm of Beasts, will not be used.
Standard General's Handbook 2018 rules will be in use along with all current Games Workshop FAQ's. Scoring will follow a Major/Minor victory system:
Major Win: 30 Tournament Points Minor Win 15 Tournament Points Draw: 10 Tournament Point Minor Loss: 5 Tournament Points Major Loss: 0 Tournament Points Whoever has the most tournament points will be crowned Best General and declared the winner of the event. In the case of a tie, we will use Strength of Schedule as a tiebreaker; then Extended Strength of Scedule in the very unlikely case of a secondary tie, we will use total victory points scored as the next tiebreaker.
We have updated our painting rules to allow people more flexibility as they start collecting and painting a army with scoring to represent this. It is not about having excellent painting miniatures just a standard we can all achieve and if you don't have a painted army that's fine to you will just miss out on some scoring and therefore are very unlikely to place highly.
Minimum standard is all models fully assembled on the correct size base and undercoated NO grey plastic.
Painted: 10pts – Your army has been painted with a minimum of 3 Colours and has a  Wash or Dry brush applied (or other suitable form of extra detail).  Based: 5pts – Bases (clear flying bases excluded) have some form of texture.  Cohesive Scheme: 5pts – All models look like they all belong to the same Army. Schedule
9:30am Doors open for registration. 9.55am Announcements and first round pairings. 10.00am Round 1 Begins 12.30pm Round 1 Ends Lunch 1.00pm Round 2 Begins 3.30pm Round 2 Ends 3.45pm Round 3 Begins 6.15pm Round 3 Ends 6.30pm Award ceremony and tournament end The round timer will be on display along with regular timing updates from the TO. Players should endeavour to play an equal number of turns in the allotted time where possible; when time on the round is called you will have 5 minutes to summit your result before the TO takes a result as it is on the table.
The winner will receive the Justice Series trophy!
Sign Ups and List Submission
Sign up and submit your lists here. All lists must be submitted prior to the start of the event.
Buy your tickets here


Dear Gamers!

Bloodstorm.nl proudly presents their first ever Age of Sigmar TEAM event! 
This is a single day event which consists of 3 battles.
More info coming soon!

Rules pack:
[url=https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pr7FRHkfWfVaJ1AtOAZ26-4H-1squclT]Click here[/url]

Costs are:
€ 25,00 per team including 4 consumption's for that day

Prizes are as followed:
- Sportsmanship: A game mat from Gamemat.eu
- Best Team: 2x 10 limited edition Bloodstorm.nl dice
- Players Choice award: Gift Voucher
- Best Painted army: Gift Voucher

For further information, you can contact us at: bloodstorm.nl@gmail.com


Venue: Darkstar Gaming Plymouth
This event is a 2500 points doubles tournament. 
Each team needs to bring 2 1250 point armies. 
The event is held over 2 days 
The pack with everything you need to know can be found here:
The event is limited to 12 teams 
The cost for the event is £30 per team. 
Please send me a message to confirm your place and make payment or email me atadam.mumford198@gmail.com 
There won't be any tickets on the day so if you want to attend you need to let me know before and pay in advance

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