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Mancunian Carnage


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Back for it’s third incarnation
Mancunian Carnage returns to a new venue to satisfy the demand. A tournament like no other ‘Carnage’ delivers five matched play games, with the added addition of bespoke secondary scenarios, across two days with 80 entrants competing for the podium as well as a host of other awards spanning sportsmanship, painting and list building.

Ghost Arm Jones, your gracious host, endeavours to welcome one and all to this singular celebration of Warhammer, camaraderie and eccentricity.

Event Pack Can Be Found Here

Tickets can be bought via Element Games or Contacting the TO direct through Twitter @ajghostarm

Entrant List So Far (Minus those bought through Element)....

Tony Moore
Duncan Woods
Louis Meadows
Toby Meadows
Mike Wilding
Jack Davenport
Johnny Armstrong
Mike Browning
Umar Ali
Sam Watson
Courtney Brightwell
Joe Purcell
Rob George
Anthony Poole
James B
Bryn Roberts
James Thompson
Matt Sanderford
Mike Stewart
Steve Scribbins
Alex Cawthorne
Christine Coram
Paul Coram
Sir Percival
Jon Green
Mikey Gilson





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