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Call to Glory 2019: Aftermath - Age of Sigmar at Cancon


Events Australia

Event details

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1873911232703385/

Location: pin
Exhibition Park in Canberra, Flemington Rd & Northborne Avenue, Mitchell, Canberra, Australia


Call to Glory is back at Cancon!

6 Rounds of Age of Sigmar over 2 days, Call to Glory is the Southern Hemisphere's largest Age of Sigmar Event.

A selection of scenarios will be used from the 18 matched play scenarios available, tied together with a narrative dealing with the aftermath of Nagash's Necroquake.

This will allow player's of all skill levels and gaming motivations to get something from the event but still maintain the keen level of competitiveness expected from the event.

Players Pack - http://www.heraldsofwar.com/documents/ctg-players-pack-v2-2.pdf

Cap - 200 places

Cost - $65

Registration Opens - Sold Out

Number of Rounds - 6

Your Tournament Organisers - Clint Mallet and Denys Laurie
Assisted by Jemma Shepherd, Mark Warhurst, Sam O'Neill and Ty Mills


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