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Rise To Glory


Events UK

Event details

Rise To Glory

21st May 1 Day event 9.30-5

2,000pts Generals Handbook matched play

16 places

Tournament points

20pts Major victory

13pts Minor Victory

10pts Draw

7pts Minor Loss

0pts Major Loss

5pts painted army (the models must be base coated and washed in the right areas and this is judge’s discretion on what this is) and Based

5pts if you are nominated for best Painted

5 pts for the Best painted army winner

Best painted Army

We will pick up to 6 armies that will be given a nomination and these players will be asked to set their armies up over lunch so each player can vote for the one they deem best painted army.

Best Army Award

This is an award that give us as TOs to be able to reward effort and skill for whatever we deem fit. This can be a really nice army that someone has themed and put together, it could be progression of someone’s hobby we have seen between events.

House Rules


·         The dice rolls for deciding who goes first/second each Battle round cannot be modified in any way


·         All measurements should be made from the models base


·         Models which cannot be attacked or targeted cannot hold or contest objectives.


·         A natural roll of a 6 to hit and/or to wound is always considered a success. For clarity, were a modifier to make it normally impossible to wound, a 6 would always wound but it would not trigger any special ability associated with it (a Bloodletter’s mortal wound on a 6 for instance)


·         Persisting effects/spells with the same name do not stack, but spells with different names but same effects do.


·         All terrain should be rolled for before picking sides

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