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Events happening today

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    03 February 2019 09:45 AM      06:00 PM

    In Preparation for Team Imps Attending Sheffield Slaughter in late February we will be running a warm up AoS event.
    event link

    1 day
    3 games
    2,000 pts 
    using all the latest rules in the faq/general's handbook

    Games Rules coming ASAP

    9.45 Registration
    10.00 Game 1
    12.00 lunch
    12.45 game 2
    14.45 break
    15.00 game 3
    17.00 results

    There will be rewards for the following
    Best General
    2nd place
    3rd Place
    Favourite army
    Favourite adversary

    Tickets £10 going to £15 on monday the 21st of January


    Refunds available up to 48 hours before the event.

    Event details

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