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  1. Starting AoS Death

    yeah, but I think he was referring to the fact that buying the Start Collecting Skeleton Horde + Tormented spirits box gives him only him (the cheapest one of the three) and Cairn Wraith as an option, which means that unless he uses Cairn Wraith as a general or buys a vampire lord or something he doesn't have much room to fit in more skeletons.
  2. Starting with Sylvaneth

    Good to know, thanks!
  3. Starting with Sylvaneth

    Ok, I see. I'm glad they have their uses! I have one more question, regarding Sylvaneth Wildwoods. I've seen they have bases in which you can put up to three trees, my question is, does that make any difference? Like do the empty spots being filled mean something or it's just to put and remove trees to allow for units to be easily moved and removed through them while ingame?
  4. Starting with Sylvaneth

    Thanks for the answers guys! I really like the look on the kurnoth hunters, so I may add them to my mental list. At the same time I also like what the tree revenants allow for with the use of waypipes, deepstriking is always fun haha are they any good?
  5. Starting with Sylvaneth

    Hey guys, I wanted to start collecting an Age of Sigmar army to play with my friends, and after browsing for a while I decided to go for Sylvaneth. My idea was to get the Start Collecting box first, and try to add some units to that to have a 1000 point army. Can you give me some directions on what units to get? And I saw that you can build the Treelord in three different ways, what unit is the best one to build? Thanks for your time!