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  1. Points Allocation for Pink / Blue / Brimstones

    Thanks the for the help all, I will contact the TO for clarification on how it is going to be treated and how to submit my list.
  2. Points Allocation for Pink / Blue / Brimstones

    Thanks for the reply, so I would not need to list the blue horrors in my list, just that I have 100 in reinforcement points.
  3. Hi Everyone, Very new player here who is writing a up a list for a tournament later in the year. I cannot figure out how to cost the horrors, so if someone could clear this up for me it would be really appreciated. I have looked around the forums but have not been able to answer this myself. I would like to take a unit of pinks who when they die will split into blues, maybe brimstones as well. When I allocate points I can't figure out which of the two options is correct. Option 1 Pink Horrors 140 points Blue Horrors 100 points Nothing in reinforcement points as they are not summoned units. Total 240 points. Option 2 Pink Horrors 140 points Blue Horrors 100 points 100 in reinforcement points for the blues when they split from pinks. Total 340 points. Help would be really appreciated don't have anyone to ask currently and I have swapped between the two options above depending on posts I have read.