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  1. Are the Warscroll Battalions good? I'm quite interested in all the Deep striking ones. I play heavy Deep striking Marines in 40k so they're right up my alley.
  2. Thanks for all the help everyone! I'm completely new to Sigmar but have about 12 years of experience in 40k. I should be able to magnetize the stuff that isn't equipped right.
  3. Thanks for the help everyone! So it sounds like everything is worth it except the Prosecutors. What should I be looking to buy afterwards for a strong competitive list?
  4. Hello everyone, I have a friend who's willing to split a starter set with me and was wondering if it's worth it to buy it to start a competitive Stormcast list? If not what is the best way to start the army. I'm also looking for a competitive list to build for tournaments in my area.
  5. As of right now I'm playing a double Skyhammer Annihilation Force in 40k for tournaments. It's a very heavy Deep striking army, with extremely hard hitting potential from the devastator Marines and then the Assault Marines charge out of Deep strike. From the sounds of it, Stormcast is similar to my list. But I also like both Chaos armies I listed. I really enjoy playing it but I also really enjoy my Imperial Guard army.
  6. That's unfortunate, from lore and modelwise Nagash is awesome plus Necromancy is my favorite form of magic. So that's a real downer.
  7. Ah, I see. So that definitely limits Nagash in tournaments but makes him busted in Normal games.
  8. I definitely understand that. That's pretty unfortunate about him though. I figured his double summoning would make him awesome plus a good statline from the looks of it. I'll definitely head to those subforums and see what can be competitive. I appreciate the help! Thanks!
  9. That's unfortunate, I really like Nagash and he seems strong like a Warhound Titan in 40k but then again the Warhound isn't too hard to kill, so I take it Nagash suffers the same problems. Too costly for something that can get blown up on turn 1. What would compose in a competitive list for the other 3 lists? Generally what units make the competitive list is what I'm asking and why? My buddy and I are thinking about getting a starter set and splitting the armies to get us a good start.
  10. Hey all, I'm completely new to Sigmar but my local shop runs tournaments for it and 40k. My main question is based around playing in a competitive meta, not super high end competitive but competitive. My question is what are each of these army's playstyles with a competitive list built strictly for tournaments? The armies that appeal to me the most are Death especially if I can run Nagash, Stormcast, and Khorne and Nurgle Chaos. If it helps any, the armies I play the most in 40k are Space Marines and Imperial Guard/Astra Militarum.
  11. I really appreciate the help! My thoughts on army choices were Stormcast, Death, and Chaos but I really like the Chaos Models more than the other 2. Probably didn't help that I play Chaos alot on Total War: Warhammer lol. Are Chosen good? They're my favorite unit on TW: Warhammer.
  12. Thanks for the replies! It's good to see that all the armies I like can be competitive. I wish I could say the same for 40k lol. It's going to be awhile before I can even consider buying anything and it's probably a good thing considering units could become worse or better with the new Khorne book.
  13. Yea it's definitely going to be awhile before I get to start on a AoS army. I just finished up my 3rd 40k army so I'm going to have to build back up before I can start working on AoS. That's good to hear that Khorne is getting updated soon though.
  14. Hey all, I'm completely new to AoS and am wanting to build a Chaos army in the future. I really like the looks of Khorne Bloodbound, Nurgle Rotbringers, Everchosen, and Slaves of Darkness. My local tournament scene is pretty competitive but not top end tournament competitive. They play 2000 points, is it possible to build a good competitive list out of those choices? I'm also willing to work with Nurgle and Khorne Daemons as well if that helps any.