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  1. Lets Chat Wanderers / Wood Elves compendium

    I think with the new teleport sisters have much more value now. Drop them at the back of enemy lines. You force the enemy to waste a unit to far from an objective. If they don't, the sisters get closer and take down the back. Supporting your eg holding an objective (Like before teleport :p).
  2. Wanderers 1750 list lf advice

    Thnx for all the advice. I definatly got alot out of it. Got a couple of lists to try out, will let you know how they play :).
  3. Wanderers 1750 list lf advice

    I think you are right about the glade guard. The fact that the waywatchers only have 1 wound, a unit could die from a single arcane bolt. As where gladeguard could get d3 slain models back with a spellweaver. New list: glade lord (general) spellweaver shadowdancer waywatcher waywatcher glade lord on forest dragon glade guard x20 glade guard x20 waywatchers x3 eternal guard x16 sisters of the torn x5 The only thing im not sure about is the gl on forest dragon. 2 units of 20 eternal guard (instead of 1 of 16) could hold a point alot better than the dragon and there is still room for another waywatcher hero and 4 more gladeguard to compensate for the dam the dragon could do.
  4. Wanderers 1750 list lf advice

    Its my error.. It should be sisters of the torn . They look to good to pass on. I didn't know there was a glade lord. I use the azyr app to make my lists and it doesn't have a glade lord. Will need to look that up. I used the waywatchers to easy fill the battleline reqs. I assumed they where better value than the gladeguard. You need them atleast with 20 per unit and both waywatchers and gladeguard are ****** melee. So I thought I need to spent more points on units that can keep the enemy at bay while the rest shoots them down
  5. Wanderers 1750 list lf advice

    I think you mistaken some heros though, there is no glade lord on food and the hail of doom ability is from the wayfinder who does not have the reroll 1s command ability. That said I managed to squeez in the sisters of twilight on forest dragon ;). Nomad prince (general) shadowdancer waywatcher x3 sisters of twilight on forest dragon glade guard x20 waywatchers x3 waywatchers x3 waywatchers x3 eternal guard x18 sisters of the watch x5 I removed the spellweaver since most units only have 1 wound. Don't see much value in that and it made some room for the dragon
  6. Wanderers 1750 list lf advice

    Any suggestion on what to switch to fit in the forest dragon?
  7. Wanderers 1750 list lf advice

    Yeah the wildriders probably won't really replace the gladeguard rol. Still some fiddling.. maybe replace one waywatcher with a nomad prince. Make him general, that could help all hit rolls even for shooting.
  8. Wanderers 1750 list lf advice

    Hmm still did some fiddling, since I have 5 battlelines with that list I can remove all the glade guard and replace them with a unit of 10x wildriders and 2 xtra waywatcher heros. Seems to me the waywatcher and waywatchers are the best ranged units availble for wanderers. The wild riders can somewhat replace the glade guard alpha strike with shadowdancer combo. Or to far fetched?
  9. Wanderers 1750 list lf advice

    Taking in some advice I changed my list to this: waywatcher x1 (general) spellweaver x1 shadowdancer x1 gladeguard x20 gladeguard x20 waywatchers x3 waywatchers x3 waywatchers x3 sisters of the torn x5 eternal guard x19 eternal guard x19 wildwood rangers x10 Any thoughts?
  10. Wanderers 1750 list lf advice

    I agree on the sotw. They are over costed. While the glade guard have that nice alpha strike they only avarage at 6,7 dam ranged thats almost half the dam sotw do (if they not move) if you take 20 of them for the +1 to hit and for the same point cost of 240. I plan to block the points with eternal guard so my sotw don't have to move. So in 5 rounds the sotw should do more dam in the long run. Also with the spellweaver, returning d3 models gives you more value casting it on the sotw :). Don't forget the -1 to hit on shooting from waywatcher command ability. Reducing those arrow boyz to 6 dam average ;). -1 spellweaver +1 shadowdancer seems indeed the better choice.
  11. Wanderers 1750 list lf advice

    Hi all, working on a wanderers list mostly because they look so awesome . The list: - Waywatcher (general) - spellweaver - spellweaver - glade guard x20 - sisters of the watch x10 - sisters of the watch x10 - eternal guard x19 (ppm house rule) - eternal guard x19 - sisters of the thorn x5 - wildwood rangers x10 The eternal guard wil plant themself at objectives backed by sisters of the watch to kill everything comming close. Glade guard will be used for alpha strike. Rangers and sisters of the thorn will intercept anything that managed to break through. I think that part looks ok but I'm not sure about the 2 spellweavers. They will spread out and keep the eternal guard in check with mystic shield and returning d3 models. But d3 models with mostly all beeing 1 wound seems a bit of a waste. I was thinking of switching one with a shadowdancer but do I really need that spell with such a heavy ranged list? any suggestions? Maybe nomad prince? Or keep it this way ?