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  1. Hi guys! I'm pitching out ideas for a Sylvaneth army without being too focused on the competitive aspect of the game. So, I threw together this list that uses the Harvestboon Wargrove battalion that consists of the following: Harvestboon Wargrove bonuses: Branchwraiths gets +1 to their casting rolls. Adds +1" to run and charge rolls for Harvestboon units. Access to Tear of Grace, a unique arcane item that gives 1 extra Deepwood lore spell and adds 3" range to all the bearer's spells. Forest Folk battalion bonus (the minimum requirement to unlock this Wargrove + another Branchwraith): A once per game, panic (or tactical) ability to pull out all your Dryads and Branchwraiths and redeploy them on your side of the deployment zone and/or near a Sylvaneth Wyldwood. Free Spirits: The Spirit of Durthu and Hunters in this battalion gets to move towards an enemy unit or a terrain during the Hero Phase, using their Move profile but cannot run. Must end up closer to the target from their starting point (note: you don't need to go the full distance in Movement). Additional bonuses or advantages for fielding this list: Able for some "snappy" deployment; either deploy as a full batallion, as separate battalions, or whichever order you want. Good amount of bodies. Has some reliable magic support from the Branchwraiths. Good amount of mobility between Wyldwood pads, the fast movement of Dryads, the Free Spirits battalion's exclusive bonus movement ability for those units, and Tree Song surfing. General gameplan: Setup more Wyldwoods with Acorn and/or Verdant Blessing during your turn, and buff units with a Mystic Shield and Inspiring Presence to increase their longevity, which most of the time will mean these are applied to your Dryads. You will most likely want to engage with one or two of the Dryad units or just let them take the brunt of the attacks, while the Spirit of Durthu and Scythe Hunters are trailing close behind to threaten or enable them to counter-charge whatever engages your dryads. The one unit of Bow Hunters are for softening up units or pick at available key hero targets and give some ranged threat from the rear lines. Downsides (so far): You are very reliant on the rather squishy Branchwraiths for supporting your units. There's limited ranged threat as this list relies more on tactical movement. Feel free to take this list for a spin, suggest some ideas or variations (one another list I thought on the whim of was fielding a more hordy version so we could spin on that) or impressions on this list. And let's make the Mortal Realms Green again!
  2. Khastarax

    Allegiance abilities

    If your army qualifies for more than one allegiance, you can only choose and use one of them. By default (usually), you already qualify for one of the 4 the Grand Alliances and can use those allegiance rules for each but if the models in your army shares the same keyword ie. "Sylvaneth" you may instead use the Sylvaneth allegiance rules. P.S. Awesome that you are also starting a sylvaneth army as I do! [emoji4] Skickat från min GT-N7100 via Tapatalk
  3. Khastarax

    Free Spirit battalion

    Oh God, why... that's just bonkers!
  4. Khastarax

    Free Spirit battalion

    Glad we could finally settle this issue! Skickat från min GT-N7100 via Tapatalk
  5. Khastarax

    Free Spirit battalion

    I am interpreting the example used in that FAQ as even though you may have an ability during the Hero phase that says "may shoot as if it was the Shooting phase", it would not allow you to make use of "activated" abilities that can be used in the Shooting phase other than using it's missile weapon stat Page 2, "Movement", source: https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/AoS_Errata/warhammer_aos_rules_en.pdf _
  6. Khastarax

    Free Spirit battalion

    Yes, and they also cannot "run" if using this rule. Also, Navigate Realmroots only occurs in the Movement Phase. Both of which were further and more elaborately explained in the new Rules FAQ at GW's site.
  7. Khastarax

    Free Spirit battalion

    To further explain the original point that I did not elaborate on before, you can only make a regular "Movement" with this trait but if you end up moving close enough to a Sylvaneth Wyldwood by the time of the beginning of the Movement phase you would be able to "Root teleport". The rules for "Realmroots" teleport is that it's a specific type of movement that occurs in the MOVEMENT PHASE.
  8. Khastarax

    Free Spirit battalion

    Took me a while to dig it through lol but if I am to try explain it, it is that the Free Spirit ballation special rule to make a movement (that must always end closer to the chosen target when used) during the Hero phase "as if it was the Movement phase" (i.e.: you can't end up closer than 3" from enemy units and other restrictions for Movement phase maneouvers, etc.) will not allow it to "teleport" in the Hero phase.
  9. Khastarax

    Free Spirit battalion

    Update: the recent errata/faq clarified the rules regarding this. Skickat från min GT-N7100 via Tapatalk
  10. Khastarax

    Free Spirit battalion

    If the unit starts the movement phase within 3 " range from a Wyldwood and also able to teleport to a different Wyldwood, then "yes". Skickat från min GT-N7100 via Tapatalk