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  1. Araby? Shifting sands in AoS

    Well based on a discussion I started on what to do for an "araby" army in another thread, I decided to dig out my old project. the direction I would like to go is more on the mystical or 'fantastical' side of things (not that araby wasn't ever that). More of things like djinn, elementals, etc and less historical. Short of using Tzeentch and chaos, I think the best route could be aelves. With this I can utilize the Phoenix as elementals and things like skycutters as magic carpets. i could also add in things like assassins, and blade dancers from what is left of the dark elves. anyways I found some old stuff insculpted and am cleaning it in simple green. if anyone had some suggestions for army composition or things they would like to see let me know.
  2. "Araby" where and what alliances?

    Well I just got the new generals handbook. I must say I was excited, but maybe I was over hyped or it's a lack of understanding that's got me down. The allies points allotment is quite sparse and limited for what I would like to do. How are the big tournaments being set up rule wise? I would imagine they would follow the printed values to curb shenanigans. i am also not understanding the "allies" listed under each section. Order has a lot options, but not everything can be allies unless specifically listed?
  3. "Araby" where and what alliances?

    Thank you everyone for the replies. I am still on the fence with the direction but still fell aelves and free people are the right way to go. My understanding of the game factions and the new alliances is tenuous. Not sure how much from each faction I can take But I would be converting and sculpting everything
  4. "Araby" where and what alliances?

    Thank you all for the quick replies! Lots of good ideas to consider. For a faction that has been mostly historical it's hard to step away from the traditional war elephant etc, which I think is something needs to happen to take it 'away' from real life. In an army like this, all of the fantastical things would be 'count as'. My justification for using Aelves, for the most part, is because they not only have great access to fantastic beasts that could be representatives of things like elementals (without being chaos worshipers), such as the pheonix, and kharibdyss and hydra, hell even dryads. They also have things like eagles and (character on flying boat) that could be used as carpet riders. All this while having strong elite troops and fast attack. Moving away from the more 'classic' army approach to a more fantasy driven force. Again, I just dont know enough of the background to really justify a location or even if an empire like this could exist, or at least without having stormcast present..
  5. Hey everyone! I have always liked the more obscure factions within the old world. With the old world gone, so went the more historical and mysterious factions. I don't know enough about the new setting, but could use some guidance on how I could create an "araby" themed list. to move away from the more historical approach and more more into the mystic. I think an army full of elementals would be something a step away from what is normal in AoS. short of doing an allied force of tzeentch and chaos mortals I think the next best option could be aelves and brets. If someone could give me some guidance as to what realms would be plausible for a reimagined Araby I would appreciate it.