11 March 2017 09:30 AM - 11 March 2017 06:30 PM

Hello, Age of Sigmar players! Athena Games is proud to announce our Titan event for Age of Sigmar.

Each player must bring an army of up to 2000 points, following the rules and restrictions in the Pitched Battle section of the General's Handbook. Only Warscrolls and Warscroll battalions with a Pitched Battle profile may be used in this event.

All models must be fully painted and based. If you have a model which is unfinished then we will politely ask you to remove it from the table.

You can find the approximate schedule for the event below.

8:30am Doors Open
9:25am Welcome and event briefing
9:30am–12:00pm Game 1
12:00pm–1:00pm Lunch and painting judging
1:00pm-3:30pm Game 2
3:30pm-3:45pm Break
3:45pm-6:15pm Game 3
6:30pm Results and awards

A full rules document will become available in November, along with tickets for the event! Start preparing, commanders.

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12 March 2017

Event Title: Alliance
Event Author: Ben
Calendar: Events UK
Event Date: 08/07/2016 12:00 AM

Welcome to the Alliance
This the 2nd Alliance event from The Grand Alliance community.  Last August I ran the 1st event and an awesome time was had with the players coming from all around the country to take part.  
This event will be held on 12th March 2017 at The Grange Banqueting Suites in Derby, UK (this is the the same venue as last time and also the Blood and Glory venue)
Alliance is a 1 day, 3 Game event.
The event is limited to 50 places and you can buy tickets in The Grand alliance store by following the link below.  Tickets will be first come first served and are on sale right now.  
Rules Pack
Download the pack here - Alliance_pack-2017.pdf
The event is held in Derby at the Grange Banqueting Suites.
The Grange Banqueting Site
457 Burton Road
DE23 6XX
Make a weekend of it?
If you fancy coming to the event but think you might have a long way to travel how about driving up on the saturday afternoon and take in the amazing exhibition hall at Warhammer World, have dinner in Bugmans and play a game or 2 of the fabled Warhammer World tables.  
Warhammer World is just 16 miles from the tournament venue.  
Contact Details and Questions
You can send me a direct message on this forum or send an email to bencurry@baddice.co.uk

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12 March 2017 03:15 PM - 12 March 2017 11:00 PM

Format: Singles (1v1) 2000 points per person

Date: March 12th, a Sunday

Time: Please be here no later than 11:15am. Set up at 11:45am. Dice roll no later than 12:00pm.

Entrance Fee: $20.00 per person


Legions Games and Hobbies

1130 Perry Hwy

Pittsburgh, PA 15237

(412) 366-3725    


Please contact me atmikosan18o2@gmail.com to sign up if and only if you can commit to playing on the day of the event.

Rules For Steel City Sigmar Tournament Series Event

Rule Books:

The Warhammer Age of Sigmar rules, the MOST RECENT warscrolls, and all GW FAQs will be in use.


1. Each player must bring a Battlehost army consisting of 2000 points or fewer in accordance with the matched play rules in the Age of Sigmar General’s Handbook.Forge World will be legal for this event. 

NOTE: All measurements to and from models will be done from the base. Both square and round bases are allowed.

2. All models must follow “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG). All weapons, war gear, and so forth must be represented on the model unless otherwise approved (see number 3).  Your models do not need to be painted but they do need to be FULLY assembled.

3. Pictures of conversions or "counts as" models must be emailed to the Tournament Organizer.  There is an expectation that your conversions or "counts as" models are "hobby quality."  No "toys" will be allowed.

4. As we do not have the resources to check army lists before the event we ask that you review your opponent’s army list before the round. We cannot do anything about miscounted or illegal army lists after the fact.


• Competitors will participate in three (3) games over the course of the day. In each game, you will play a scenario and record the outcome of the battle on your results sheet. Each round you will play a different opponent.

• Each round will last 2 hours.  Players may begin playing as soon as they have finished deployment.

• In the first round, players will be matched up randomly. After the first round, players will be matched up according to current rankings in the tournament (based on the number of points they've scored) e.g., the person in first place will play the person in second place and so on. If a person receives a BYE they will be awarded max points.

• You will not play the same person twice

• We will do our best to prevent players from playing on the same table twice.

• The pairings for each round will be posted as soon as they are determined. Please be sure to arrive at your table ready to play right away.

• Slow playing will NOT be tolerated. If you suspect your opponent is slow playing PLEASE notify the tournament organizer as soon as possible as we can not do anything about alleged slow play after the fact.

• Each game will be played on a 4' x 6' board.

• Players will receive Results Sheets at the beginning of each round. Each results sheet must be filled in properly to ensure that match-ups and point totals are correct. Once Results Sheets are completed they are to be turned in to the tournament organizer so the scores can be entered into the computer.


We will be utilizing three of the six missions listed in the matched play section of the Age of Sigmar General’s Handbook. They will be randomly selected before each round. Rounds will be 2 hours long.

What You Need to Bring with You:

-Your (hopefully painted) miniatures

-At least THREE copies of your army list

-Rulebooks and any additional books you need

-Pen and paper

-Dice and templates

-Tape measure

-Something to transport your army from table to table


Best General- Store Credit

Second Best General- Store Credit

Third Best General (pending attendance) – Store Credit

Best Appearance – Every model must be painted and based to qualify – Store Credit

Smokin' Boots - You got crushed... and you deserve an award for your epic failure.

ITC Points- This is an ITC event and scores will be submitted to the ITC database for the AoS ITC rankings. You can visit the ITC page at: https://www.frontlinegaming.org/community/frontline-gamings-independent-tournament-circuit/

SCS Points- Points will be awarded towards the steel city tournament series. See below for details.

Please email mikosan18o2@gmail.comwith any questions.

How the Steel City Sigmar Tournament Series Works:

In an effort to create a more unified community, consistent attendance, a large scale goal for players, and some friendly competition amongst the community we are introducing the AoS Steel City Sigmar Tournament Series. At the end of the year the top players in the community will be rewarded with some handsome rewards.

·         Every player will be awarded points just by attending.

·         The amount of points you can earn vary based on the size of the event

·         Points are awarded based on the number of players in descending order

·         Ex. If there is a 12 person event; the player in first place will earn 12 points while the player in last would earn 1.

·         People who commit to attending an event and are a no-show without notification will be docked points based on the size of attendees.

·         Awards at the end of the year will vary based on success of the system.

·         Ex. If we grow to the point where we run a GT the prizes will be greater vs. 10 months with only 6 person events so get your friends involved!!

·         Awards will be for the same as each individual events:

·         Best General (Most series points)

·         Second Best General (2nd most series points)

·         Third Best General (3rd most series points)

·         Best Appearance (most best appearance wins)

·         Smoking Boots (most smoking boots “wins”)

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18 March 2017

Warchief Warpath II
The Road to South Coast GT 2017   The Warchiefs are proud to present our South Coast GT warm up event. A big thanks for Russ letting us use their pack.    This Age of Sigmar event will be held on Saturday 18th March 2017, at Warchief HQ aka The Hatherley and Reddings Cricket Club - GL51 4XA   The cost of the event will be £15.00 inc lunch.    Spaces are set at 30 player with slight room to increase if needed.    Further details will follow - we are finalising a few things.    Best Rgds   Jonny, Chubby and Baz - Warchief Event Team

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18 March 2017 - 19 March 2017

Equinox 2017 will host the first two-day Age of Sigmar tournament in Auckland. A fun, competitive event featuring great painted armies and tables packed with terrain: https://www.facebook.com/events/692652337564407/

Format: 20 players, 2000pts, General's Handbook, 5 rounds (3/2).

Full tournament pack to be released shortly once the final details have confirmed. But in the meantime save the date

Any questions, please let me know.

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18 March 2017 09:00 AM - 18 March 2017 06:00 PM

This is the opportunity for you all to try out your Fantasy Doubles with a twist using Age of Sigmar with the General’s Handbook rules. Phoenix Gaming Club (a GCN member) will be holding its seventh Doubles Tournament but its first venture into AoS. We hope you will all come and have a great time meeting new people and some old ones! 1000pts each plus a free points Mercenary Gargant (well its the Rumble can't have one without them).
Unfortunately due to the lack of numbers and support for this tournament I have been reluctantly forced to cancel this event. First time I have ever had to say that. Look out for next year as we will sort something out. I thank those who have been supportive and apologise for this decision. Those of you who have paid will be fully reimbursed shortly.
When : Saturday 18th March 2017 please arrive at 9.00 am to register – 1st game 09.30
Where : The Rushden Scouts Hall, Brooke Close behind Orbit Tyres which is on Skinners Lane  Rushden NN10 OXH.
Parking & Directions: The following is a link to a Google Map with the location of the club and the two nearest free car parks marked. Phoenix Gaming Location and Parking - Google Maps
Free Parking is available between Duck Street and John Street Rushden. Please note that as there is only limited parking directly outside the Scout Hall, organisers and volunteers will be using it on the day; please therefore do not park directly outside the Scout Hall.
Cost: £16 for the team (£8.00 each) a slight increase on last year’s price (an increase in Hall Hire fees is the cause). £17 per initial team if paying via Paypal.
Pay Stephen Mawson via Cash or Cheque on club nights.
Cheques are payable to Phoenix Gaming Club.
Or please send to
Rushden Rumble 2016– Phoenix Gaming Club Rushden
C/o Warren Stevens events co-ordinator
28 Allen Road
You can also Paypal your payment to me at warren.s66@virginmedia.com if so then it is £17 per team.
Please do not send cash!
I am currently constructing the Rulespack and Battleplan pack.  Edit note 01/12/2016 - Both packs are completed.
We are trying to keep with the spirit of the Rushden Rumble in its old guise but are introducing AoS (as on last count we had 16 AoS players in the Hall the other club night. You will come as an initial team partnership (no battle brothers allowed - no same armies in a team) and their are no restrictions on which army you team up with (except aforementioned). However in rounds two and three you will be all randomly swapped for more crazy mirth and laughter. This is a fun one day tournament with three games. As before the doubles results are fed into a singles results table. Best surviving Gargant and best painted Gargant also up for prizes. More details later when I post up the packs. 
Rulespack and Battleplan pack up now.  Just let me know names etc via messages and warren.s66@virginmedia.com.
Rushden Rumble 2017 Battleplan pack..pdf
Rushden Rumble 2017 rulespack.pdf

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18 March 2017 10:15 PM - 19 March 2017 07:00 AM

Hi all,
After a successful year of Age of Sigmar at Southern Wargamers in 2016 (Including a gaming league I ran in the first half of the year), we're now coming up to our first organised Matched Play event.
We're kicking things off a bit smaller with 1200 points Matched Play Event (Vanguard Battle rules). To add to the fun, you'll be able to take a special item only gobbos can dream of!
The players pack is available online at the following link.

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19 March 2017 09:30 AM - 19 March 2017 06:30 PM

A one day, 3 game Age of Sigmar tournament of 2000 point pitched battles.   This will be the third AoS tournament at JustPlay. You can read about our first event, The Battle Begins, here   Entry is £12.50 per player advanced purchase or £15 on the day.   We also offer a 50% refund for any driver bringing a full car from another city - just turn up with your three friends and present your fuel receipt to qualify.   Prizes   Every 8 players add £50 store credit to the prize pool.   For the full rules, details on prize support, timings etc check out the rules pack here  
Tickets are on sale now grab them here only 16 places, don't miss out!

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19 March 2017 11:00 AM - 19 March 2017 04:00 PM

Host: Barnsley Models and Games
This tournament is 1,000pts using the generals handbook.
Here's the FB link to the event

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25 March 2017 - 26 March 2017

EVENT PACK - http://traffic.libsyn.com/theblacksun/Tomorrow_Burns.pdf
Afternoon boys and girls!
I am pleased to announce Tomorrow Burns - the first of my two 2 day Warhammer events in 2017. This will be held over the weekend of 25-26th March at the Upwey Memorial Hall in Weymouth.
Tickets are priced at £36 (I really think they should be £38, but should be ok!) and include lunch on both days and a limited edition glass only available at this event. Depending on left over funds, I will also try to pick up some beers etc for entrants...I don't run these events to make money, but to make fun times! My Birthday is March 26th and this seems a great way to spend it! Regardless, it will be BYOB.
There will also be bowling on the Saturday night (additional cost), this was great at New Dawn as it kept a large group of us together and was good fun.
The event itself will be 5 games of General's Handbook Warhammer. You will use a single 2,000 point list across all 5 games which will be submitted on the Saturday morning. Generals, Command Traits and Artefacts can freely be picked before each game. Armies must of course be fully painted and based.
Details on the scoring will follow, but my 10-0 per game system used at Rain of Stars will definitely feature as I feel it was simple and worked well.
Ticket sale info
Tickets go on sale at 8pm on Friday 2nd December. Payment (£36 per player) must be sent via Paypal as a gift to lunatic_Pandora@btinternet.com - please note that anyone sending their money before this time will find their payment returned.
Initially there will be 38 places available, though some of these will be allocated to club members etc. I'm fairly confident I could sell out a larger event but I like my venue and the smaller numbers are good for social.  This is now a 56 player event!!
That said, I believe there is room for more tables without compromising on space, so I will be visiting the venue and looking to increase capacity slightly. Therefore any payments over the 38 places will go on a paid reserves list. Anyone not wanting to wait on this can request a refund at anytime. Anyone still on the paid reserves list at the time of the event will automatically be refunded.
Drop outs from the main entrants list will be refunded up until February 10th 2017, after that time you will forfeit your entry fee. There will be no selling or transferring tickets (due to paid reserve list). Drop outs are a complete pain for TO's!!
I think that's all I needed to share for now, please do not hesitate to ask if I have missed anything out.
Many thanks,
Aaron Bailey vs Donal Taylor Karl Breakspear vs Andy Talbot Paul Buckler vs Kieran Harper Gary Hennessey vs Martin Morrin Rob Ellis vs Russ Veal Adam Petford vs Laurie Huggett-Wilde Mark Mitzman vs Tom Hewitt Matt Lyons vs Richard Ciereszko Wayne Holt vs Ricky Mee Declan Waters vs Tim Fisher Matt Clarke vs Les Martin Sam Davies vs Ben Diesel  
Entrants  1. Steve Phillips 2. James Eveleigh 3. Rich Morley 4. Adam Petford 5. Tom Hewitt 6. Matthew Lyons 7. Jen Lyons 8. Mike Wilson 9. Paul Buckler 10. Tom Hutchings 11. Will Philpott 12. Aaron Bailey 13. Laurie Huggett-Wilde 14. Wayne Holt 15. Gary Hennessey  16. Dominic Hook  17. Ricky Mee 18. Andy Talbot 19. Patrick O'Sullivan 20. Robert Nightingale 21. James Mapson 22. Liam Cook 23. Kieran Harper 24. Jonathon Kyprianidis  25. Karl Breakspear  26. Dave Roberts  27. Patrick Rance  28. James Box 29. Terry Pike 30. Sam Davies 31. James Warth 32. Mark Mitzman 33. Steve Hursell 34. Donal Taylor 35. Rob Ellis 36. Tim Fisher 37. Bryan Hatchett  38. Chris Lewis  39. Elliot O'Neill 40. Jon Warmington 41. Kris Robertson  42. Richard Ciereszko    43. Ben Smith   44. Matthew Arnold   45. Ian Ralph 46. Declan Waters 47. Chris Green 48. Henry Poor 49. Russ Veal   50. Les Martin   51. Matt Clarke 52. Ben Diesel 53. Martin Morrin 54. Carl Smith 55. Craig Namvar 56. Mo Ashraf   Reserves  57. Mike Burgess 58. Dave Fulbrook 59. Tim Bamford

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25 March 2017 - 26 March 2017

Hello all
I would like to invite everyone to Fall of the Old World III: The Wrath of Sigmar
A two day, five game Age of Sigmar Tournament held at Common Ground Games, Stirling
Ticket are £30 and include five games, lunches and prizes.
You can see the full pack here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1QU2n8UUqCZd1g3aTBtY0ZIYm8 

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31 March 2017 10:00 PM - 02 April 2017 07:30 AM

Do you believe yourself worthy of Sigmar's Hammer? Ghal Maraz is 2000 point matched play event coming to you in April at House of War in Melbourne. Please read the attached players pack for details.

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