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About Me

Found 10 results

  1. If a unit of zombies gains models from the newly dead ability and one of these models dies. Can it be returned using deathly invocation or legion innumerable? Also if the unit is brought back with endless legions does it come back with the unit size of what you paid for or the unit size plus the models gained from the newly dead?
  2. So I had always thought that in Matched Play you could take smaller units of Zombies and combine them. On the latest Facehammer, Terry was talking about how you can't do that because you're taking a unit beyond it's starting size? I had always thought about it as taking two separate units and making it one new one. So what's a necromancer to do?
  3. Hey all! Been out of the game since AoS dropped, so I wanted to get some advice for building a thematic and effective Death army. I'm basing it off Luthor Harkon's Zombie Pirates (even if he didn't make it to the new setting). I have a good chunk of assembled and undercoated models on square WFB bases, which I'm starting to swap to rounds: - 2 Vampires on foot - 1 Necromancer - 30 Skeletons - 100-ish Zombies - 1 Corpse Cart - 10 Dire Wolves - 5 Bat Swarms - 6 Fell Bats - 1 Kharibdyss I intended to use the Kharibdyss as a Terrorgheist, representing an "animated hulk" of the depths. I want to add a Forge World Merwyrm as a second animated hulk, perhaps counting as a Zombie Dragon. I also have a few Empire cannons/mortars, which I wanted to use as Screaming Skull Catapults. I recently checked the Legacy Warscrolls, and I'm contemplating using Konrad. On Carstein's rules to represent Luthor Harkon. Any ideas or recommendations? I'm pretty keen to get my mates into AoS finally. Thanks in advance!
  4. Just doing some advanced necro-science theory. I was looking at the best unit to use the Vampire Lord's blood feast and the Necromancer's vanhel's danse macabre. What if they ride nightmare's for 10" move and support a large pack of dire wolves? +1 attack. Zombie keyword for 2 rounds of attacks. 6 attacks each wolf. Would be highly mobile. If they get the charge that's also +1 wound. Thoughts? Maybe there is a far better use for VL and Nec(beard)romancer?
  5. Hey there, Ive been testing an army with Tabletop Simulator for awhile before buying the models. The army was successfull so far, I had three wins out of three matches but they are just pitch battle without any objectives and with the same opponent who plays a melee/witch elf heavy Dark elf army. Some opinions would be great before I buy anything and invest into the army. The list follows as: Nagash, Supreme Lord of the Undead - 900 (General) Count Mannfred - 160 w/ Barbed Nightmare Necromancer - 120 (with an artifact, tried out the mortal wounding one according to the battle turn and it worked pretty well) 40 x Zombies - 240 40 x Zombies - 240 40 x Zombies - 240 1 x Corpse Cart - 80 -------------------------- 1980 So the idea was building a huge zombie wall in front, while dealing a quite good damage in the first turns of combat with all the stacking buffs, which allows Nagash to eliminate targets with huge magic phases. Count Mannfred is there to help zombies in combat or hunt down enemy characters. He also allows Nagash to cast Winds of death as well. Necromancer is there to give Nagash his spell and make one unit of zombies pile in and attack twice. As I said, I do not know how this will work in objective games and against other opponents. Some feedback or ideas would be great! Thanks.
  6. Hi i'm trying to make death army and I need some advice. My list: Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon 440 Wight King with Baleful Tomb Blade (Totem) 120 Necromancer 120 Corpse Cart 80 Blood Knights x 5 260 Morghast Arcai 240 Zombies x 40 (Battleline) 240 Total: 1500 Point Total model: 51 I'm trying to make synergy with Wight King + Necromancer + Corpse Cart + 40 Zombies : Front line And have Vampire Lord on ZD + Blood Knights + Morghast Arcai : Flanks Magic synergy with Morghast + Corpse Cart Should I remove Morghasts and add Dire wolves and make more synergy with my front line and add Grave Guard or Hexwraiths or Black knights for more flanks?
  7. Ashtyn

    Zombies post FAQ

    Hi guys. I know there is a thread about the FAQ already but I specifically wanted to focus on the zombie changes. It appears that zombies can now merge without the cost of reinforcement points. However another statement in the FAQ says that you can't merge battleline units during setup. I'm wondering if this means that zombies can't be merged in the hero phase if the 3 units count as your 'minimum' battleline. What do you guys think the correct interpretation is?
  8. Sactownbri


    Nagash and his shambling hordes. No soule escapes his clutches, famous or notn?.
  9. Daniel

    zombie horde

    mix from Mantic Ghouls, Mantic Zombies and GW zombies. braaaaaains.....
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