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About Me

Found 9 results

  1. Just a quick update from me today, I just wanted to delve deeper into one of the additions to The Plains of Crystal Sands: The Screaming City. This was once a proud and noble city, hosting one of the only purely female stormhosts. However, when the Hooded Priest was awoken (a character I'll talk about later), all its residents were transformed into Nighthaunt spirits via the Curse of Tears, and the resident stormhost, into Banshees. The city gets its name from the periodic screaming and wailing of the banshees, and the animals and societies near the city have learned to fear the time of the Silver Moon, a deathly festival where the Nighthaunt are particularly potent. Thanks for looking!
  2. I've begun to design a map campaign for a gaming group, and decided to include Uzalith, the Ravaged City. While designing the first part of it, I began to think about how absolutely vast the Age of Sigmar setting is: if each realm is the size of a planet, and their are nine of them, the scope is huge. So, I set myself, my gaming group and, potentially. the TGA forum a challenge: to begin to flesh out one of the realms, or, at least, part of one. So here is the PDF, it has Uzalith and the Screaming City, but other than that, its blank. Please post your suggestions here, or on the thread: Thanks for looking! The Plains of.pdn
  3. I’ve been working on some Tzeentch scenery: specifically, the tzaangor equivalent of a herd stone. In the Disciples of Tzeentch battletome, it mentions that Tzaangor warflocks use them to harness the magical energy of the locale, and use it to further the cults position. The obelisks were sculpted, and the three pillars are from a Lord of the Rings set. These aren’t quite finished, I’m going to tidy up the dry brush. Thanks for looking!
  4. So I’m soon to start work on constructing the Herald of the Purple Flame, Xenthos himself. The plan is to convert him out of a Ghorgon, Tree Lord or something like that. I’m leaning towards the Ghorgon, as it’s cheaper, larger and you get loads of spare bits. It also has hooved feet, which works well with Tzeentch iconography. I’m hoping to sculpt weapons, either sculpt or convert a suitable head and chop off the wings from a plastic eagle or vulture and stick them on its back. Will post some progress soon. Thanks for looking!
  5. So I just got Shadespire, and truth be told I think it’s one of the best board games I’ve ever played, certainly the best of those made by Games Workshop. Unfortunatly, it had one large flaw. Khorne. So I set about to change this. With the help of some clippers, spare bits from the Kairic Acolytes set and a fair bit of glue, I kit bashed some Tzeentch Shadespire warriors. So from left to right: Fars’ere the Flame-Ridden: The leader of the warband, Fars’ere was born over a bonfire of dancing brimstone horrors, and it is said that his blood is as hot as the flames he was born in. Satese the Seer: Fars’ere’s second in command, Satese is gifted with the power of prophetship, and can foretell events soon to happen. His mask hides his tortured face, for, in an attempt to stop the periodic visions, Satese blinded himself with a knife he keeps forever at his side. The Chained One: Little is known about this ferocious warrior, but his sinister name depicts an even grimmer past. Sar’cos’re: Raised by the Arcanite Cults, Sar’cos’re is a powerful sorcerer, and is known to eat the tongues of his enemies to learn their darkest secrets. Dra’itras: Known as the Purple Flame, Dra’itras is a pious fanatic, and ritually carves symbols of change into his skin...and the skin of his fallen foes. As soon as I get them painted I will post some more pictures (and hopefully a battle report). Thanks for looking!
  6. So, as you probably know from last post, I'm going to The Wonders of the Algoraxi, a tournament at Warhammer World, in March. Although it is mainly a narrative event, you need three different army lists: 750, 1000 and 2000. Here goes. 750 Leaders Tzaangor Shaman - General, Arch-Sorcerer, Windthief Charm, Glimpse the Future, Bolt of Tzeentch, Shield of Fate, Treason of Tzeentch Units Tzaangors - 10, Pair of Savage Blade: 10 Tzaangors - 10, Pair of Savage Blade: 10 Tzaangor Skyfires - 3 1000 Leaders Tzaangor Shaman - General, Arch-Sorcerer, Glimpse the Future, Bolt of Tzeentch, Shield of Fate, Treason of Tzeentch Curseling, Eye of Tzeentch - Paradoxical Shield, Arcane Suggestion Units Tzaangors - 10, Pair of Savage Blade: 10 Kairic Acolytes - 10, Cursed Blade and Arcanite Shield: 10 Tzaangor Skyfires - 3 Tzaangor Skyfires - 3 2000 Leaders Tzaangor Shaman - General, Arch-Sorcerer, Arcane Suggestion, Bolt of Tzeentch, Shield of Fate, Fold Reality Curseling, Eye of Tzeentch - Paradoxical Shield, Arcane Suggestion Curseling, Eye of Tzeentch - Spiteful Shield, Shield of Fate Gaunt Summoner - Infusion Arcanum, Unchecked Mutation Units Tzaangors - 30, Pair of Savag Blades: 30 Kairic Acolytes - 10, Cursed Blade and Arcanite Shield: 10 Kairic Acolytes - 10, Cursed Blade and Arcanite Shield: 10 Tzaangor Skyfires - 3 Tzaangor Skyfires - 3 Pink Horrors of Tzeentch - Treason of Tzeentch Thanks for looking!
  7. So I'm heading off to a tournament at Warhammer World - The Wonders of the Algoraxi. Here's what the PDF had to say about it: "The shadow of war stretches far across the Flamescar Plateau. This expansive region of the Realm of Fire has been conquered and lost many times since the Age of Myth, and its hidden treasures still draw the eyes of warlords and champions from across the Mortal Realms. Many thousands of years ago, the magocracy known as the Algoraxi Empire dominated vast swathes of territory within the Realm of Fire. Immersed in their studies, the Arch-Domini did not partake in any physical task that would distract them their pursuit of eldritch mastery. Thus the Algoraxi created vast, humanoid automatons to perform tasks of battle and construction for them. They utilized these automatons to assemble and align the immense weapon known as the Prismatikon, a continent-spanning engine of desolation that when properly aligned could focus the light and heat of Aqshy itself into a lance of destructive energy powerful enough to tear the very fabric of reality". What's really interesting is the variety of games. If you're going to it, you bring 750, 1000 and 2000 points armies. You also fight for your grand alliance as a whole, AND its a narrative type game (my favorite). So Xenthos has heard about it, wants not only to use and align the Prismatikon (essentially a giant fire-gun made by super cool fire golems), but also to unlock and discover all the other secrets of the Algoraxi. Naturally, the Flamesar Plateau is full of magical and mystical locales, which are also perfect for building flux-cairns, the herdstones of the tzaangor race. See what I'm getting at? Will post my armu list(s) and the secret obelisk-like scenery project that I've been working on later. Tell me if your going to the event, and thanks for looking!
  8. I was reading through the DoT battletome, and came across this guy: Is it me or is this the ULTIMATE daemon prince? So I incorporated some of his backstory into mine... Essentially the fluff about him is the preamble to the Children of Xenthos. After thousand of years of having El'an'zeth standing guard over Uzalith, t he great library-city was eventually attacked by the Thunder-Wrought, a Stormhost of Azyr. By then, almost all of Uzalith had felt the power and strength of 'The Architect', as Tzeentch is known. After a whole year of brutal guerrilla combat through the pristine streets of Uzalith, the citizens fled to a final stronghold: The Hex Citadel. It was at the gates of this iron fortress that El'an'zeth fought Emmanuel Witchbane, a Lord-Veritant of incredible might and expertise. Every spell flung by El'an'zeth was deflected by Emmanuel, and every stab and slash directed at El'an'zeth was parried with similar skill. After an hour of non-stop combat, El'an'zeth was beaten, and his body was paraded through the streets of Uzalith in celebration. The city was in turn burnt to the ground, and what few citizens survived lived in fear and terror. Yet, from the broken body of El'an'zeth, the change-cycle continued. From the ashes of Uzalith came Xenthos, a daemon sorcerer like no other. Claiming to be a reincarnation of El'an'zeth's spirit, and known to be a prophet of his return, Xenthos brought society and prosperity back to the remains of Uzalith, teaching its people the secrets of wyrdflame and sorcery and taught them the Enlightened Path: the true way of The Architect. Reborn in vengeance and magistry, Uzalith and her people marched to war, seeking the Thunder-Wrought, and, having found them, delivered the worst punishment of all. Death was to good for them; they would simply be reforged in Azyr. No, the punishment for the Thunder-Wrought was simple in its genius. Xenthos, casting a mighty spell, and aided by ninety-nine other wizards, turned the stormhost into the servants of one thing they had sought to destroy. The Thunder-Wrought were forever bound to protect Uzalith, and, exposed to the sheer change-magic that dwelt in the library-city, slowly warped into the first Chaos Stormhost: that of Tzeentch... Thanks again guys, hoped you enjoyed it, and thanks for looking!
  9. First up, a few pictures of one of the leaders of my cabal of sorcerers. This is Sar’cosa, Tzaangor Shaman... See you next time and thanks for... looking!
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