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About Me

Found 11 results

  1. "There comes! A former warlord of the many legions that worshiped Khorne, whose name was cast away from history in shame. A mighty champion, that in his hubris, or maybe in insanity, challenged the great Queen Neferata for combat. Unable to match her, died in shame, all his blood denied to Khorne and given to feed the Queen's blood thirst. To add more punishment for his arrogance, his soul was reshaped and cast back into his own corpse, to serve his killer in unlife for eternity. His memory erased, all former glory forgotten, except for the urge to murder. Now, he roams the land, killing and sending fresh blood to his undying Queen through a Souldrinker Black Axe. However, some heads and skulls are still collected, for no reason he can remember of. There comes the King with no crown, neither kingdom. The Nameless King!" This was a really fun small project. Had the ideia 3 weeks ago for this Wight King, and I felt it had to be put to move. Inspired by the Kreel mini. A few bits, some cutting and sculpting, and on to painting. It was also an exercise to some new painting techniques I'm learning. All C&C welcome Wight king turnaround.mp4
  2. There are some idea that maybe never should see the sunlight... unlucklyly it exists also the moonlight So I started from a miniature of a box that I bought some years ago... here you can see "hot to build it up"... Then you built it up from the scratch... And the n you take a normal Black knight to see if it can be used in a good way... Now I was thinking about creating some armour to cover some parts and maybe using some ethereal flase on other ones... some suggestion to improve it?^^
  3. urion

    Baltazar Khepri

    Presenting Batlazar Khepri, Master of the Order of the Coptic Stag.
  4. What happens with the infernal standard on a multi wound model? For instance Black Knights. A unit of 10 just got hit for 12 wounds, they saved 4 with armour and then 1 more with deathless minions. Now we have 9 wounds left. Considering all the models are within 9" of the Infernal Standard, how would you work this out? Another question is how do you deal with the 9" rule, its for the model and not the unit... do you then make sure to put the wounds on the model within the range? Infernal Standard: Infernal Standards are saturated with death magic, which can sustain the undead. A Wight King with an Infernal Standard has the Totem keyword. Roll a dice each time a Death model from your army is slain within 9" of an Infernal Standard. On a 6, the magic of the Infernal Standard sustains that warrior and the wound that slew him is ignored. In your hero phase, a Wight King can plant his standard; if he does so, you cannot move him until your next hero phase, but until then the Infernal Standard’s influence is extended to 18"
  5. Tom W

    King of Rats

    © tom whitehead

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