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Found 12 results

  1. Join Ryan and Brynley as they review their 2017 with a montage featuring all of you! Our friends and supporters, clubs, casters and content creators! Keep an eye out for one SUPER BIG reveal for 2018 too!
  2. Today, our bro Tom from Warhammer Weekly responds to the call and meets Paul Conti's challenge with a list of his own! What is his army choice? How will it beat his opponents? Can he win? Watch and find out!
  3. This week we are bringing you the latest hot news including all the drops from GAMA, but we are also bringing you the first ever preview of Tyler Mengel's upcoming Unofficial Tomb Kings battletome!
  4. I wrote this about a month ago when the issue compendium first came about and SCGT's initial response to it. They have since changed their stance by allowing compendium warscrolls and the subject seems to have died down a bit. However, the subject has come up again recently in the latest Scruby & Wells' podcast with Vince Venturella and on Warhammer Weekly so I decided to post this and share my opinions on the subject. In the podcast, Vince offers various approaches to treating power issues in the game; some of which are inspired by Magic the Gathering (and all of which are more elegant than mine). I recommend giving both episodes a listen (linked at the bottom). I think the Scruby & Wells podcast brings a unique and interesting perspective to the AoS community. With a game that's still so new and changing, it's good to hear people talk about its current state and what they would like to see. One of the more intriguing aspects of his show that I enjoy is the "why" of Warhammer. With that in mind, I've a few forums and podcasts discuss their opinions about compendium warscrolls and "why" they should be removed. It seems that the main arguments boil down to three components: (1) On the gaming side, having strong compendium armies (e.g. Tomb Kings, Bretonnians, etc...) offsets the balance of the game. (2) Since the models are difficult or expensive to get, they should be removed from the game to be fair to the majority of hobbyists. (3) Compendium armies don't exist in the Mortal Realms and "people should just move on". I thought I would play devil's advocate on this: Removing compendium warscrolls means they won't have points in the upcoming GBH2 so they wouldn't be allowed at Matched Play events which is the desired outcome for some people. To me this seems like overkill because it would also affect the Narrative events that use the points system. Since Narrative events inherently focus more on the hobby and less on serious competition, they shouldn't suffer because of changes made to Matched Play. Therefore, by removing compendium warscrolls from the game, Games Workshop would effectively be taking a step back from their original position when Age of Sigmar first came out. So instead of Games Workshop making a decision which would have larger negative consequences than intended, I propose a few other ideas on how the compendium warscroll issue could be addressed and some of their positive side effects. First and foremost, by keeping compendium warscrolls in the General's Handbook, Games Workshop would be taking measures to preserve the state of Narrative and Open play which are the "new kids on the block". They took a big risk in the beginning by releasing Age of Sigmar with no point system and it would be a shame to see one style of play begin to negatively impact the others after only 18 months of the game being released. (1) Keeping compendium warscrolls pointed would increase the number of armies available to play. Again, some people say that this offsets the balance of the game but I would disagree. Since Age of Sigmar has been released, I've heard many podcasts talk about what armies are the currently dominating their local club or scene and it seemed to coincide with the latest release. First it was death with "Nagash and Friends", then Stormcast, then Seraphon, Archaon and Everchosen, Stormcast again (when Extremis released), Ironjawz, Flesh Eater Courts, Sylvaneth, Bonesplitterz and Beastclaw Raiders, then Stormcast again (Warrior Brotherhood). Then, all of a sudden, we hit a break 40k releases and the holidays. It was around this time that we started hearing the "compendium talk" (about Tomb Kings mostly). So to me, it seems that the balance of the game itself was offset with (almost) every new army release. (2) The fact that the armies are rare should only encourage the hobby side by way of alternate models or conversions (i.e. imagination). This would actually promote more creativity in the construction of the army, since the standard options are not available. Since AoS is my first time playing Warhammer (and the hobby in general), I have been wanting to build a Bretonnian army since I didn't get to. I've been coming up with ideas for some (what I think are cool) conversions but, if they are deemed illegal when the GHB2 comes around, I may not continue to work on them because they might not ever see the table. Yes, I know that I can still play them with friends in Open or Narrative play but, like other people, we use points to make sure we are playing on a similar level. (3) Since the Mortal Realms have not been fully explored, who's to say that certain compendium armies don't exist there? If I were to apply some logic here: In the End Times the entire world and everyone in it got sucked through the warp. We already know from the fluff that some of them made it through intact (more or less). Take Archaon for example. Not only does he seem to be the same but he has the Eye of Sheerian again (it was broken before he got sucked through the warp). So if the Mortal Realms haven't been fully explored, and we know some people or groups (skaven) made it through in one piece, it stands to reason that other people or groups might have as well. That's perfect for anyone wanting to create a brand new army or include an old one. And I know Tyler Mengel already has for the Tomb Kings. Now, let's assume that Games Workshop does not remove compendium armies and there actually is an issue with game balance due to the power of the army. I would suggest that final say should be up to the tournament organizers (T.O.s) as it is now. The SCGT has stated that compendium will not be allowed in their tournament which is their right to do. However, I don't think that abolishing all compendium warscrolls is the solution for the reasons stated in (1) above. Instead, I would like to see the T.O.s take a more creative approach. Maybe they could include compendium under certain conditions or standards. For example, an event could say compendium is allowed only if it is fully painted, round bases and WYSIWYG. I know that some of the highly competitive gamers build finely tuned lists with minimum standard paint jobs or just gray plastic models or proxies. These conditions would ensure that the people bringing compendium armies are more likely to be playing them because they love the army itself, not just its power. Also, the T.O.s could require a backstory explaining why/how the army exists in the Mortal Realms. This would make use of the openness of the Mortal Realms (3) and require some creative thinking on the player’s part. The T.O.s could also allow compendium but say they were eligible for best Overall, Sports, Painted but not best Faction. This would again ensure they are there to enjoy the game with others and not there just to win. These conditions are something that I would honestly be ok with if I were to ever finish my Bretonnians and take them to a tournament. In closing, these are some of my opinions as to "why compendium". Apologies for being long winded, but this topic seemed to strike a chord with me. I would love to hear your feedback and see where you stand on the subject. Cheers, Jacob B Scruby & Wells EP14 - https://player.fm/series/scruby-wells-1258638/ep-14-age-of-sigmars-long-term-health Warhammer Weekly 02082017 - https://youtu.be/enGcZlhKtfs?list=PLcdsbwBroEmBGkTuXU79xqvTNctCiYAGW
  5. This week, we are joined by Doom and Darkness and we are talking all things Ironjawz. We are taking a deep dive into the most brutal of the green tide. So come join us for another week of News, Rumors and all things Warhammering.
  6. For those that missed it, here was last week's year-end mega episode where we hosted a roundtable discussion of the most recent FAQ released. So come join us for a panel discussion of the Age of Sigmar FAQ that Games Workshop dropped before the holiday break. We talk through the changes and figure out what is good and bad - and what is still leaving us with questions.
  7. Join us for another week of news, rumors and all things warhammering! This week we are joined by Dan Heelan of HeelanHammer and we are doing our 2016 year in review. We are looking at the highs and lows and discussing what we hope to see for 2017!
  8. This week Vince and I are joined by @stevewren and we are talking all things Papa Nurgle. The great grandfather is bringing gifts, but do we want them? You also get a glimpse of some new Nurgle-ly conversions I'm currently working on. Come check it out!
  9. Join us this week with our guests Brad and Andrea Schwandt, better known as Rhellion and LuckySixes, as these two titans of the twitterers talk with us about starting a new force for Age of Sigmar. As Christmas is just around the corner - many of you might be asking for little plastic dollies under the tree and we are going to give our thoughts for the best deals and best armies for Santa to bring.
  10. This week we have pro Fyreslayer player (83 games!) Kenny Lull on the show to talk about his (and our own) experiences at Holy Havok this past weekend. Come check out the show and join us for another evening talking all things Warhammer.
  11. Join Vince and I for another week of news, rumors and all things warhammer-y. This week after covering current news and rumors, we talk about the forgotten and (mostly) long dead Special Characters of the old world hidden away in the compendium section of the General's handbook. These characters are often wild cards, but are they worth resurrecting or should they be left to the ash bin of history? Check out our picks for the best and worst of the remnants and make sure to sound off your picks in the comments below the video. Check the video out here.
  12. In my last post I talked briefly about the Budget of Sigmar 2 challenge that is being run by @Vincent Venturella from Warhammer Weekly. I have completed my month 1 submission now and I am also starting to flesh out the rest of the projects to make up the army. You can see the layout of the challenge here: I have broken it down into the models that I have and that I can easily convert, as the key point of the challenge is to get some level of conversion into every single model. To achieve this I have decided that I want to use a mix of Nurgle demons and Mortal units. The models I have chosen so far are: LeadersMonth 4: Rotbringers Sorcerer (100)Month 2: Lord of Plagues (100)UnitsMonth 1: Chaos Warriors x 10 (180)- Halberd & Shield - COMPLETEDMonth 2: Beasts Of Nurgle x 3 (180) Month 3: Putrid Blightkings x 5 (180) Month 4: Chaos Marauders x 10 (60)Month 5: Chaos Marauders x 10 (60) Month 6: ??BehemothsMonth 3: Soul Grinder (280)War Machines I still need to make a decision on my final month unit and also a war machine/behemoth for month 5. I'd quite like to do something from the Monstrous Arcanum, but I don't know anything about what is available yet. For my month 1 submission I went with something simple - a unit of 10 Chaos Warriors. I want to make the units be a little savage and barbaric, so to show this I have used the Bonespitterz shields and halberds for the weapons. I think this is a nice easy theme to run throughout the rest of the army. For the marauders I will use the rest of the hand weapons along with plague bearer heads. These should go nicely onto the existing Marauders that I have got. I have made a good start with a number of the other months submissions as well. I think I need to work in this way as otherwise I will not get it done. For example the Soul Grinder is a model I have had lying around for ages in bits that has not been finished. I have also got 6 plague drones which I have used to make the blight kings and the Beasts of Nurgle. I am quite excited about how the army will look and also how it will make a good dent into my unpainted pile of chaos stuff. I also like the enforced time line. It means I can work on other models and armies at the same time as the hobby challenge is progressing,
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