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About Me

Found 2 results

  1. Hello all first post here but I wanted to share my progress as I do a conversion project about my vampire coast free peoples army. thoughts are welcome
  2. Hi all, One of my favourite things about Age of Sigmar is how GW have taken everything that made the Old World great, expanded it great and went wild! Just looking at some of the more reimagined concepts that have come out of the Design Studio over the last two years (Ironjaws, Fyreslayers, Sylvaneth, Kharadron Overlords etc.) - I find it fascinating how they've taken some of the more classic niche concepts and and gone to town with them! Looking back through years and editions past, around the 6th edition of Warhammer, there were a number of more "experimental" army lists that were exciting thematic twists on the long-standing factions. My absolute favourite had to be the Zombie Pirates of the Vampire Coast - published as part of the Lustria campaign. You remember them, right? Zombie Pirates were a concept I dabbled with a good number of years back (2010 or so?) for (classic) Warhammer Quest - even made some test models which have long since been lost to time. With Age of Sigmar however and the flexibility it brings with both model-count, story, background and modelling opportunities - what better time to give them a good shake up! Rather than jump straight into buying various bitz and gluing them together, it would be remiss of me not to put some real thought into it first. Since their maniacal founder and master Luthor Harkon was long since vanquished in the End Times, and the Vampire Coast of Lustria was also destroyed alongside the rest of the Old World - we're going to have to do some serious thinking about Zombie Pirates and how they would actually fit into the Mortal Realms. "Across the Mortal Realms, the dead do not rest easy. The vast majority of the countless deceased are claimed and brought back to unholy life by the whims of Nagash, the Lord of the Dead. There are other long-lost souls that remain forgotten however, buried deep in the ink-black darkness of the countless oceans that separate the vast continents that make up each of the eight Realms. Untouched only for the decaying clamour of the sea-salt and the brine, these gaunt former-shells of those lost or killed off-land lay still, waiting for something to stir them from their watery graves… Whilst many a learned scholar will tell you that the Realms of Shyish are where all forms of undeath permeate from, there are those less-noticeable winds from those haunted netherworlds that carry the unholy scent of reanimation elsewhere. Where these macabre winds of death go, they bring back those who feel its’ cold, clammy embrace. Thus so, when such unnatural gusts cross over the vast sunken depths of the Mortal Realms, there are always some of those lost and forgotten ready to answer the call of undeath. Those who drag themselves from the briny abyss are known collectively as “Drownwalkers”. They come in many forms and with many names, and from just as many long-lost lives and backgrounds. Many were mere Mortals, toiling away on their primitive ships of timber-wood and iron, often victims or perpetrators of piracy and sea-crimes. Others used to be Aelves, especially the notorious corsairs and reavers of the Scourge Privateers. Not even their inhuman agility and malicious blade-skill can outmatch an unseen knife in the back or a musket-ball to the skull. Indeed, many of those who eventually return as Drownwalkers are those who were victims of war – killed in eternal battle or by cold, calculated naval execution. Their now-lifeless bodies cast over-deck to an ignominious and supposedly-permanent rest submerged under the cold stillness of the watery depths." That's the initial piece of background that I've come up with. These aren't Zombies that are raised and manipulated by calculating Deathmages. These are more unnatural anomalies, dragging themselves from their sunken graves wherever the magical touch of death goes. I'm also going to start adding in more how these differ from standard Zombies (Deathwalkers) as these ones are more autonomous in their ways - acting upon their callous and vicious instincts of their former cut-throat lives as pirates and reavers. Once a pirate, always a pirate - alive or undead! - - - This is where you, the lovely TGA community come in! I need ideas, discussion, critiques, concepts, inspiration etc. I'd really love to hear all your thoughts. I can't be the only Zombie Pirate fan around here?
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