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About Me

Found 13 results

  1. Hi! I was wondering. Can Tzaangor Brayhorns and/or Icon Bearers use Savage Greatbade or Paired Savage Blades? Or are they restricted to just one Savage Blades since they are carrying other stuff?
  2. So I'm having a bit of trouble with some Tzaangors (like in the title). I'm painting a Tzeentch army for a friend and I'm chugging along nicely. I've painted polychromatic horrors by the dozen (literally), a vortex beast, acolytes aplenty, and even a shaman on a disk and a couple of Gaunt Summoners. I've also painted the Tzaangors from the Silver Tower box and I've run into a problem. I hate painting Tzaangors. Nothing else in the army is such an utter shooting pain followed by numbness in the left arm to paint. I can't stand them. All the little swirly, wavy designs on their armor and weapons...oh my god... It makes me want to find nearest living thing and kill it. I've been saving them til last just because I really don't know how to paint them well without literally painting one model at a time. Truthfully they remind of painting Astra Militarum Scions and I hated every one of those too. Told myself I'd never go back...:'( Does anyone have tips on quickly painting Tzaangors? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated! Here's a couple pics of one the Silver Tower ones I've painted.
  3. endtransmission

    Tzaangor prototype

    Tzaangor prototype; follower of the King in Yellow
  4. I’ve bitten off a way bigger project than I can chew and am working on a large force of Tzeentch models, between Slaves to Darkness, Daemons and Arcanites. While I work on assembly (which takes me forever thanks to being a perfectionist with mold lines, gaps, subassemblies and separate basing on some models), I’m practicing my paint schemes with some models off of eBay. So far that’s meant this Kairic Acolyte- I’d love C&C from anyone working on a similar army, or in general, as I puzzle outhoe to replicate the GW studio scheme (which coincidentally fits my favorite fluff from the Battletome, the mutation-obsessed Cult of the Transient Form). People on the AoS subreddit night have already seen this; I have a short list of problem areas I know how to do differently and some things I’m still working on: 1. The cloth: I need to do a recess shade after the initial layer of Celestra Grey instead of layering up to Ulthuan Grey and thinking I can clean up an all-over wash. 2. The skin: this is Rakarth Flesh, all-over Reikland Fleshshade, Flayed One Flesh layer. For the next one, I think I’ll get better, less stark results by layering up to Flayed One first, washing with thinned Reikland and then layering Flayed One again and Pallid Wych Flesh for highlights, but I’m totally open to feedback and suggestions. For full units (and at least one of my three remaining eBay practice models) i want to mix in darker skin tones as well. 3. The gold. It’s too bright on the mask; the shield is shaded but not layered yet. I start with Retributor Armor and Reikland Fleshshade (washed at the same time as the skin) but a layer of Liberator Gold is too bright and silvery. I’m going to try a layer of Auric Armor Gold, leaving Liberator for highlights and Stormhost Silver for fine points, though I’m a little worried that might look too much like the Stormcast color scheme... 4. The visible mutations, in this case the mask and feet. I’m a little annoyed that the multipart Acolytes don’t have bird feet and from what I can tell the masks don’t seem melded into their faces like on this guy but rather just seated on top, with flesh visible around the eyes on some, but I’ll figure out how I want to make it work. This is just a wash of Carroburg Crimson, which left some unfortunate tide marks and uneven finish on the applied areas. 5. Finally, and his is just personal preference, the gems. I’m not really sold on the gemstone paints, and this model (and the Tzeentch range!) has enough uneven shapes, like the “eyes” on the belt and dagger hilt, to make the gem paints physically difficult to apply. And the metallic finish makes it that much more difficult to paint a pupil on the “eye” gems and have it be legible. I’m going to try the old school approach on future models and see where that gets me.
  5. Gaxz

    Tzaangor Horror Combo

    Hey guys, Wanted your opinion on this list, I found this out myself before I ‘googled’ it (other search engines are available) and found other had thought of the idea and people have dismissed it as ‘not as intended’. Ill be completely honest I’m 60/40 on it tbh. I can see both side and I’d love some constructive discussion, no hostility or what not. So here goes:- the combo is Tzaangor Icon Bearer - For every WIZARD friend or foe within 9” you have that many dice and on a 4+ a mortal wound is dealt to a unit within 18”. On its own quite poor, however mix it with. Pink Horrors - Key word WIZARD. Therefore a large unit of 40, all within 9” (not sure if it’s possible but I think it is), 40 dice, 4+’s, that many mortal wounds to a single unit. Mix them and suddenly it quite powerful. I believe that this is more models in range too, so if only half your massive pink horror unit is within 9” then only 20 dice would be rolled you can’t daisy chain or whatever from how I’m reading it, it mentions nothing about unit just for ever Wizard. The arguement comes when you say that no matter how many in the unit it can only cast 1 spell, however if there is only 1 left it’s still 1 spell, and is specifically states only 1 spell. However I do catch their drift. Last thing (promise):- with the armies I’m seein at the sharpe end of the spectrum, I feel have as much if not more ‘gimmicks’ than this and as I’m sure all of you whom have read this far, when you build a list you also see what could be your ‘Achilles heel’ and cause you issues and I’ve found a few. With the whole ‘As intended’ argument, the Battle Brew, unit champ as general, to name a few, was clearly not as intended however it was continued until the new generals handbook when it was changed. Thanks for reading this far and please leave a message/reply and please if there is FAQ or a different thread please link it. Much appreciated Gaz
  6. I'm working my way toward a Tzeentch army, and while I'm starting a Fatesworn Warband (it's hard to turn down Start Collecting savings), I want to fill out some of my slots with Kairic Acolytes and eventually have enough Acolytes and Tzaangor for a more Arcanite-Heavy force centered on the Cult of the Transient Form. Yes, I know the Battalion is hot garbage in a competitive context; I just like the theme since it emphasizes my favorite aspect of Tzeentch, and I want to let that guide my army building and painting and maybe do some narrative play with it as well. My question is this- looking at the MPPK Kairic Acolytes, they all seem like they have normal human feet, with none of the bird talons the Acolytes in Silver Tower had. Is that correct? Second, has anyone tried swapping the Discs used by Tzaangor Shaman and Skyfires/Enlightened? And if so, are they a relatively close fit, or are we talking about nonsense like feet molded into the surface of the Disc or other details that would be difficult to work with? I want to run more than one, and if this is feasible (I'm not exactly handy with the knife or saw) it's the easiest way to add some variety.
  7. It has been far far too long since I updated here. There have been some excellent releases recently that have reignited interest in painting. The main theory was that the two Warhammer Quest boxes provide a fairly varied starter set for a small Arcanite force and shouldn't need too much adding to bulk it out a bit more. Anyone that has had the misfortune of reading my threads over on Dakka know that I have lots of ideas and only occasionally get around to fulfilling them all as I'm very easily distracted... so hopefully you can keep me on track with some semi regular posts. I've been experimenting with colours for the Arcanites and the theme appears to have evolved into a combined Chaos force (Tzeentch/Khorne) under the command of a demon known only as the King in Yellow. No-one (least of all me) is quite sure how he has persuaded these two groups to join forces. I have plans for the King, but won't go into them here and now as they need a bit more fleshing out. The prototype Arcanite is this Tzaangor: For the Khorne forces, I've started putting paint to the Gorechosen figures. The yellow of these is actually what started the whole King in Yellow theme. I know there are a couple of other yellow Bloodbound forces on here and really liked the very different take on Khorne, so thought I'd give it a try on one Once he was complete, I needed to find some way to tie him into any other Chaos forces that I did. The Khornate forces are now amore orangey yellow, grey skin tones, black and steel; Tzeentch is a more lemonn-y yellow, purple/blue/turquoise and silver. With those rules now set, I attacked the next most common Slaughterpriest to see if it still flowed through. So, do you think it works?
  8. Next up for the Tzeentch faction are the Tzaangor. I love the idea of these variant beastmen (it would be great to get some plastic kit Khornegor, Pestigor and ... Slaaneshgor?) and these particular ones are my favourite Tzeentch models. I went for the 'standard' colours of The Cult of The Transient Form - there's lots of colour options, but I think gold+turquoise is pretty Tzeentch. The Silver Tower Tzaangors come in two identical sets of three, but it didn't seem right for anything of Tzeentch to look the same, to I took out my clippers for the next set. These are fairly tricky kits to convert - you get some odd pieces during assembly, so it's more involved that just switching around the arms or heads. But I think I did a decent enough job. So that was the Silver Tower set done, but to play them in Age of Sigmar, I needed a minimum of 10, not to mention some command options. To keep them matched to the others, I got four more Silver Tower Tzaangor and converted them into Brayhorn, Icon Bearer, Mutant and Twistbray. So that's the full ten, and they are awash with details. The armor, skin, feathers, claws, beaks, icons, weapons - most of the character models I've painted didn't require as much work as each individual Tzaangor. That said, I really like the way they've come out, they were a lot of fun to paint (and if they took longer, I guess the fun was stretched out, so why am I complaining?). They're pretty effective on the battlefield too - the poor Besitgor have been replaced as the elite beastman unit. More Arcanites to follow!
  9. Yesterday I started to assemble my box set of Tzaangors. This 10 model kit is really something. Every part is interchangeable. It is fairly easy to build your great weapon builds, your mutants, your twistbrays with great weapons. Different heads, tentacles, arm poses all come together. If you read my earlier blog entries you will see what a mixed unit weapons wise this unit will be and mine unit will be 30. Can't wait to put them all together! This unit is going to be sick!
  10. It's been a while since I revisited this army, but the release of the Tzeentch battletome has inspired me into adding more units. I liked the mention in the fluff that Tzaangor will brand chaos monsters like Cockatrice and Jabberslythe with their own marks (shame you can't do that in the game) So to get me started: a Tzeentch Magister with his head swapped for a Tzaangor (the severed head that comes with the Darkoath Chieftain) The hunched posture and the claw-feet work well with the new head (even if he does look a bit like a weedy Tzaangor or a dismounted Shaman). But it adds a bit more magic to the warband! All change!
  11. So I have been giving a lot of thought to the guts of my Disciples of Tzeentch army. I am going to start by using Tzaangors for this. Unit of 30- 540 points. Tzaangor Shaman-120 points. 1- Twistbray with Shield Thinking about giving him a great blade. 1- Icon bearer 1- Brayhorn with Shield 6- Muntants paired savage blades. 12- Great blades 9- Savage blade/ Arcanite shield. Would you change anything on this make up?
  12. Hi guys, built the list I'm planning to bring to a tournament in may. I've got quite a few Slaves to Darkness models but after trying to fit all my new stuff in along with those old models I realized there wasn't much StD left... so in the end it became an Arcanite/Daemon list. With SEVEN wizards (including the Pink Horrors) I'm going to be slinging spells left and right and fuelling some mortal wound output from the Tzaangor. The Skyfires and Shaman will hang back and shoot key units while the Pink Horrors and Tzaangor advance up front, taking objectives and being in the way, and the Enlightened and quite fighty Lord of Change deliver the follow-up punch to take stuff out. While all this is going on my wizards are lighting up the battlefield like it's Mardi Gras. What do you guys think? Anything you would change? Too few bodies and too fragile? Leaders Lord Of Change (300) - General - Trait: Incorporeal Form - Tzeentch Daemon Hero - Artefact: Phantasmal Weapons Ogroid Thaumaturge (160) Tzaangor Shaman (120) Chaos Sorcerer Lord (140) - Runestaff Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch (120) Battleline 10 x Pink Horrors Of Tzeentch (140) 10 x Pink Horrors Of Tzeentch (140) 20 x Tzaangors (360) Units 3 x Tzaangor Skyfires (160) 3 x Tzaangor Skyfires (160) 3 x Tzaangor Enlightened (160) Battalions Tzaangor Coven (40) Total: 2000/2000
  13. Looking at the warscroll it looks like tzaangor can have mixed weapons, i.e. Savage blade with shield or paired savage blade. Does anybody know how this will work? As it reads, as long as you have one gor with a shield you get the 6+ save for the unit. I sincerely hope this isn't the case and someone can point to how this should work, otherwise people will have just one guy in a unit sitting at the back with a shield. Cheers!
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