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About Me

Found 5 results

  1. Hey Everyone, I recently bought a large Sylvaneth army. The kurnoth hunters are one of my favorite units in all of AOS, and they turn out to be really strong in game. So I was wondering how many units would be too many, or too 'cheesy' I will be buying a sylvaneth battleforce for a great deal, and will be getting three more units, for a total of 6. I have 3 units built, two with bows, and one with scythes. How many units in one list is too many? For a mid tier game especially.
  2. I have four of them and for right now, I stack the bases into the bottom of a plastic tub, then I stack the trees on top of them, and each other, until said tub is full of a giant, tangled mess. Then when I go to play again, I invariably break something pulling it out of the tub as I play "Barrel O' Monkeys" with forest parts. Do you have any ideas for transporting your trees? What do you do?
  3. Hi, I found similar question here: but i can`t see any final answer. I understand that tree models on citadel forests (parts of Sylvaneth Wyldwood) are removable for better access for models inside the wood but they still are "roadblock" for big monster on big bases (like bloodthirters, stonehorns and others even Treeman or Alarielle (huh?!)) If they can`t fit beetwen trees or sockets they just can`t move into forest or charge through the forest is there any clear rule, description or clarification of this situation or it is just agreement between players before game (or TO house rule)?
  4. After Blood and Glory last weekend I came home pumped up for some new and exciting Hobby challenges. The first thing I decided to do was create my very own Oak of Ages to be the centrepiece of a new set of Sylvaneth terrain. I've purchased a Grassy Plains 2 FAT mat and I realised I didn't have any 'green' terrain to go with it. So I started raiding the terrain bin.... A while ago I'd bought a big piece of Aquarium terrain to make a realm gate with, and I knew that my son had collected some twigs and sticks recently that were drying on the porch outside the house. With these as a basis I started gluing things together. I had an old 6" base from my free wood elf wood from 8th edition which was the perfect size for a base so I mitre bonded the tree stump down. I then Dremmelled some bits off half a realm gate to make it roughly fit the gap that was in the wooden piece. I added some random playbark to hide some of the gaps and then started applying cheap air dry clay to add texture. To make it look like bark I used a piece of playbark to texture it and push it into the gaps. This was much faster than using a sculpting tool. When the clay was dry I went over it all with watered down PVA as the clay doesn't always stick as well as you would like. The next job was to stick on some big sticks to the stump to start making the canopy. I just mitre bonded them in place, trying to find places that had gaps and grooves tap they fitted in to. Once these dried I used a pack of Woodland scenics tree armatures to make all the smaller branches. I just went round the tree drilling small holes in and pushing in the tree armatures. Once dry these need twisting and shaping. Even after this they don't look too realistic at this point, but hopefully foliage will help cover this up... I then attacked the whole thing with spray cans. I just sprayed it in bursts with all sorts of browns, greys and whites and then dry brushed areas. I'm going to come back to add more detail later so I wasn't too worried about how this all looked. I just wanted it all blended together and all the air clay covered up. The only thing I tried to do was make sure that the realm gate part was lighter than the rest of the tree. All of my Sylvaneth have a lot of foliage and plants on them, so this was always going to be a very green, summery looking tree. I couldn't use my usual stuff though (Woodland Scenics fine foliage) as it is £17.00 a pack, and I'd need quite a bit for the tree, making it prohibitively expensive. Instead I ordered some wire wool. To start with I piled it on, but after some Twitter feed back from @Bishmeister and @Painted by G I teased it all out a lot more so that I ended up with a much more natural look. I then used an entire can go green spray paint to undercoat the wire wool. Before feedback: After Feedback: When that was dry I went out into the garage, got a big mixing bowl and started making a bowl of tree flock, pretty much exhausting my clump foliage stocks! I used quite big clumps and a variety of sizes and textures. I then went round the tree a bit at a time covering it with spray glue and tipping the clump foliage on. Once the whole tree was covered I gave it a good shake, turned it upside down and went over any patches that I had missed. Once I was happy I then sprinkled over some fine turf mix as well to even up the coverage and fill in any small gaps. Once this dried a bit I mixed water and PVA together and poured it into a spray bottle and generously coated the whole tree. This should make it fairly durable. I'll also add some matt varnish as well as I want to eliminate any shine from any PVA glue that has ended up on the tree itself.
  5. A quick method of making amazing looking deciduous trees for you wargames. what you will need: 1.Woodland Scenics tree armatures (without foliage), any size or tree type is fine. 2. Sydeco tropical moss (plastic aquarium plant) comes in green or red. 3. Plasticard/expanded pvc, static grass, tufts, leaf litter for base 4. Hobby knife, superglue, paints, brushes (optional). 1. Armature These armatures require manipulation to achieve a realistic tree shape. Before this I removed the base and cleaned off the mould lines (this is optional and can be tedious and time consuming but I cannot stand mould lines). Once cleaned the trunk can be twisted and the braches repositioned. Wrap the bottom of the trunk in tissue paper (to protect the model) then grip with pliers and twist. I then painted the armature (this is also optional). 2. Foliage The next stage is to add the foliage. I used Sydeco tropical moss aquarium plant. You can buy this from the above website or Pets at Home (in UK) for approx. £4-6, pets at home have offers all the time. I use mostly the green but have also used the red. You will need to pull it off its armature and separate the 'branches'. You don't need to paint it although I did to make it more realistic, I also wanted an autumn silver birch colour. To paint them I put the branches on cocktail sticks (you will need to drill some as you will need the hole all the way through. I brushed on citadel paints although spraying would probably be easier. I used 4 different shades of yellow painting one colour on one 'branch' in four different batches then I mixed up the colours when applying them to the armature. The foliage simply slides onto the armature and I used superglue to secure the foliage in place. 3. Basing Simply cut a base to size (my bases were the same width as the tree branches) glue the tree and then add whatever foliage to match your wargames table. Autumnal Silver Birch Trees (before being based) With scenic base, leaf litter, static grass and tufts These trees are incredibly durable. If you skip the mould line cleaning and painting they are quick to make but look less realistic. Good luck and happy model making. I will be posting more terrain tutorials if there is the interest. comments and feedback welcome. cheers Bishmeister
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