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About Me

Found 2 results

  1. Hello! Our local community of players at Kirton Games are starting a tale of... project! Coming about after a recent crack at some narrative play, we were all inspired to start something new and work towards getting it painted. We'd love to invite you to join us as we get underway - we tend to play games on Sunday Nights at Kirton Games in Crediton and on Wednesday nights at the Rygas club in Exeter in the UK. We're all starting new armies, working around a box like a Start Collecting or Grand Army set with the aim of getting the army painted and some games of narrative AoS played. We've all been quite fixed on matched play for a while now so it's nice to leave that world behind for a bit and get underway with something new! I'll hand on over to the players now and will ask them to introduce themselves and their plans and I'll try and create an index back at this first post as we go! The Players: Tim (Theslowcentury): The City of Hammerhal Fred (fredster4050): Kharadron Overlords Ollie (MidgardMarauder93) Legions of Nagash Scott (CyderPirate) Marauders of Chaos Reuben - Kharadron Overlords Padds (ageofpaddsmar) - Daughters of Khaine Lewis (LewDog) - Ironjawz JR (Dawn hunter) - Stormcast Eternals Ethan (Eththebeef) - Ogors Dave (Davido) - Tzeentch (Husslehoff) - Nurgle (The Mysterious Mr B) - Death Tim (Itonfist) - Nurgle
  2. Now recruiting for a Piratey Tale of X Gamers! A TALE OF PIRATEY GAMERS Avast Ye Land Lubbers and hark to my words. Tis' but one frontier untamed, one force that none can yet call their own! To the skies with Ye, to the great rolling storms, fight the thunder gods... ride the hurricanes, and all the bounty Ye could wish for shall be yours! What is it? Quite simply this is a new set of rules and scenarios designed to be used alongside the Age of Sigmar skirmish rules to represent the various crews of Sky Pirates clashing across the realms for loot, booty and pride (also some bragging rights). You get all the fun and action that comes with skirmish games alongside splendour of unique skyships gaining traits, equipment and reknown as your campaign progresses. With a low model count this is the perfect chance to personalise every model to make sure your motley crew is unlike any other, and their flagship is one worthy to be noted down in the chronicles of the realms. Whats the aim? Over 3-4 months players would plan, convert, paint and base up their own unique sky faring warband, sharing progress and photos aswell as hints and tips with each other and working on their warbands backstory. When every warband is completed players will then meet up at Warhammer World for a day of games against each other to decide once and for all who owns the skies of the realms. Sky... Pirates? Thats right, pirates in the sky. The Kharadon are not alone in their mastery of skyfaring technologies though perhaps they are the most experienced. Many a crew of crooks and thieves have taken to the sky either through stolen vessels, magical means, tethered beasts or their own ingenuity and technologies. Crews gather from all races and allegiances from the Steamclad ships of the Freeguild Privateers, choking the clouds with great plumes of industrial smoke to the ethereal ghost ships that ride in on a haunting moonlit night to claim the souls of the dead. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination so why not explore the darker side of the realm. Sky pirates profit from trade unencumbered by tariffs from petty empires down below, they can run goods without clashing in territorial disputes or having their buisness interupted by war and blockades. Most importantly they can steal, pillage and plunder with no lawmen able to give pursuit as they disappear once more into the clouds. Sign me up! Our tale of piratey gamers is quite simple, the aim is to make a crew using the Age of Sigmar skirmish rules totalling 30 reknown with one vitally important difference, there are NO ALLEGIANCE RESTRICTIONS, that right none. You may select scrolls from any grand alliance that match the model you intend to convert, this way you have access to hundreds of unique warscrolls to make a crew that perfectly represents your theme. Every model must adequetly represent the warscroll (no using that grot as an ogre) and the weapons within but beyond this let your creative instincts go wild. Suggested warscrolls: Grot with Crossbow (freeguild crossbowman scroll) Old mercenary (Greatsword) Assassin (Shadowblade) Vulture (Aetherwing) etc Make sure to select a captain for your band of rogues, feel free to get creative with the modelling and background as the captain defines the personality of your pirate crew and their missions going forward. In addition to this unique crew you get to build a unique looking ship to carry your crew into battle and bear their plunder away, this is a great chance to make something truly unique looking that fits the theme of your crew. From a floating temple of the slaan to the steam tank inspired ships of the freeguild to the beautifully ornate and deadly Daughters of Khaine moongliders every ship is unique. For the purposes of gameplay all ships start off using the warscroll for the Kharadron frigate and therefore weapons should be loosely representative (giant crossbow for skyhook etc) and vessels should approximately match in size. Give me ideas! Freeguild Privateers – A warband of ex-military mercanaries in well maintained but clearly dated armour, blackpowder and blades form the bulk of their military. Their ship is an old kharadron hull with massive smoke stacks tended by many deckhands as they funnel coal to keep it in motion. The captain is a wizened old engineer disillusioned with the military seeking to claim his fortune for retirement. Murderlust Sirens – A floating testament to khaines might, this sleek vessel outruns many others in the skies with its razorsharp bladelike form. Mounting its own cauldron of blood and held aloft by ethereal mists it is tended by Daughters of Khaine with wicked spears to pluck victims from the ground or fend of boarders. Harpies cling to the side of the hull to be carried into battle. Wyrdstone Barge – A bizare mirriad of technologies from the Clan Skyre powered by slaves running frantically in wheels whilst their slavers laugh maniacly, this ship often rides in on the storm with lightning rods across its hull powering the lethal lighning cannon on its prow. Globadiers cast poison winds onto unsuspecting victims below whilst stormvermin prepare to pillage and kill. Slaan temple Grotrigger Looted Barge Ghost Ship And more! So what now? Sign up to our Tale of Piratey gamers and select a theme that fits your concept, then start work on the crew. By the end of the first month aim to get 3-5 unique crew members finished (not the captain), these unique models should convey the theme of your ship and each can tell their own unique story. On month two we'll look at captains and their own murderous backstory. PLOGS: Mine (Grot Sky Pirates) - CHARLOTTE - Clan Skyre Storm Riders (PLOG TO FOLLOW)
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