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About Me

Found 3 results

  1. Hey Everyone, At the start of the year I made a return to the hobby after having a break for many years, and I enjoy bouncing around between different projects be they 40k, AoS, Shadespire or whatever. I'm definitely guilty of never finishing armies before I get distracted by some new shiny stuff (which I don't necessarily think is a bad thing). However, I've signed up for what will be my first tournament (it's in late January 3.5 months away) and I've decided to start a new army to bring along to it which will force me to see a project through to completion for once. So thought I'd post my progress here as I build, paint and playtest my army. Working on the core of the force to begin with, which will be centered around a bunch of Sequitors and a Lord Castellant. Below are a couple of early conversations, just adding a bit of 'barbarism' to the Stormcasts. Cheers, Also, this is my first time posting on TGA after lurking in the shadows for a long time, so yay ?!!
  2. Is there anything stopping you from having more than one stormhost in your army/force ? I painted my Starter set as Hammers of Sigmar but I fancy painting the Soulwars guys in a different scheme. I'm asking from a gaming point of view, rules, abilities etc.
  3. Hi Guys, It's more a narrative question than a gaming one. I wrote the question in the title: Is the number of Chambers fix in an Stormhost? The Point why I ask is. I started painting a Stormcast Eternals Project in february. Though I like the idea to craft a little background I desided to paint them as Celestial Vindicators and gave them the Purple Plums of the Bladestorms (and tried to make the troupmarkings with the colors of the tabards and buckles most correkt like the battletome said for celestial Vindicators). The only thing I didn't have done, was painting the helmet of the Lord Celestant white, like Thostos Bladestorm had. I already painted about 50 of 200 Models, while I came to the point of Allgates (think the guys that have read the book know how it ends for the Celestial Vindicators, and didn't want to spoiler in this thread). Now I have the problem, that I didn't know what GW will do with this Chamber in the future and it was an error of me in the longrun choosing an "posterboy Chamber" since it was quite bad for crafting narrative so far for me, because I don't want to produce heavy narrative conflicts. I didn't want to change the chamber completely but would perhaps repaint the plums, so they are another chamber. The point is, if I choose one of the other two colors (beige or black) which are actually not mentioned in the story (perhaps only that Celestial Vindicators had taken part in a battle) i'm not save that GW would write background for one off them some time and perhaps screwed my own crafts (exept they only will write background for the bladestorms). Now we are coming to the actual point of my question. After most chambers in the battletome have three Plumcolors (in case of Celestial Vindicators purple, beige and black) are these the only strikechambers the stormhost has or could a stormhost have a fourth or more Strike Chambers, so craft my own one thats part of the Celestial Vindicators? I saw the structure in the Battletome and tried to read the part where Stormhost and Chamber are descriped but except that the number of Conclaves and Retinues inside the Chamber are restricted. It's the same thing with extremis Chambers. In the description there is said that most Stormcost have only one Extremischamber but in die actual battletome multiple chambers have shown helmets with 3 colors of plums (and strangely the celestial Vindicator shown has the colors purple, beige or red, while in the old battletome of Stormcast Extremis there was a picture artwork with a black plume on the helmet). But I think we all know that GW is quite inconsequent with the colors, after there are pictures for Celestial Vindicators with white shields while other ones with turquoise ones or the one shown Prime with a golden helmet or Thostos Bladestorms white helmet as the only hero with a white helmet. Or that some build there color on "Stegadon scale green" while others on "Macragge blue" that gives the miniatures a quite different finish (okay my models are painted with thousand sons blue so its more a cyan color, but it is a quite simular color theme). I don't think that I could count them because of the simularities in color as a complete different chamber without changing other colors. So should I just make my own fourth chamber if this is legit or take one of the other two and hope that GW will never write background for them (after there are two named Lord Celestants for the Hammers of Sigmar in the Realmgate Wars, I'm not sure that the same couldn't happen with other stormhost chambers. Would be nice to get some creativity for storycrafting back for that project, so I could connect them to my other projects in my own created continents (what could be possible after I read parts of the 'The "logic" of the AoS setting' Thread in the forum here) or find some points where they could be in the original background, so my Skaven and Stormcast Eternals where part of the battle in Godbeasts where Behemat was woken and corrupted (don't know how the place was called in the englisch story, only the german name "Schorfweite"). The point is that in this battle were Celestial Vindicators mentions but not what chamber and multiple Parasite Engines which all could perhaps hold there own clans after they have the size of cities and only one charakter was mentioned in that story. Hope you guys could help me with this, because after painting 50 Miniatures in about 2-3 months and reading the story of Allgates I got some issues with motivationproblems for that project. Regards EMMachine.
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