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About Me

Found 8 results

  1. I have a stormfiend that was charged last turn. On my turn can I shoot any unit in rage using his rattling cannons then attack in the combat phase with his clubbing blows? I'm new to AOS so sorry if this is a dumb question I am very set in 40k way of thinking.
  2. Sneak


    how to do folks choose to arm units of 3?
  3. First unit finished! 3 Stormfiends with magnetised weapon options. The full selection of pictures is available in the Gallery. As a lot of people have asked I'll put them colour recipes here: S75 = Scale 75 AP = Army Painter Armour plates: Based with S75 Mars Orange - Airbrush Highlighted with S75 Sol Yellow - Airbrush Shaded with S75 Red Leather - Airbrush washed all over with AP Soft Tone and GW Lahmian Medium 50/50 mixed - Brush Edge highlight the armour plates with S75 Sol Yellow - Brush Skin: *GW Lahmian Medium mixed into all of the layer colours below* Based with S75 Pink Flesh - Brush Washed all over with GW Reikland Flesh Shade, AP Soft Tone and GW Lahmian Medium 25/25/50 mixed - Brush Layered with S75 Pink Flesh - Brush Layered with S75 Pink Flesh and S75 Pale Skin 75/25 mixed - Brush Layered with S75 Pink Flesh and S75 Pale Skin 50/50 mixed - Brush Layered with S75 Pink Flesh and S75 Pale Skin 25/75 mixed - Brush And 1 of each! 2nd unit of 3 nearly finished. Probably do my Warp Lightning Cannon next as I'm really enjoying painting the orange at the moment.
  4. Hey all! I'm working on a list and building the models that I need to round it out. It's designed as a mostly objective stealing list with some punch. It's centered around beastmen as the anvil/ tar pit with skaven providing the ranged punch they don't have, as well as augmenting any fighting force. I'm new to skaven, in particular to Storm Friends (yes, friends) and wanted to know how they perform or any well versed tactics. Here's the list: Leaders: Beast Lord (axe & shield) Arch warlock Skaven warlord (tbd) Units: Gors x 20 (beastshields) Ungors x 30 (spears & shields) Gors x 10 (shields) Bestigors x 20 Warpfire thrower weapon team Warpfire thrower weapon team Storm Vermin x 30 Storm Fiends x 3 (weapon assortment??) Warplock Jezzails x 3 So, there's no giant monster that I'm used to, but there are a TON of wounds. My thought is that the beasts move forward, claim objectives and tie up any threats. Bestigors and Storm vermin can hammer on the units I choose. W so many warp fire throwers, I can assure that I'll outnumber people with the storm vermin. I would like to fit in giant rats or warhounds , (rats are cheaper) but not sure what to drop or if they're redundant due to beastmen's speed. I can toss 10 gors under a stonehorn bus and not blink. Not sure if Storm Friends are frontline once the shooting is done or if i should protect them at all. Obviously not tossing them into a meat grinder. any skaven advice or what have you is appreciated. Thanks! (ps: i REALLY miss having monsters. doh)
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