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Found 5 results

  1. Heyho! Recently I've been teaching AoS to a new player and given that he bought the Start Collecting! boxes that clocks at about 580 points, I decided to throw together a couple matching-ish 600 point lists for him to practice against. And then I hit the wall when I thought that it could be a good way to start a Bonesplitterz force. You know - grow my own force along with his. So with the Treelord Ancient + Branchwych and 20 Dryads clocking at 580 points I came up with: - Moonclan: Grot Warboss with Squig, 20 Grots, 3 Fanatics, Mangler Squigs (590 pts); - Dispossessed: Warden King, Unforged, 10 Warriors, 10 Thunderers, Cannon (600 pts); - Kharadron Overlords: Arkanaut Admiral, 10 Arkanaut Company, Grundstok Gunhauler, 3 Endrinriggers (600 pts); - General Destruction: Moonclan Grot Warboss, Moonclan Grots, 3 Fanatics, Aleguzzler Gargant, Orruk Boar Chariot (600 pts); - Greenskinz: Orruk Warboss, Orruk Boar Chariot, 5 Orruk Boarboyz, 10 Orruks, Aleguzzler Gargant (580 pts). The main idea was simple - a hero or two, one bigger centrepiece model or something characteristic to the army and one battleline, hopefully mirroring the Start Collecting! line. Of course the army fared differently against different matchups, although a few of them were really close thanks to the ridiculously good hero phase of the Sylvaneth and that darn -1 to hit when in 3" of a wood dryad debuff. But I struggled to make anything even remotely interesting for Bonesplitterz. I know they benefit the most from hero<->army synergies and it's hard to cram in enough heroes for it to work, but I can barely come up with anything more diverse than Wurrgog + Wardokk + Savages + boarboyz + one unit of stabbas. I could try to fit in a Gargant (I know, they hunt monsters, but he's converted to be a giant monster hunter himself - think Gruul the Dragonkiller or something like that), but that'd leave very little room for other units that make the 'splitterz what they are. What do you guys think? Is it possible for Bonesplitterz to field something representative at this point bracket? It doesn't have to be particularly powerful. Even better in this case, because he's an absolutely new player and I've seen him struggle against Kharadron Overlords' ridiculous ranged damage output so much I never fielded that list again to not scare him away from the game.
  2. So I'm torn between these two factions as my first army, I've played Warhammer 40k, never touched fantasy, but more and more of my gaming group are moving to AoS. A game I have little knowledge of. But the two armies that interest me are the Skaven, the horde mentality, pestilence, miasma of suffering and infighting between clans all serving the great horned rat. Then the grand alliance of Death, skeletons, zombies and fantastic beasts led by necromancers and vampires, what more could you want? I would eventually like to play both but, right now. I don't have the money. So my main question is. What is the current state of the game with these two armies, is one easier to build good strategies with? Does one have any particular strength or weakness over the other? Also which of the starter boxes is the better value? Any help for this novice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. First Game So I had an intro to the game yesterday, I enjoyed it. The game is really good. I liked how all the rules were right there on the Warscroll for each unit, makes for the potential of some quick games I expect once familiar with the army list. There is also a great sence of tactics involved with the game, the combat phase especially when there are multiple combats going on and having to choose which to start with and which to sacrifice (in a way) makes it very tactical, also the removing of casualties helps this too as position becomes important. It may be a simple set of core rules but there certainly is massive scope for some synergies from the warscrolls and leader abilities too which is a kind of second layer to the game in a way.I've been furiously reading all the warscrolls I can, and can better see the potential of the game now I've played one. I really liked not having to constently flick through giant rule books to find rules and then look up other rules and compare them, ring a lawyer and have a separate adjudicator make rulings on every dice roll. The way the scrolls work is great, everything you need to know for each phase is right there. I took a range of random units from my Orc & Goblin army, so had a play with a wizard, an artillery price, unit of night goblins with bows and fanatics some random stuff like squig hoppers snotling pump wagon and a big unit of savage orcs. The turn sequence is fun two, how you never know who's going to go first next is a real challenge. I'm looking forward to playing more and hope to build a dedicated army for this game in the future.
  4. Hello All, I will be receiving in a few days the AoS Starter Box, and all i really want out of it is the Stormcast Eternals. So if anyone would like the Khorne Bloodbound and the rules, measuring sticks and booklet. Give me a yell. I am in Australia but international postage may be an option. Cheers all! Keong-
  5. Hi all! I wrote a Getting Started in the Age of Sigmar page a while ago and recieved some very positive feedback. In an effort to keep lowering that barrier to entry and help new guys out, I've written an overview and review of each and every Start Collecting box. If you have opinions about teh boxes, hop on the blog and leave a comment. I'll update teh page right away! My site is ad free, I do this just because I love the community and want it t grow Thank you all for your support and happy wargaming Start Collecting Boxes Contents and Review
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