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About Me

Found 4 results

  1. Age of Sigmar Team Tournament When: January 20thTime: 10:30am / 30min lunchWhere: Game Nite 8380 Watson Rd, St. Louis, MOThis tournament will be using Adepticon team tournament rules and format link below http://www.adepticon.org/wpfiles/2019/2019aosteam.pdf Email Blacknightx19@yahoo.com for questions! Original Facebook event can be found here.
  2. What- Age of Sigmar New Edition Vanguard Tournament! When-July 1st 10am Sign in 11am start time Where- Game Nite!!! • Each army will be comprised of up to 1000 points using the General’s Handbook 2017 or points values listed in Battletomes following that release, using army composition for a Vanguard in Pitched Battles (pages 106-108). If a model does not have a points value (such as Beasts of the Grave Terrorgheist or the Wardens of the Realmgate battalion), then it may not be used. • Compendium entries can be used following the point values and entries in the Compendium Update released with the General’s Handbook 2017. • Each player must bring four (4) copies of their army lists to the event (one to turn in at registration, one for each of their opponents, and one for themselves). These army lists must be made with Azyr or Warscroll Builder. Handwritten army lists will not be accepted. • If units and models have choices of what they can be armed with, this must be clearly indicated on your army list and modeled appropriately. • Bases cannot overlap for purposes of piling in and making attacks. Attacks are measured from base to base from the attacking model to the target. Base sizes for models should be within reason, but no smaller than the bases the models were supplied with. For attacking models on different levels of terrain, measure the range of weapons from shoulder height of the model attacking to the base of the model being attacked. • Allegiance Abilities, Command Traits & Artefacts, as well as Battletome specific spells/prayers, must be chosen when you turn in your list for the tournament. These will not change throughout the course of the tournament. This includes Collegiate Arcane Battlemages. • A unit with no more than 20 Wounds worth of models and a single model with the Hero keyword may garrison a building. Behemoths cannot garrison buildings. • The additional Allegiance Abilities from the Firestorm supplement will not be in use. • Any Sylvaneth Wyldwoods must be included on your army list, including any you will be summoning. Any Wyldwoods must use either Citadel Sylvaneth Wyldwood or a custom feature the same size footprint as the Sylvaneth Wyldwood kit and including at least 3 trees of the same approximate sizes as the Sylvaneth Wyldwood, and any custom trees must be the same locations as the Citadel Sylvaneth Wyldwood. Any custom features will require organizer approval prior to the event. • If at any time you or your opponent has no models left on the table with no additional units to set up after the game begins, the game is over immediately. • The Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Rules, errata and all relevant Games Workshop Errata and FAQs will be used, unless an event FAQ specifically overrides.
  3. Siegeworld 2018 AOS 2000 pt Sat event $20 One day 3-round event using 2000 pts. Additional details will be provided. 30 spots available for players AOS 1000 pt Sun event $10 One day 3-round event using 1000 pts. Additional details will be provided. 30 spots available for players Additional information and registratio at www.gateway-gamers.com
  4. Formerly the Gateway Open, M3 is a convention all about miniature gaming. Join us in Saint Louis area this June for all the miniature gaming you can handle! We have a huge line-up of games this year, including Age of Sigmar.Join us at the Gateway Convention Center on June 22-24th for three days of all-out miniature gaming The venue is located in Collinsville, Illinois, just 15 minutes from downtown Saint Louis and 30 minutes from Lambert Saint Louis Airport. Convention website can be found here. Facebook event can be found here.
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