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Found 8 results

  1. Hey all! At long last I finally have my Ironjaws nearly fully painted. Really anxious to drop Destruction undivided and finally get some games in with these bad boyz. I had a couple of questions before I start building my list.... and that's how in the nine circles of Hades do I build my list 😜 I've been reading the Ironjaw discussion forum and have seen a lot of talk about "alpha strike" & "deep strike". What are those things and how do I pull them off? I'm also wondering about spell and wizard choices. Before GH2019 everyone was spamming Fungoids, now everyone is going back to Weirdknobs. Is there any particular reason for that? Are Fungoids still a good choice? I'm also reading a lot about the hand of Gork "teleportation". Can someone explain how to use this effectively? Are Chronomantic Cogs still a good choice? Lastly, is the battalion consensus pretty much Ironfist and Bloodtoofs? Any help would be amazing. Thanks boyos
  2. I’m new to age of Sigmar and was looking at Nagash’s wars roll which states that he knows all the spells of death wizards on the table, both friendly and enemy. But does Nagash forget the spell once another wizard is slain, off the table, or if using the ageless cunning ability from legion of night, would Nagash only know the spells of wizards once they have appeared?
  3. I've been experimenting with spells from the lore of the Storm, the lore of Invigoration and the endless spells specific to the Stormcast. I've come away with some impressions and I'd like to leave this thread as a guide to new players as well as a springboard for some conversation from current SE players. Lore of the Storm- very much a hit or miss lore, this lore is all about dealing mortal wounds and not always in a satisfying fashion. Lightning Blast- A fine little spell that's quite reliable on your lesser caster heroes who don't have the "prime electrids" ability. Its cheap and it has UNLIMITED range! Starfall- this is a bad spell, it's cheap to cast but basically works like a shotgun arcane bolt (which sounds cooler than it is). The range is very limiting at 12", the 6" bubble is nice but you still need to roll 4+ per unit to hit them and its only 1 wound per unit. Thundershock- A personal favorite of mine, though it's not guaranteed to have an effect even if you successfully cast it. dealing mortal wounds is just icing on the cake, you really take this for the -1 debuff which is always huge, its like have another relictor thunderstorm prayer that can hit multiple units. Azyrite Halo- Another reliable pick for me, combos very well with our shield bearing units for which we are spoiled. Put on a unit of sequitors channeling into their shields for maximum value. Throwing back mortals on an unmodified 6 is really solid in most combats you will find yourself in. Chain Lightening- basically a better Starfall with 2 higher casting value. You get twice the range, better targeting bubble in my opinion and you're doing better damage right away if it goes off. I think the damage could be better for its cost but its not a terrible pick. Stormcaller- a bad spell, it has a high cost and is too conditional. every enemy unit gets rolled for which is nice but you need a 6+ to hit them for d3 MW. Think about how many times you've rolled 12 or more die and come up with ZERO 6's. Its too random and unreliable. If it was on a 5+ would be the only way I would consider taking it. Lore of Invigoration- your combat multipliers and a sold lore for a few reasons not least of which is that your evocators can pick a spell from here. Terrifying Aspect- it's ok, but you've got so many better options. Celestial Blades- better option #1. flexible and cheap with good range, you will never regret taking it. Plus 1 to wound is always great, will make your liberators actually kill stuff. Speed of Lightning- an excellent pick on Evocators, their one weakness is to rending attacks and the best way to avoid that is to getting into combat at the right time with the right enemies. This spell makes that happen, my evocators win me games alone with this spell, get into combat when they can be chosen first and make sure it happens that turn. Endless Spells- two spells that are just fine and one that's quite an investment but potentially very potent if used intelligently. Celestian Vortex- it's ok except against chaos where it's amazing. has an added benefit of reducing missile weapon accuracy so it can be used as a screen if you plan right. Dias Arcanum- a strange one who's effect doesn't match it's own lore. needs to be used by a 5 wound wizard, gives them plus 1 to save, 12" flying move and an additional unbinding pretty useful even if you don't need the extra unbind. Everblaze Comet-a pretty cool spell with a cool model. can be cast without line of sight and outside unbinding range. has an immediate mortal wound output that punishes close knit armies. acts as area denial because it continues to pump out mortal wounds over time and disrupts enemy casting attempt making the cast on a -1. the only negative thing you can say about this endless spell is that it's not a steal for points. you pay for it but if you are clever with it you can really mess with your enemy.
  4. The spells in question are Curse of Years (Arkhan the Black) and Blood Boil (VLoZD). My assumption is you keep rolling until you have no more successes rolled or the unit/target dies. One side said that the Rule of One on spawning extra attacks would cover this sort of idea, as you don't get bonus attacks from your bonus attacks. The other side said that the spells, as written, were fine and didn't trigger that clause. That's how I thought, but I was the Death player (running Arkhan in 1k games, thinking about using VLoZD in a 2k list) and let the others decide on it. We couldn't find anything in any FAQ addressing this. It isn't "casting a spell three times" sort of deal, like Kroak, so I don't think that would apply. Anyway, if anyone has any insight, or can point out an FAQ/tournament rule set that say something either way, that'd be a massive help.
  5. OK, I'm pretty clear on the fact that Bolt of Tzeentch as listed in both the Lore of Change, and the Lore of Fate are the same spells, and, as such, would only be able to be cast once per turn, even if you had two wizards (one mortal, one demon) that had said spell assigned to them. Now: the real question: The lore of change has a spell called Tzeentch's firestorm. The Herald on a chariot also has a spell named the same. BUT they are different spells. Same casting value, different results/damage. So, I'm gonna say that the rule of one doesn't apply here, right?
  6. Hi, Can destiny dice be used for generating number of mortal wounds from spells such as Bolt of Change?
  7. If I'm fielding a Damsel of the Lady with a force of Bretonnian knights, is it better to cast Mystic Shield or Blessing of the Lady? A 2+ save on the charge is pretty impressive, but would a 3+ with a 5+ save against wounds and mortal wounds on top of that be better? I can't quite make the math work in my head to figure out which is statistically better.
  8. Hey Guys recently I think I've noticed the spell Silent communion from the Treelord Ancients warscroll disapear from the webpage version. As in, I'm pretty sure I've seen it there, but now it's gone... it's still in the app tho... what to think? does he have it, or doesn't he? thanks in advance
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