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About Me

Found 16 results

  1. Slaughterpriest made from a Bloodreaver in the Sigmar starter box. His head is from the Flagellant kit, and the pieces he is burning are from the Fireforge Steppe Warrior kit. My Blades of Khorne are themed around tribes from the Wastelands of Ghur that worship a God of Fire who is actually an aspect of Khorne.

    © mcfishstick

  2. It has been far far too long since I updated here. There have been some excellent releases recently that have reignited interest in painting. The main theory was that the two Warhammer Quest boxes provide a fairly varied starter set for a small Arcanite force and shouldn't need too much adding to bulk it out a bit more. Anyone that has had the misfortune of reading my threads over on Dakka know that I have lots of ideas and only occasionally get around to fulfilling them all as I'm very easily distracted... so hopefully you can keep me on track with some semi regular posts. I've been experimenting with colours for the Arcanites and the theme appears to have evolved into a combined Chaos force (Tzeentch/Khorne) under the command of a demon known only as the King in Yellow. No-one (least of all me) is quite sure how he has persuaded these two groups to join forces. I have plans for the King, but won't go into them here and now as they need a bit more fleshing out. The prototype Arcanite is this Tzaangor: For the Khorne forces, I've started putting paint to the Gorechosen figures. The yellow of these is actually what started the whole King in Yellow theme. I know there are a couple of other yellow Bloodbound forces on here and really liked the very different take on Khorne, so thought I'd give it a try on one Once he was complete, I needed to find some way to tie him into any other Chaos forces that I did. The Khornate forces are now amore orangey yellow, grey skin tones, black and steel; Tzeentch is a more lemonn-y yellow, purple/blue/turquoise and silver. With those rules now set, I attacked the next most common Slaughterpriest to see if it still flowed through. So, do you think it works?
  3. Slaughterpriest, follower of the King in Yellow
  4. Slaughterpriest, follower of the King in Yellow
  5. This is Slaughterpriest-freebie from White Dwarf. The model didn’t come in the Silver Tower boxed game, but there are rules for him to use in Silver Tower in White Dwarf, so I guess he counts to show in this blog… The reason I painted him as soon as I got him is because I wanted to enter him in the Slaughterpriest painting competition in the forum section of this site… A fine gentleman like this needs a fitting name. So please let me introduce you to mister KONOK CINDERMIGHT! This is how I painted him: STEP 1: - Brown primer, applied with airbrush STEP 2: Skin: base coat of Bugman’s glow (3 heavily diluted layers) Sword, cloth and metal parts: diluted base coat of Abaddon Black STEP 3: Loincloth and pants base coat of Abaddon Black several thin layers going from Vallejo German Grey tot Vallejo Neutral Grey wash of Nuln oil Highlight of Vallejo Neutral Grey STEP 4: Skin base coat of Bugman’s glow 3:1 wash of Lahmian medium and Reikland fleshshade several thin layers going from Bugman’s glow over Cadian fleshtone to Kislev Flesh STEP 5: Red armour panels and helmet base coat of Khorne red Nuln oil wash layers of Khorne red, Evil Sunz scarlet and Wildrider red glaze of Bloodletter controlled shade of Carroburg crimson STEP 6: bronze base coat of Retributor armour 2 washes of Agrax earth shade controlled layer of Hashut Copper STEP 6: Hot weapon and blackened skin base coat of white drybrush of golden yellow layers of Khorne red, Evil Sunz scarlet and Wildrider red glaze of Bloodletter layer of Abaddon Black I based him with the same lava-theme as all my AOS - Silver Tower models. With this one, it works very well! Here he is completed: Here is a 360° view of Konok: And finally some shameless plugging: I entered him in the Slaughterpriest painting contest and I would very much appreciate it if you would vote for me. You can do this here: The rest of the awesome entries can be found here:
  6. Rob P

    Slaughterpriest WIP

    Slaughterpriest WIP
  7. The start of one of teh first minatures i've painted in 2o years. Flesh currently based in Bugman's Glow and shaded with Reikland Fleshshade. Will layer over with a lighter colour and probably re-shade. Currently considering best colours for cloth and helm.
  8. Time is flying by this month! So with the new White Dwarf enjoying awesome, and deserved, success, I have cracked on and finished my free slaughterpriest for my bloodbound. I have admittedly already painted one up for my warband so this time I thought I would add another character. The aspiring Deathbringer is currently being sold with the old Champion of Khorne model so I thought I would update is presence on the battlefield with something new. May I present my Aspiring Deathbringer of khorne. I am extremely pleased with the finished model and I have received some extremely generous comments an Facebook and twitter. I can't stress enough how important it is to keep painting if you want to improve. I've been trying to do at least 1/2 hour a day to keep a brush in my hand and I hope its paying off! Hes going to get a flash picture for the competition running on TGA and then we'll see how I fare. My next project is the Mighty Lord of Khorne and a blood Stoker and assembling blood warriors, but that's for another blog entry...
  9. So here's what I've painted over the last week, first up is my white dwarf slaughterpriest conversion using blightking parts and a little green stuff. Second is the first of two models that I'm not sure what they'll work as warscroll wise, so if you have ideas comment below. They're made from minotaurs with giant heads. Next are a unit of plaguebearers, I painted them last week but got the basing done this week. I just wanted to show how a basic unit of mine looks. The scheme takes no time to paint. In fact I painted these guys between getting home from work one night and going to bed which was less than 2 hours. They're spray primed, then sprayed green or yellow. From they're I was them with nuln oil, then coelia greenshade, while the wash is still wet I dab areas with feugan orange. Then I drybrush the models with ushabti bone to highlight. Then I move on to the weapons, they're based with runefang steel, they get one coat of tamiya clear blue, and one of tamiya clear green and finally an all over of nurgle's rot. Then I pick out the eyes with yellow (I can't remember it's name) and wash them with feugan orange. Then I pick out all the scabs, guts and mouths with tamiya clear red and do the odd pustule or wound with clear blue or clear green. Then they get a spray with a clear gloss varnish... done! Two spawn I've had for a while, but finally got painted. Finally a blast from the past, or rather a unit I got together before starting this blog: three beasts of nurgle. They're swamp trolls or fellwater troggoths (I think?) with spare plaguedrone heads. Thanks for stopping by!
  10. Johann


    Hi, i bought the White dwarf yesterday and now i own the slaughterpriest with hackblade. When i checked the warscroll, i noticed that there is a difference compared to the other slaughterpriest in the abilities 'scorn of sorcery'. With hackblade can explicite just ban one spell, the other can ban spells. It should be the same, because both are slaughterpriest... is it a huge difference or just a mistake from GW?
  11. After a few crazy weeks at work I return!! Finally got some hobby in this week and finished all the base coats and shading on my first batch of blood reavers. I am really enjoying building my bloodbound. AoS is infectious! My small warband is growing and creating its own character as I paint up units and characters. Ive managed to catch up on all my pod casts and particularly annoying recent topics regarding painting time and optimising painting opportunities. picked up my new white dwarf, dropped it in water, bought another and now have 2 awesome slaughterpriest to play with. With Mr Curry announcing a fun painting comp this month with the free model I thought I'd have a go. I'm going to try something completely different with this guy and try a different colour pallette. I really want to improve my painting so any opportunity to do it, like competitions, is an excellent way to help me. Talking of new white dwarf, WOW!!, it's so awesome! This last year has brought my hobby back to when I was just starting out and everything was exciting, looking forward to every release and nugget of newness. I'm even sniffing every new book again ;D GW for life!!
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