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About Me

Found 2 results

  1. Hey Guys, i want to compare two defensive Decks. One is the Sepulchral Guard the other one is Stormcast Eternals. I like Sepulchral Guard a lot. This Warband is very flexible and you've got excess to 3 Cleave attacks, which is great. In my opinion the Guards do a great job at being defensive and holding objectives. But i think SCE is better in a defensive play and not only holding objectives. I will post the two lists and will tell you my thoughts in the end. Peegee posted this Deck in the Let's Talk Sepulchral Guard Section. Killax mentioned to switch some of the cards. I will put them in red letter below. Here is the last version of my deck : Objectives Hold Objective 1 Hold Objective 2 Hold Objective 3 Hold Objective 4 Hold Objective 5 Tactical Supremacy 1-2 Tactical Supremacy 3-4 Superior Tactician / Skills Unforgotten Supremacy Stymied / Battle Without End Determined Defenser Ploymaster Ploys Ceaseless Attacks Restless Dead Terrifying Screams The Necromancer Commands Confusion Distraction Duel of Wits Illusory Fighter Shardfall Sidestep / Danse Macabre Upgrades Frightening Speed Grim Cleave Lethal Lunge Undying Great Strength Shadeglass Darts Shardcaller Soultrap The Dazzling Key The Shadowed Key / Deadly Charge Following my proposition of a defensive SCE Deck: Objectives Geared for War Flawless Strategy Bloodless Consecrated Area Awe-Inspireing Lightning Strike Eternals Superior Tactician Sigmar's Bulwark Immovable Object Determined Defenser Ploymaster Ploys Tireless Assault Unstoppable Strike Righteous Zeal Healing Potion Peal of Thunder Illusory Fighter Confusion Distraction Duel of Wits Sidestep Upgrades Great Strength Heroic Might Block Fatal Risposte Blessed by Sigmar Heroic Stride Blessed Armour Great Speed Legendary Swiftness Great Fortitude First of all lets take a look at the Objetives. How many Points you can earn with the Objective Cards, if you would score all of them? 16 Glory Point for SCE and 18 Point for the Guards (with 1 Key there will be even 20 Points). But lets take a closer look. There are some Objectives which can't be scored at all. For Example: You got 2-3 Objective Tokens in your starting Area. So normaly you will score just this 3 Objectives. The other two are out of reach for a defensive Sepulchral Guard Deck. The same thing with Tactical Supremacy 1-2 and 3-4. You will only score one of them. So you got 4 Points less on your list and 3 "dead cards" in your deck. So you can score 14 (16 with key, when the objetive is in your territory) Points with the posted Guard Deck above. Sure you can equip Shardcaller to score some extra Glory Points, but you will need that Points for other Equipments too. Now let's see how it is on SCE side. Geared for War (easy to score in Round 2-3) Flawless Strategy (easy to score Round 1-3) Bloodless (easy to score Round 1 and 2) Consecrated Area (easy to score Round 1 and 2) Awe-Inspireing (if upgraded Round 3) You score this immedietly! Lightning Strike (if upgraded Round 3) You score this immedietly! Eternals (just Round 3) Superior Tactician (just Round 3) Sigmar's Bulwark (easy to score Round 1 and 2) Immovable Object (Round 2 maybe 3, if positioned well) Determined Defenser (Round 2 maybe 3, if positioned well) Ploymaster (easy to score Round 1-3) In my opinion you can score all of them. there are no "dead" cards" in your deck. You can even score 11 of 12 obejctives! Due to the draw after scoring Lightning Strike and Awe-Inspirieing. Your Ploy cards got plenty of movement to use it defensively or agressive and some buffs for your several attacks (at late Round 2 or Round 3). You got some good upgrades to strength up your buddies and kick some asses in Round 3. You won't get tuoched in the 1st or even 2nd round, when you deploy in the back and move more backwards. SCE models are more durable, so your opponent won't get that much glory by killing your warband. Tell me your thought. Do you share my thoughts? You got any advices? Did i miss something?
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