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About Me

Found 4 results

  1. Hey there fellow Acolytes, figured I might as well do some posts relating to the rules spoilers we will be getting leading up to the battletome. To preface this, it's important to acknowledge all rules we are shown are in a vacuum, we have no idea what other changes may be coming that supplement or affect these rules. But that being said, let's dive straight into it. Kicking off strong. Now "Overwhelming Mass" is exactly the sort of thing I expected with a new Skaven book, it both rewards and strongly pushes taking large unit sizes, which often with Pestilens I wasn't wont to do due to it potentially setting up a bad battleshock. THAT BEING SAID, I think it is extremely, EXTREMELY unlikely the Plague Monk warscroll hasn't had more than a few changed to accommodate this rule. "Strength in Numbers" is also here making a return. I've sung this one's praises in previous blog posts before, it's neat it's clean and it does exactly what you need it to do. Glad you're still here with us buddy. Well well well. "Lead From the Back" is one hell of a rule. Sylvaneth Superstar Lee who I play regularly has started making a habit of shooting his allied Deepkin eels across the table at me and assassinating Priests / heavily damaging Furnaces, and this will provide some insurance against that. It also helps to negate the drawback of the Priests needing to be right in the thick of it with their 13" range prayers. "Scurry Away" is neat as hell. If the enemy doesn't activate into it in time, the Plague Priests and Plague Furnaces can just LEAVE the combat instead of fighting. If the Verminlords get this I'll be shocked, but if they do I'll be a very happy man. This one is a spell for Grey Seers specifically, but it's not far fetched to imagine we will be making a greater use of those under the new ruleset. "Splinter" is funny as hell, you can either use it to casually remove that Daemon Icon Bearer and prevent them from cheesing their way through the battleshock phase, or you can shoot for the moon and try get that cheeky 3+ and knock off a Blood Knight. It's neat and has decent enough utility. On top of all this there were a few little hints scattered throughout the article. "Pestilens players will find their allegiance abilities familiar" implies the return of Echoes of the Great Plagues, but given they gave us 4 other allegiance rules I wouldn't be surprised for it to be a little diminished. The confirmation that every clan has Command Traits and Artefacts means there's a good chance our existing ones have been reworked somewhat to accommodate the new rules. I imagine we'll have a few days of Flesh Eater Courts spoilers (boo, hiss, who cares) interspersed between glorious Skaven rule releases, so i'll check back in a few days when we have more info. As always, leave your thoughts below.
  2. (If there was another topic on this very topic, I couldn't seem to have found one in the recent months so sorry if this topic is a beaten dead horse...of death) Well lets be real here, Death in terms of new stuff has gotten the shortest end of the stick so far in AoS. With only 2 things technically, the Dread Solstice Herald and the Shadespire warband, Death has gotten very little in terms of new stuff (other than repacking some modular units to make new units out of modular parts like in flesh eater court). So I'm wondering what are the most likely sources of new stuff? What lore hinted things could become a reality? Could Nagash give the biggest middle finger to Sigmar and start converting stormcast into undead? Will there ever again be undead dwarves, elves, orcs, etc like the Cursed Company? Is there some pocket dimension where "totally not tomb kings" come back from? Will there ever be undead archers (for nagash's faction)? Are they just going to make a skeleton box 2.0 like a more modular shadespire kit? And so many more possibilities. Now of course I'm not saying Death necessarily NEEDS new things but it would be nice if there were some new stuff to get excited about. Heck I'll even take Fel Bats and Bat Swarms becoming plastic, which is probably less likely than Blood Knights on foot!
  3. Join Vince and I for another week of news, rumors and all things warhammer-y. This week after covering current news and rumors, we talk about the forgotten and (mostly) long dead Special Characters of the old world hidden away in the compendium section of the General's handbook. These characters are often wild cards, but are they worth resurrecting or should they be left to the ash bin of history? Check out our picks for the best and worst of the remnants and make sure to sound off your picks in the comments below the video. Check the video out here.
  4. Hey all- Curious if any of the #rumormongers or VIP folks on TGA have some additional deets on the new and amazingly priced Silver Tower expansion box. As an SCE player, I'm curious if the Venator that ships in this new box is the same sprue as the separately boxed Knight Azyros/Knight Venator kit? That is, would you have the option to build it out as a Knight Azyros instead of a Venator as shown on the Silver Tower package? That would be awesome if so... Maybe @Ben will get a super exclusive sneak peak at this Silver Tower Expansion box too? *crosses fingers* Thanks for the help and info! Obi-Jon
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