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Found 2 results

  1. Malakree

    Jpeg of Gordrak

    So I'm getting a tshirt for my local gaming club and was wondering if anyone had a good picture of Gor'Drakk's face to get put on the back?
  2. someone2040

    Grot Hero picture request

    Hi guys, A little request from me. I want to see pictures of your Grot characters, particularly up close! A little bit of context: I'm the TO of a tournament called Gobbocon in our local area. It starts the tournament year for us with a more casual tournament, and usually has a fun rule or two to go along with the Gobbo (or now Grot) theme. This year I've decided on a theme and special house rules around armies paying allegiance to one of the three Grot factions. So for my flyers and poster, I want to add pictures of heroes from all 3 Grot factions onto the flyer to repesent this. So if you've got some Grots, I'd really like to see front on mug shot pictures of them. In particular Gitmob Gitboss, Moonclan Shaman, and whatever from Spiderfang (But probably the Boss model as opposed to Shaman). If you can help me out, it'd be super appreciated! As I don't particularly have many Grots myself (really only 10 Wolf Riders painted).