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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone, I am an old WHFB player who decided to return to the hobby with AoS after a break of almost 2 years. I am a Beastmen player at heart but i cannot deny i have always been attracted to the BCR and their mounts; and given that they had their own Battletome i decided to go for it. I spent the past week reading online and found a lot of information about how the nerfs and their current state, however all material was quite old and was wondering whether anything changed. I have put together the list below and would like your feedback on it. 1x Huskard on Thundertusk - Pelt - General - Ever winter master - Blood vulture 1x Huskard on Thundertusk - Blood vulture 1x Butcher w cauldron 1x Butcher w cauldron 4x Mournfangs (full command) 2x Mournfangs (full command) 2x Mournfangs (full command) 3xYheetees 3xYheetee 2x Sabres 2x Sabres I would like to fit a skal in this list but am at a loss on what to take out. Any tips would be greatly appropriated
  2. First of all thank you for reading this!! So I picked up some units back before GHB17 and just started to assemble them now I have: 2 x 2 Mournfang Pack (320) 1 x 3 Icefall Yhetees (120) Frostlord on Stonehorn (460) Total: 900/1000 This was my original list before the point changes. After GHB17 this leaves me with 100 spare points. This change along with the nerf to Stonehorn (Stone Skeleton being applied after each individual wound) Makes me think I need some changes. ONE important thing is that I have not assembled my Frostlord on Stonehorn. With the pieces I have I can assemble either a Frostlord or Huskard on either Stonehorn or Thundertusk. I was thinking maybe assembling a Huskard and adding in another Mournfang which would total 980 points. Two main questions: 1. What do you guys think is stronger with the new changes Stonehorn or Thundertusk??? 2. What other destruction/ogre units would be a good addition to fill up my extra points here? Thank you so much guys I really appreciate anything you can do for me
  3. Hi everyone, I just want to discuss if the Stonehorn is still viable after the new changes or if it has become utter trash. I also wanted to talk about your thought on the points cost for the Stonehorn. Are they now overcoasted or still reasonibly priced? I have to say I am still a bit salty about the changes but I still want to talk about the changes to find out if I am just overreacting or if these changes were reasonable and not just an unnecessary nerf. For me it would also be very interesting if anyone has ever fielded or battled a Stonehorn after the changes and could tell if it still makes sense to bring a Stonehorn to the table or if it's now all about Thundertusks. On the other hand it also doesn't make sense for me fluffwise that a giant Stonehorn with a stone skeleton can be pierced and totally annihilated by some soldiers with little knifes. I think the playstyle now doesn't fit the Stonehorns fluff at all. Sorry if I am ranting. But I played Ogors for a long time (not because they were used in some unfair lists, but because I love Ogors and have collected them since Ogre Kingdoms 6th Edition) and I feel they have lost a lot of their uniqueness just for balance reasons.
  4. Hello! For my first project of 2017, I picked up Icewind Assault and a Mournfang Pack box to round it off. If I use all the models, I have exactly 2k in this configuration (below) My question to the experienced: Is this a viable list? What am I missing? I'm not the world's most competitive player but I don't want to model my big centerpieces incorrectly, if this is a configuration I won't be running very often. LeadersFrostlord on Stonehorn (460)- GeneralHuskard on Thundertusk (340)Icebrow Hunter (160)UnitsFrost Sabres x 2 (60)Frost Sabres x 2 (60)Icefall Yhetees x 3 (120)Mournfang Pack x 4 (400)Mournfang Pack x 4 (400)Total: 2000/2000
  5. Yo yo guys New here and new to AOS so looking for help! Thinking of going for Beastclaw and wondering if you think this is a friendly yet not going to be steam rolled list...? Frost lord on thunder tusk Huskard on stonehorn 2 x Mournfang pack 2 x Mournfang pack Stonehorn beast riders Jorlbad battalion I really fancied 2 packs of 4 modeled Mournfang units eventhough maybe the points for 1 unit would be enough for another behemoth and that could be better, i ike the idea of having 2 flanking larger packs I've been flicking between these guys and sylvaneth and skaven but like the fact I don't have to paint much and can get it all for £200! Just don't want it to be a load of rubbish to play! Cheers guys
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