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About Me

Found 19 results

  1. Looking to sell my Stormcast army in order to fund new conversion and painting projects, I understand people like to haggle but the listed price is all I'm willing to part with it for. The army is also on ebay so if it sell there first I will remove this post, thank you. £350 plus £12.50 tracked postage (or collection from Nottingham) Containing: One Templar on Stardrake conversion (ruined wall basing needs painting) One Lord Relictor Conversion 3 x Prosecutors with Javalins (Prime has a trident) 3 x Vanguard Raptors with Longstrike Bows 3 x Vanguard Raptors with Hurricane Crossbows 2 x Fulminators converted to ride Gryph Chargers 2 x Concussors converted to ride Gryph Chargers 1 x Lord Aquillor 2 x 5 Vanguard Hunters (Prime and Astral compass in each unit) 10 x Liberators (Hammer and Shield, Prime with grand hammer, second model with grand hammer) 10 x Liberators (Sword and Shield, Prime with Grand Blade, second model with grand blade) 15 x Protectors (Including one prime, converted helmets) All models provided as photographed.
  2. Hello there! I am looking to trade as I want to change the playstyle and try something new. I have a studio painted mixed Destruction army approx. 1800 points and a fully painted Stormcast army to a very good standard approx. 3500 points. I will send pictures upon request. Looking for painted Flesh Eater courts and mostly into as many Crypt flayers as possible. Thanks!
  3. I returned to the hobby in May 2018 after a longer pause of maybe 7 years. Decided to begin with Shadespire warbands to get a feel for the new GW style, getting some routine back and not to be immediately overwhelmed by the prospect of painting an entire army. I came quickly back to my old skills and was able to improve above and beyond them, especially because of the vast amount of information gathered in different communities, Patreon, YouTube and countless content creators around. That was not at all available in the current amount ten years ago. Therefore I would also like to thank everyone around here for their shared information and inspiration. Now, on my last day of summer vacation, I completed my last warband and it felt so amazing to have this project complete. Looking very much forward to Killteam 40k and more painting!
  4. Farstriders done. Took me a bit longer than I thought, but man, those are huge and have some detail on the bases. Happy how the etherwing turned out. At first I wanted to do him entirely complementary to the green armor, then decided on using the armor base tones. Some WIP shots and palette shot below.
  5. Really looked forward to painting these guys. Did a bunch of new techniques I never tried before, kudos to Tabletop Minions and the great tutorial on messy wet blending basecoat from Sam Lenz.
  6. Hey I dont got the time to paint and assemble armies but i really would like to play sometimes with my friends. What sites are best to get good looking models at a decent price delivered home to you?
  7. The prude leader of Elgi-bar's fleets painted in all her glory.
  8. Well of Eternity

    Treelord Ancient

    Hi! Treelord Ancient finished! more image on: http://wellofeternitypl.blogspot.com/2017/03/treelord-ancient.html
  9. MAgnetised Kurnoth with Scythes/Greatbows options. More images and pain scheme on my blog: http://wellofeternitypl.blogspot.com/2017/03/warhammer-age-of-sigmar-kurnoth-hunters-with-greatbows.html
  10. Well of Eternity

    20 dryads

    I finished second part of my 20-dryad strong unit. More images on: http://wellofeternitypl.blogspot.com/2017/01/warhammer-age-of-sigmar-order-dryads2.html
  11. ~ Chapter One ~ Athos looked upon the field of battle. Around him, his forces made ready for first-contact with the enemy. Across the broken landscape, dotted with withered trees, long drained of life by the recent incursion of Nurgle’s corruption, were gathered a multitude of orruks. Bonesplitterz, these particular brutes named themselves, though Athos cared little what names they chose for themselves. He cared not the name of his enemy – only their death concerned him. War-horns blared to life from within the rudimentary formations of the orruks, dozens all at once. The horde started to chant and roar broken-speech challenges to their opponents, taunting them to action. Throughout their midst, Athos could see the shapes of hulking warlords barking orders at the smaller brethren that surrounded them. There were others as well – sorcerers – judging by their dress; all feathers and special ornaments of bone and wood that the orruks reserved only for their shamans. They’ll prove a more difficult challenge, Athos thought. A far greater one than all the rest of their ilk combined. The Stormcast were the greatest warriors of Sigmar’s hosts, each and every one of their kind a warrior of unparalleled skill, stamina, and strength…but strength of arms could only do so much against a foe who wielded the chaotic power of raw magic, the ability to rip chunks of Earth from the ground, or else twist the fabric of nature to their destructive will. “The orruks are out in number this morning.” It was Calanius, the Lord-Relictor of their force. He had come to stand beside Athos to survey the enemy before battle was joined. In his right hand, the Relictor carried his prized banner, decorated with gothic depictions of a Stormcast soul’s returning to their God-King's embrace. “They’ll die all the same, few or many, it matters not,” Athos replied. “It’s their sorcerers that worry me. I count a dozen at least, though there’s almost surely more of them skulking about.” “We’ll handle it,” Calanius told him matter of factly. “We always do.” We do, Athos merely thought, because we cannot die. If we fail, we’ll merely come back again. That is our gift, and in other ways, our curse. Though not all resented the immortality bestowed upon the Stormcast by their God, some were…less enthusiastic. Athos had had a family once, a loving wife and daughter, though he could remember little of them now. Their faces were blurry images in his mind's eye, and their voices were muffled echoes. Athos wondered how much longer it would be before those lingering thoughts faded as well. How much longer would it be before he forgot them entirely? He wondered if he would ever see them again. A lifetime ago, death had offered the promise of reunion, no matter what came, but now… “The orruks are moving, Lord-Castellant." Calanius's voice, calling him back to the present. “We should begin," the Lord-Relictor then told him as Athos returned to the present. He saw the orruks then, a seething tide of green flesh and bone-weapons, and all of it pouring directly towards the forward lines of the Stormcast formations. Athos clenched one steel gauntlet around the hilt of the warhammer he carried. He pulled the weapon loose from the bonds on his back and raised it high for all around him to see. The weapon's steel-head glinted with the sunlight of the new morning. “Aye,” Athos spoke. “By Sigmar’s grace, let us bring swift death to these foul beasts.” **** A cold intelligence watched the storm of battle rage. Over a burning fire, the Gaunt-Summoner, One of the Nine, chanted eldritch words of power. The words of his God. His prayers were answered, and foul power poured from the flames. His minions danced and flayed their limbs about the ritual, chanting in a variety of alien tongues. Their devotion, their energy, their very life-force, gave power to the ritual. From far away, the Gaunt-Summonder heard the warhorns of the orruks, and he knew the time had come. From within his robing he produced an old book, wrapped in the skin of flayed man. As his elongated fingers opened it, the cries of a thousand damned souls screamed from within its pages. He cackled, knowing each of the voice's many names. In his freehand, the Seventh of the Nine raised a dagger, its twin-faces etched with ancient runes chiseled by the talon of Tzeentch itself. The wailing of the damned grew louder. The Gaunt-Summoner hissed through multiple rows of fanged teeth, and then he plunged the dagger down, directly into the pages of the book. The world shuddered. It was begun. The starting locations for the Stormcast and Bonesplitterz forces. Meanwhile, the Gaunt-Summoner and his cult perform an unholy ritual, unbeknownst to either force. The Stormcast forces advance, splitting their forces into three prongs. Priority switches to the savage orruks, who gleefully bellow as they surge forward. The orruks rush forward and charge headlong into their hated foes. After a fierce round of combat, the smaller unit of Liberators are wiped out to a man by the Bonesplitterz boar riders. All across the front, bodies begin to pile. In the heavens above, the sky trembles. Just as it appears the Stormcast will be overrun, the surrounding woods break, and a swarm of Sylvaneth pour forth from the shadows of Ghyran's foliage - directly into the already engaged Bonesplitterz!
  12. Well of Eternity


    I decided to go with darker tones with contrasting bases full of life and bright colours. Bases took me a lot of time but i`m satisfied with the effect. I decided to go with darker tones with contrasting bases full of life and bright colours. Bases took me a lot of time but i`m satisfied with the effect. More images on my blog: https://wellofeternitypl.blogspot.com/2016/11/warhammer-age-of-sigmar-order-sylvaneth_18.html
  13. Well of Eternity

    Kurnoth Hunter I

    My first Kurnoth Hunter finished. It was a great model to assembly and paint and i`m very happy with the result. More image on my blog: http://wellofeternitypl.blogspot.com/2016/11/warhammer-age-of-sigmar-sylvaneth.html
  14. Hey everyone. I have a variety of AOS armies for sale - price negotiable. I'm throwing some general pictures up here of each - because there are so many, I will provide specific pictures of each lot on a case by case basis as individuals make inquirers. I will also continue to update this list as new stuff is finished, and as older lots are sold/traded. Please PM me with offers, and do not ask for starting prices. I prefer anyone interested send a message with an offer included, so that we can work from there. Thanks ~ Currently for sale - Ironjawz 2.5 K Points - Masterfully painted. Nurgle Daemons - 960 pts - some models professionally finished, some done to a good table-top standard. Nurgle Rotbringers - 1920 pts - Half masterfully painted - half painted to an above tabletop standard. Skaven Pestilens - 940 PTS - Tabletop Quality, Plague Furnace Above Tabletop Quality. Khorne Army - (About) 1700 pts - Painted to a professional level. Destruction Army - Over 2,000 pts - Painted to a professional level.
  15. Byro

    The Bonez

    So over the last couple of days I got my army all nice and finished, clocking in at a cool 2600 (ish) points. Drakkfoot Warclan - Wurrgog Prophet x1 Big Stabba Kap Rukk - x3 Wardokks X10 Savage Morboys X20 Savage Morboys Kunnin' Rukk - Savage Big Boss X30 Arrowboyz x10 Savage Orruks x10 Savage Orruks Snaga Rukk - x2 Maniak Weirdnob X10 Savage Boarboy Maniacs x5 Savage Boarboy Maniacs X5 Savage Boarboy Maniacs
  16. Hi all, Here is my Skaven army I did...probably a year or so before the End Times. I built and painted this in about 3 months (maybe less), not bad for someone with 2 kids and a house
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