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Found 1 result

  1. Overtyrant of Destruction

    Mixed Destruction "within Ogre Kingdoms"

    Hello! Excuse for my English grammar, I've tried to write as best I can as possible. I started this topic because I've felt in a good while about that BCR is a lot weaker in 2000p than it was before GHB17 with 6 scenarios, so does Gutbusters too (thanks for nerfed destruction allegiances). I've tried to figur what it's best for BCR or Gutbusters to face against "tier 1" armies like Tzeentch, KO and so on. In my experience for BCR and Gutbusters they can do well against Tier 2 and lower like Seraphon, Ironjawz and so on. I've tried to use 18 yhetees with 3 thundertusks with retreat&pile-in tactic against KO, and so has my army been defeated by KO in 1-2 turns in a row of two. While I've played against Fyreslayers (tier 1) a few times, I usually come at equal or lose or sometimes win and so on. But with the same army against KO, and have tried with Eurlbad, the result has been same, big loose. I've noticed BCR can do well against Stormcast, its weak point is suffered mortal wounds. I mean BCR got very limited to face against all round, big win or big loose. What I got is that Mixed Destructions comes at some between Tier 1-2, just if you chose the best units of Destruction and so on. The problem is that my feeling for Ogors or within units of Ogre Kingdoms will be lost if I only go best units for winning game with Mixed Destruction. Two things I want to play with my army; one, that shall feel Ogor's theme, two, to win for fun with a nice army theme. If you have got some experience, please leave comments to share knowledge. We don't need to talk about Stonehorn, it doesn't matter, with the cost and nerfed skeleton stone, he's worthless. Thundertusk doesnt need to talk about, he's too expansive and his Frost-wreathed Ice is too fast to be worse with just 2 suffered wounds, with 4+ save. And he is easy to die by a simple archery unit. I've tried a lot to use Thundertusks (Huskard, Frostlord and Beaststriders), the result is that if they suffered two wounds, then I've "lost" point in the army (I can heal with Huskard or pelt, but often it isn't enough to restore 6 mortals wounds). He isn't OP unless against new and casual players who has been surprised with 6 MW. Mournfang, nah. Yhetees, YES! but nah, 6 save and his Frost Aura only affect in combat phase. It's exactly like in WFB8 where they got flammable, no thanks. Anyways, skip them. Now I've found interesting to play with the army list, it's gonna to be Mixed Destruction, take a look: Tyrant w. Great Gutsgouger Icebrow Hunter 3x12 Ogors with pairs of weapons 10 Sabres 8 Sabres Battalion: Skal 1970/2000p 3x12 Ogors just for 1200p, with 144 wounds and they do very good at combat, can also be good to defend against Shooting (save 5+ and thanks Lookout Grot for saving 6+ against suffered wounds and mortals). It will take a while to kill them, and they can be immuned to take battleshock, thanks by Tyrant with his unique command ability which makes the unit is immuned as long Tyrant lives and so on. Tyrant is also great at combat with his Great Gutsgouger (Bragg model), with battle brew and might is right which makes him stronger: when roll to wound, the basic is 6+, but with these will it be 4+ to make 6 damage(!). Problem is that he can be easily to die, in any situations. Meanwhile.. the enemy will be worry about the Skal incoming.. 18 cats! And you know what they can do, an unit with 10 sabres, 3 attack per model with -1 rend is great and so on. Hope this topic will be interesting to talk about. I'll try with this army list next week and I'll tell how it goes. Thanks! Fredrik